Plans and prayers in Chimala

This past week we started our second quarter and the students are still excited about the opportunity they have to learn more about God’s word so that they can share it with others and also help their congregations back home to grow.  

Each weekend a number of the students are going out with the teachers and working with various congregations in the area. Nearly every Monday as the weekend reports come in we are excited and encouraged to hear about how the gospel had fallen on receptive hearts and we have new brothers and sisters in Christ.  

Joseph Haonga, our Bible School director has been busy working on plans for the summer.  Summers in Chimala are always a busy time, especially with the WBS Gospel Chariot being here for most of the month of August.  On a separate note, we still have not heard back from the regional head of immigration on the changes that the government has made in their immigration rules that may affect both the work here in Chimala.  

It seems that much like what is going on in the US right now is also going on here in Tanzania and the government is cracking down on everyone who is in the country and is not a citizen of Tanzania. We are praying that we will get some favorable answers this coming week.  

On a separate note, after many problems with the hatchery we finally got our second batch of baby chickens to continue our chicken project.

An additional report (and pictures) can be seen HERE. 


Richard Rogers

Posted on March 21, 2017 .