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13 earn their Masters degree


Recently, at the Chimala Bible Institute in southern Tanzania, we were blessed to have a class of students from three different countries! There were students from Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. Thirteen masters level students gathered for a month-long of classes during the month of November 2018. There were four classes taught. Chad Wagner taught the first two classes and Gary Fallis taught last two classes.  

At the end of the courses, the students graduated from the Bear Valley masters program with their degrees. The students have been going through a serious level of classes for the last several years in this study which culminated in the graduation ceremony. Gary Fallis was in attendance for the ceremony where the degrees were given. 

Those students came from a great variety of backgrounds: some were preachers and church planters, one ran a radio program, two operate and teach at a bible school, and many other very worthy roles for the Kingdom of God. 

It was a pleasure teaching those students and getting to know them and their works even better. We now commit them to God and will continue to pray for them in the Lord's work. 

Until all have heard,

Chad Wagner

Posted on December 18, 2018 .

Graduation in Chimala


We are very thankful to God that we've been able to graduate eight into the Lord's service! On Friday, November 2, 2018, we held our most recent graduation ceremony honoring those who have competed all two years in the Swahili program at Chimala.  In the graduating class, we had students from many parts of Tanzania and who will now depart the school and return to work with those churches.

We will also have 10 returning English students in January. Some of the students are from the Congo refugee camp on the western side of Tanzania. It is a great opportunity to train these men from the refugee camp as they, after graduation, will go back and preach in the refugee camp and eventually back in their home country of the Congo. What an opportunity that God has presented to us!

We are also thankful for Richard Rogers, who is currently in the US until school restarts in January, along with all of the CBI teachers for the good work that they do. To God be the glory in all things!

In Christ,

Chad Wagner

Chimala Coordinator

Posted on November 26, 2018 .

28 baptisms in Chimala!

The work at Kapunga finished well as you can see the pictures with 12 souls in total saved this makes 22 peoples in gospel chariot campaigns and today we had  two people at Tukuyu and those 4 at Usalimwani = 28.

At Ngonga we distributed 2500 tracts and had several Bible studies with invitation at Gospel Chariot meeting campaign on August 21, Many people enjoyed our messages and they welcoming us very much. 

Keep praying for the campaign. 


Joseph Haonga, Director CBI

Posted on August 14, 2018 .

334 baptisms so far this year in Chimala

Hello broters I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

First of all we thank God the Creator for His mercy, love, and grace. On behalf of CBI team I would like to give the short semester reports as follows :

According to the follow up from the graduates I have made from January until now real they have done great job 253 people have been baptized and 34 restorations . This has come very good and great encouragement to the work you are Supporting here at Chimala mission thanks a lot. 

As a result of weekend evangelism we have 32 baptisms, and 57 restorations; from students reports on their June vocation, we have 30 baptisms and 9 restoration; and from June seminars we have 11 baptisms. At the Gospel Chariot campaigns which we started on Tuesday this week we are at the fourth day today we have 8 baptisms.

This makes the TOTAL RESULTS to be 334 baptisms and 100 restorations.

As a continuation of Gospel Chariot campaigns  next week will be at Kapunga, Mapangala, Kimani,  Ngonga and finally at Border kyela on September 2 the last day ready to go back Malawi. 

We invite your prayers and supports.


Joseph Haonga, Director CBI

Posted on August 1, 2018 .

Another term in the books in Chimala



It has been a long time that I have not shared with you about the Lord's Work in he rea I do work. We thank God that He has enabled us to complete our school session well for the first term. Today, students have been able to do their short course final exams and get ready for their trip back home. All students who come from near by places have gone home already same day today but those at distant places will start their journey tomorrow. Another term will of our school will start on July, 2nd 2018.


The Masters students are expected to arrive here at campus tomorrow on Saturday and Sunday ready for starting their studies on Monday "but on this day" students will spend their time in Library studying and work on the assignments given before hand and get ready for Tuesday class study. Thanks for the Masters support you have sent to enable them sit for their 4 weeks of studies. 


 Hello brothers, I also would like to share with you about the Chang'ombe church starting an Evangelism tool "Bible School", we had already started having about 14 students. We do teach on Thursday and Saturday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm or 6:00pm. The class is a combination of both non christian 3 and christian 8 students. The courses we now teach are 1. KNOW THE BIBLE- Marko our Church preacher is teaching every Thursday and 2. BASICS OF FAITH- I do teach every Saturday. So, we do ask a help of about 20 or 15 Bibles for the program.

Thanks very much.

Pray for us as we do for you.

CBI staff

Posted on May 15, 2018 .

A good start in Chimala

Chimala Bible Institute and School of Preaching is off to a great start this year.

On January 15 the Chimala Bible Institute (CBI) and School of Preaching began its new year with 32 students.  As the last year was closing, we thought our student body would be down this year due to a lack of funding, but at the last moment prayers were answered and a generous donation made it possible for us to have the 32 students. 

Our breakdown this year is:  12 in the first year students in the English program (BVBI), 10 first year students in the Swahili program, and 10 returning second year students in the Swahili program.  Three of our English students are Congo refugees, and we are thankful that after all of the government paperwork they were allowed to come. 

Some of our English students are also from last year’s graduating Swahili class.  This year we have also had a slight change in our teaching staff with Remmy Mfaume coming on staff to direct the English program.  We have even made a change in the Swahili program to where the Swahili students are in class all day just like the English students.  At this writing we are into our third week of studies with a great group of men and women. I am excited to be able to work with them not only in training them to preach and effectively study God’s word, but also as we go out into the villages each week.

The projects we began last year, we will be continuing this year.  These projects that are meant to help train the students in a trade they can use when they graduate and got back home, as well as provide food for the students.  We learned many things last year and thus will be making some changes in the program, and planning on adding some additional projects to the agenda.  Just a few days ago we got some pictures of the students working in the garden cleaning, preparing, and planting some new vegetables.  We also have over an acre of corn that was planted while the students were on break which is coming along very nicely and we look forward to it helping cut down some of our food costs.

I do not have a full record of what all occurred during the students November to January break, but I do have a report on what the 2017 graduates have done since their graduation on November 3 up to January 3, 2018.  The report shows that they have had a total number of 77 baptisms, 30 people restored, and one dead church revived.  This is a report of their work for just two months!  Think what they will be able to do in one year.  Many of these men came from the Mwanza area which is in the northwestern part of Tanzania and by bus 23 hours away.  God has promised if we will just spread the word it will not return void, and the efforts of these graduates prove that fact.

Richard Rogers.


Posted on February 2, 2018 .

Graduation in Chimala

The Chimala Bible Institute celebrated graduation on Friday, November 4, 2017. There were 16 graduates from all over southern and eastern Tanzania. Richard Rogers spoke at the graduation and it was well attended. Several of the area congregations were able to attend the graduation and support and encourage the new graduates. In fact, there were over 200 in attendance at the graduation!

Joseph Haonga, CBI director, wrote: "It was an historical graduation is what most of the people said. Their reason was the attendance. We invited all congregations around Chimala and any one out of Chimala who afford to come was free, and the graduates were allowed to invite their preachers families and friends as they can. The were more than 200 people attended, and the blessing gifts to the graduates and staffs was great.  And they promised to work for the Lords Church and giving great cooperation with CBI and all congregations.  We thank the one who gave it was very great encouragement to all who witnessed that great event.  The graduates were very thankful all to the school to provides suits for them as you see they were very fun and amazing.  We appreciate all the supporters. "

We are praying to God to bless all who made this to happen and may He continue to make this being happening forever and ever Amen.




Posted on November 8, 2017 .

More graduates in Chimala


The 2017 graduate Swahili Program students began school in January 2016 at CBI with a number of 22, however, five of them quit after the first semester.

Their school program was that seven weeks they were in class and one week they were out doing evangelism campaign. Until now five congregations have asked five graduates to be their preachers, because they have seen how great job they a doing. This schedule was followed throughout their entire school program.  Plus one entire month of evangelism campaign with WBS – Gospel Chariot

During these campaigns they would visit several villages to work with congregations.  Their work involved door knocking, handing out lessons, visiting the sick and those who fallen away.  The purpose for all these was to equip the students with knowledge from formal sources (books) and to train them how to do the actual job of an evangelist in a actual environment.


In every congregation where they have worked, the students have left a great impact. First on the church by stimulating the spirit of evangelism because theywould usually use the local church members to walk around with them.  Second, to the village whom they preached to because apart from the great numbers of baptisms that have resulted from these campaigns. The message of Christ has reached more new ears, like in a village called Maninga -- a place in Mbozi where they never knew the church existed, have heard the good news.  Others are Utambalila, Bara, Ikonya, Isakajoni in Shinyanga, Matamba Tukuyu all these are new churches due to these efforts.

In previous years a two year campaign normally resulted in 400 baptism to 500 baptisms but for 2016 – 2017 more then 1000 souls where added to the church.  In 2016 alone, 720 souls were added due to campaigns and seminars which were held monthly.

Joseph Haonga, 

Director, Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on October 11, 2017 .

39 baptisms in Chimala!

Greetings! Hello brothers I’m very glad to give thanks for your prayers and support of Lord’s work, here is a report for this month in different areas.

First we had a trip l and Frank to Kyela for Gospel Chariot Campaign and visiting Mwangonde family for encouragement.  After sharing the information about the campaign the church said they will meet and discuss them they will let us know.

On May 14 we went at Chimala A Church of Christ with Peter, Lenkos, James, Xavier, Frank and I to talk with the church about a preacher misunderstanding, but we did not have our planned meeting because one of the preachers went another place for Sunday. When we discussed their problems and the conclusion was the church decided to stop their position as the congregation’s preacher and having a time for choosing another for a while.  The church appreciated very much for CBI caring them and bring the comfort and unit to the congregation because the situation was not good to them most of the time, but they believe the steps we suggested will help them.

On 16 of May I , Lenkos, and Ezekiel we travelled to Chamwino Dodoma and met there with brothers from Temeke, Dar es Salaam, to solve the problem of Sadala with the Congregation.  We thank God we had a great day and wonderful meeting with the Church, after the whole day having information from both side. Sadala asked forgiveness to the church and he said all of the problems were caused by him instead of being a good advisor he became trouble maker. Now, he decided to change and co-operate with the church and he was ready to bring back church registration, the church’s Lord’s Supper trays and every thing he took from the church to his house.  Yesterday I received the call from Chamwino that he did on Sunday every thing as he promised the congregation. We thank God that unity and fellowship is alive and well in Tanzania.

On Friday may 19 – 21 we had a wonderful meeting with Mbozi preachers I, Peter Kamatula and Naaman we were teaching about Obeying the authority, economy and preaching methods.  Really we had good time exchanging ideas and bringing our unity together for helping the churches to grow and being strong.  After finishing the three days, all asked to have that kind of meeting for one week so we could go deeply in every thing because the things we covered it seems are most of them hindering the work to go forward.

On of the way, I am making following to the students locations and what they are doing when they are back homes.  I found some of them doing a great job in the Lord’s Kingdom.  One of them is Yakobo. He is preaching and he had baptized 4 people. Another by the name Fredrick is doing great and wonderful job at Isakajoma at Shinyanga region near by Mwanza region he accompanied with Joseph and worked hard. Twenty-nine people obeyed the Gospel by being born again into the Lord’s Kingdom. Also, reports from the Radio program was that 4 souls were added to the church, one at Mengele and one at Matebete.

Really even the angels at heaven are very happy to witness 39 souls to be added in the heavenly Kingdom.  Let us continue praying for their souls to grow and glorify our Creator.


Posted on May 30, 2017 .

Outstanding first quarter in Chimala!


Greetings! Hello to everyone we here at CBI we are doing 


The first quarter students did very well and no one failed. This encouraged the teachers and we were very thankful for everyone to do his part. From March 13 we started second quarter we are doing well also on this today in the morning we had a meeting with faculty members to make sure we are the same page. 


We thank God for His will upon us and the dedication of students in His work. Since we started the school we did a lot concerning evangelism through WBS Lessons, House to house preaching, seminars, and evangelism Camps.

As the results of the whole work From January until March 31 we do have 169 Baptisms and 67 restorations. We have also met with more than 45,000 peoples, given 15,000 tracks and 797 WBS Lesson and 1 Return Bible seminar for this first quarter. We also had 1 week Camp for practical evangelism which very was good everyone enjoyed it. The results were 22 baptisms and 2 restorations.

Here is a list of our summer activities:


The Seminars this year will be:

Youth Seminar June 6 – June 8

Ladies seminar June 13 – June 15

Preacher seminar June 20 – June 22

Gospel Chariot July 24 – August 28

Here is a report on the radio program that is being broadcast in southeastern Tanzania.

Report of Radio Program – VWAWA

Feb 15 – March 15

Lessons presented for four weeks

  1. The Unity of believers
  2. Why am I a member of the Lord’s church or church of Christ
  3. What does it mean to worship in Spirit and truth?
  4. Does Instrumental music authorized at the Christians service?

The following places are the place we have follow up to answer various questions and sending lessons

  1. We went Utambalile
  2. We went Ipunga
  3. We went Mbewe village
  4. We went mawanda Momba.


  1. If Christ built one church mention its name?
  2. Another question if there is one true church where did the plurality of churches come from?
  3. We were asked any question by calls and to speak face by face



Radio evangelism preachers 

Thanks for your support and prayers,

Joseph James Haonga

Posted on April 1, 2017 .

Plans and prayers in Chimala

This past week we started our second quarter and the students are still excited about the opportunity they have to learn more about God’s word so that they can share it with others and also help their congregations back home to grow.  

Each weekend a number of the students are going out with the teachers and working with various congregations in the area. Nearly every Monday as the weekend reports come in we are excited and encouraged to hear about how the gospel had fallen on receptive hearts and we have new brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Joseph Haonga, our Bible School director has been busy working on plans for the summer.  Summers in Chimala are always a busy time, especially with the WBS Gospel Chariot being here for most of the month of August.  On a separate note, we still have not heard back from the regional head of immigration on the changes that the government has made in their immigration rules that may affect both the work here in Chimala.  

It seems that much like what is going on in the US right now is also going on here in Tanzania and the government is cracking down on everyone who is in the country and is not a citizen of Tanzania. We are praying that we will get some favorable answers this coming week.  

On a separate note, after many problems with the hatchery we finally got our second batch of baby chickens to continue our chicken project.

An additional report (and pictures) can be seen HERE. 


Richard Rogers

Posted on March 21, 2017 .

Fantastic news from Chimala!

We started our new school year yesterday (January 16) here at Chimala, Tanzania.  We have 33 students – 22 returning second year Swahili students, 5 first year English students in the Bear Valley program, and 6 first year Swahili students. Three of the returning second year students are women. 

Today in chapel we were excited to hear about what some of the second year students have done during the break.  We heard from about a third of the men and they already reported over 40 baptisms, a number of restorations, and 3 new congregations started.  By the end of the week we should have a full report and I will try to include it in our next update. 

One of the things we are doing this year is starting two farming projects to both provide food for the students and also to teach them how they can support themselves and their families once they graduate.  The two projects are raising meat chickens and a garden. 

Our hearts will be saddened as Chad Wagner and his family are leaving this weekend to move back to the States to begin a new work in Tennessee.

Your brother,

Richard Rogers

Posted on January 23, 2017 .

An update from Chimala


Greetings, We thank God for all.  On behalf of CBI team, I’m taking this opportunity to thank you also for your prayer and support for the Lord’s work here at Chimala, Tanzania.

It was one of those Sundays when we arrived at the border with Xavier and other Local preachers. We met with two families who have been attending more than six months in the Church service but they were claiming that they are Christian because they were baptized in their denominations. In fact, one of them was very open that he had never heard the sound doctrine like what the church of Christ teaching.  When we explained to them about the church, salvation, and the work of baptism, three of them obeyed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was born again. That moment was very great and wonderful to the church and to us all.

Secondly, we also had a wonderful trip and good fellowship worship at Sumbawanga. Attendance was twelve. The amazing thing was the joy we witnessed among the Christians! It was greater than at any time we have been there before.  We talked with the church and encouraged them not give up because of the decision of their preacher, who attended CBI Swahili program 2012-2013, to leave the church and try to join with a denomination four times. But at the end, the preacher said, “he doesn’t see any right doctrine except the Church of Christ.” Another good thing there is that one of our CBI graduates is living at Sumbawanga. He is helping them with one Secondary teacher from Forest Church of Christ-Mbeya and they are doing great job.

Third, it was a great week at Imezu church when eleven soul added to the Lord’s Church. They are doing well and they are still giving thanks for the great help of roofing the building. God bless you all for this great preaching action.

Last Sunday, we had great fellowship at Uyole. All congregations from around Mbeya and Usafwa was there -- about 9 Congregation.  Really, it was a wonderful and encouraging time with great edification.  Brother Peter Kamatula explained very well about the Bible school at Mbeya and how it differs from CBI. Some Christians were confused and had a misunderstanding of the program from some people who do not know well about those programs.  Also, I have received word that one soul was added to the Lord’s church in that program.  This makes the total number of baptisms to 15 souls!  According to what is going on around Mbeya, I have received request of staring Radio program if the funds will allow.

Lastly it was sad day yesterday at Mbozi – Vwawa congregation when an old man named Kamendu past away.  He was one of those who attended school of preaching at Kitekelo and was still worshiping with the church at Vwawa those several years.  I, Joshua Mwakyasima (Chimala Mission Hospital Chaplain/Evangelist) and Peter Kamatula (CBI teacher) went to the burial with preachers from Mbozi. We had an opportunity to preach about death, sin and false teachers.  We are very thankful for brother Chad for his love heart to enable us to be there and his willing desire to go with us although the time was hard for him to get prepared because we received very late the information.  The church at Mbozi were very thankful for us being there.

We still working for yearly report and getting preparing for the new year school in January 2017, by looking from you for those best students whom we interviewed them.

Thank God be with you all.

Joseph Haonga on behalf CBI Team

Posted on December 7, 2016 .

20 baptisms in Chimala, Tanzania


The following is an Evangelism report from one of our CBI teachers, Joseph Haonga. You will be blessed in reading this report. Chad Wagner

Greetings we hope that God our creator is with you all.

Here at CBI we are doing well and have finished the year of our school with great blessings from our heavenly Father.  We have done a lot these few weeks in classes and evangelism as follows:

We had a wonderful seminar with the Form IV graduates at Herring Christian Secondary School with 58 students were taught about sin and it effects, the church, and God’s plan of Salvation. The students had a lot of questions; like, “if there is only one true church what are the conclusions of those denominations?” Really, they understood the truth although they made their heart hard to repent and being baptized. They just promised to do later. This seminar was organized by Remmy Mfaume (HCSS Bible Teacher), Lenkos Mkwama (Elder at Mission Church), and Alphonce Simion, one of our CBI graduates this year.

Second, we have several village trips with students, teachers and preachers at Mapangala, Tukuyu, Mabadaga, Mbalizi and other areas for preaching the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  Fortunately, we had our practical evangelism campaignn for one week at Igurusi Church of Christ where our students attended accompanied with teachers, preachers and Christians from various congregations. It was wonderful for our students to have experience in public preaching, house to house and congregational seminars.  As the results of this week of practical evangelism, five souls were added to the Lords church.  

We had great time around the Chimala Mission as the efforts of the dedicated student results 5 souls have been added to the Kingdom of God.  Also, we have 2 souls at Mbalizi and one soul at Ilongo.

It was a shocking thing at Tukuyu this last week after the devotion when three people received the Gospel and ready for baptism. When they were in the car to the river, one restored Christian died in the car. Really was a very hard time because this brother, Anthony Mwaihojo, attended the preaching school at Kitekelo in the 1960’s and he was back sliding for long time. But when we start the church at Tukuyu, we met with him and he was one of the members there for two weeks before his death. He left his family Sunday morning with the message that if anyone wants to worship God among of his family, they must be a member of the Church of Christ. We thank God for all because of his funeral. We had a great opportunity to preach about Christ and His church and many people was amazing the way Church of Christ teaching and doing. Some have already invited us for more teachings for Tukuyu. We had 5 Baptisms for a total of 20 for this month.

Thanks for your prayers and support. 

Joseph Haonga and the Chimala Bible Institute Team

Posted on November 14, 2016 .

Great news in Chimala!


    We are so very thankful to God and His great mercy for all that He continues to do for us here at Chimala. We see the seeds of growth growing and taking root in many aspects of our work here in Tanzania. We are also seeing the fruits of hard work and perseverance at the school at Chimala. One of the great blessings of God lately is the huge number of students expressing interest in attending school at Chimala.

As of today, we have 10 students who would like to start in January in the English program and we have 20+ who would like to start in January for the Swahili program. That would mean we would have almost 50 students at Chimala!  Many of these students have been waiting for a spot to open up to join the school. We have had to limit the number of students due to the lack of student support. However, we know that if God has brought them to us, He will bring us what we need to see it through. We know that you can help us meet the needs of these students and the church here in Tanzania.  It costs $125 to train a preacher student here at Chimala. We know that God can work through you as you partner with us here at Chimala. Why not take one in 2017??!!  


    We are very thankful to God for Richard and Carol Rogers coming to Chimala. We know that the Lord will bless them in their commitment to the work here at Chimala. They arrived a few weeks ago and have been fitting in nicely in the operation at Chimala. Willing to teach and preach, Richard has quickly become involved in everyday life here at Chimala. We are also thankful for his wife and her helpful attitude in the work at Chimala. May God continue to bless them in the work here.


CBI will soon have another graduation so we would like to share some of the thoughts of our students with you regarding CBI and the work in Tanzania. 

Alphonce Simion is one of our English graduates this year. He comes from Kyela which is on the border with Malawi. He is married with six children. He came to CBI for “further studies of God’s Word.” He also has this to say about CBI: “After graduation, I would like to be a teacher of the Gospel of Christ. CBI is my favorite place. The cooperation which I had with the teachers and the classes influenced me so very much in my studies at CBI. Also, the work that the missionaries are doing has been a big influence on me as well.”

As you can see, CBI is a great place to be. We will be featuring more students and their comments in the coming weeks.


May the God of all peace continue to bless us in our ministries and work. We know that He continues to bless the work at Chimala. We also ask that you continue to pray for the work at Chimala. We are enabled to do the work due to your prayers. 

Thank you,

Chad Wagner

Posted on November 3, 2016 .

New servants in Chimala

We arrived in Chimala, Tanzania just over a week ago. This is our first time to be in Tanzania and we will be here for the next year working with the Chimala Mission and the Chimala Bible School in particular.

I hit the ground running as I have already spoken in Chapel four times.  Last Friday, October 14, I started teaching a short course on the book of Revelation to the second year English speaking students.  This class will meet for three Fridays and has 3 students. The students will be graduating on November 3 and going back to their respective communities.

We (my wife Carol and I ) are excited to have the opportunity to work with the church here in southern Tanzania. For anyone who wants to follow our work we have set us a blog at We are trying to keep it up to date, but with the intermittent internet at times we are slow in updating it.

Richard Rogers

Posted on October 23, 2016 .

My visit to Tanzania

I have just returned from a visit to Tanzania. The visit had three purposes: visit with the staff and students in Chimala at the Chimala Bible Institute; visit with the staff and students at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching in Arusha; and to speak twice on the Tanzanian Leadership Conference. 

As is always the case, I was blessed for having been with the brethren in both locations. In Chimala there are currently 26 students and the next graduation is rapidly approaching. This year they have ramped up their evangelism efforts and the Kingdom has already grown as a result!

From Chimala I travelled north to Arusha; a place I first visited and taught in 2003. This school currently has 27 students and has been dear to me for many years. The highlight of the visit was to see so many former students! These men are serving God in mighty ways (3 are now Directors of Bear Valley extensions) and they make their old teacher proud!

God bless our brethren in Tanzania,


Posted on October 10, 2016 .

A Gospel Chariot In Mtapa - March 13, 2016

The Chimala Bible Institute continues to move forward both in the school as well as evangelism. 

Mtapa Evangelism Report
This report came in from Joseph Haonga, our director of the Swahili program:  

“Greetings in the Name of our Mighty Lord, the following report is the report of evangelism campaign from March 4 – March 10 2016 conducted by students under the supervision of their respective teachers.  The Purpose of the Campaign was to enable students from our preaching school to learn the importance, weight and responsibility of conducting Bible classes door to door in order to build a strong church.  They conducted classes with non-believers, to restore the fallen away Christians and to encourage the live Christians to stay in faith.  In all areas where the campaign was conducted results were magnificent, the following are the main features of the results.

Students proved themselves to God and to us that they have chosen the right path. They worked so diligently, encouraging one another to keep on working for the whole week.  Every evening as they sat down to rest, they would remind each other of the significant verses, for example verses about baptism, repentance, one church and of the like subjects.  The teachers would always intervene when a student would misuse a scripture by helping students understand better the proper usage of those scriptures. Well, it did not take long before most of the students were able to manage those frequently used scriptures.  So to them it was a test and a class, they all got eager to spread leaders who at first proved to be barrier to the student.  In the end not many denominational leaders could stand in the way of our students in those villages.

We had nine (9) baptisms, three of which occurred at night, where by people who had taught earlier that day and warned of the danger to delay taking action after hearing the gospel, decided to be baptized that night they woke up students who were by then a sleep but took pleasure in having their rest cut short in order to welcome new souls to the Lord.”

Chad Wagner

Posted on March 13, 2016 .

New Class Begins The Journey At The Chimala Bible Institute...

We thank God for His good graces as we launch 2016 with 30 students. We have seven returning English program students and twenty-three new Swahili students. We have students from all over Tanzania, including Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, the two largest cities in Tanzania. It is vital that we continue to plant and encourage churches in the larger cities of Tanzania for continued long-term growth of the church.

We are also thankful that we held a seminar with Philip Palmer, the East African representative for World Bible School. He has come to introduce World Bible School’s “God Bless East Africa” program. This program will emphasize signing up Secondary School students on the WBS studies. Similar programs have been very successful in Zimbabwe and other countries which WBS would like to duplicate in Tanzania. Brother Palmer’s seminar at Chimala was to train preachers and church leaders on the program so that it can spread throughout Tanzania.  

We are also thankful for our pulpit program where we try to make sure that as many pulpits are filled in our area with a second year student. We want to help as many congregations as we can who have trouble keeping a preacher. We send out our students each Sunday to edify the brethren. 

Finally, we are thankful for the generous contributions toward our facilities. For years, we have experienced major issues with our roof leaking and destroying the classroom ceilings. Also, the window screens were very old and brittle and provided no protection to the mosquito. Through those generous donations, we have been able to renovate our classrooms, windows, painting, our dormitory with new painting, etc.  

Chad Wagner

Posted on January 24, 2016 .