A new school in Dar es Salaam

Church of Christ Dar es Salaaam with Bear Valley Bible Institute to the moment four courses has been taught since school started. And students enjoyed enough on bible knowledge they got through their experienced Teacher  in Bear Valley Bible institute Iddy Nyabusani,Zuberi Mwakyami and Essau Ruheta.

Through practical work in evangelism undertaken in every 5th week of their studies,3 three were put in Christ through baptism since 4 may 2019 in when the school started. It is small number compared with efforts made,but the number made comforts and belief in big dream in work of God in Dar es Salaam through Bear Valley Institute. We expect great in Evangelism at Dar es Salaam and by this big partnership from Bear Valley,the trust provide possibility.

As we said above, 4 courses are yet taught, these are 1. Old testament I, 2. How we got Bible. 3. Christian evidences, 4. Personal evangelism. The courses makes students confident in their congregations services. Some changes are yet witnessed the good work of Bear Valley in Dar es Salaam compared to prior experience. " After minimum of 2 yrs to come, the church will advance to an unbelievable start, we will call it revolution " said Innocent Mosha the Elder from Mbagala and students of BVBID with his wife Hilda.

Dar es Salaam Thanksgiving to Bear Valley Bible institute for their decision to start the work of God here,that makes them strong in  ministry wise. Some preparation his been made( 3 BVBID servants meetings), the meeting arranged to conquer southern part of Tanzania (Coast region, Dar es Salaam,Lindi and Mtwara regions) from 2021 where Islamic dominated the area mostly. This is our dream that prove to happen through Bear Valley. Students accepted the the thought, believing that it would advance not only their Christianity servanthood,but widening their practice platform got from Bear Valley school.

In the God service

Ombeni Mwambata

Posted on September 12, 2019 .

Full swing in Fiji

Greetings from Bible Institute at Fiji!

Bula from Fiji! I hope that this newsletter finds you all doing well. The last three months have been a time of tremendous joy and excitement with the work of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa. But they have also brought a personal challenge to our family, since we have had to say “goodbye” to our oldest son, Austin. Austin graduated from High School in June of this year and has now enrolled as a freshman at Freed-Hardeman University. While it is hard to see him leave and be so far away, we are so excited for him to begin this new chapter in his life. We are also grateful to so many of you for your prayers, support, and encouragement during this time of transition for Austin and our family.

2nd Term

The second term of the year has now come and gone, and the third (and final) term is just getting underway. The second term was one of our best terms yet. During the second term, we had nine students take part in our classes. One other student had to step away from the program for the term due to family reasons, but she has returned for the third term – bringing our total number of students to ten. Once again, we find that we have an outstanding group of students in our program.

During the second term, I was able to teach Death of Christ and Old Testament History I.  In Death of Christ, we focus upon the last week of Jesus’ life. We also look at the crucifixion and its impact on Christianity. In Old Testament History I, we focus on the period of the conquest, judges, and the reign of King Saul. We study the books of Joshua through 1 Samuel. We many of our students are very familiar with New Testament doctrines and some of the better-known stories of the Old Testament, much of the material we cover in this class was new to them. One of the things that they had to do was study an assigned character from the course material and prepare a narrative lesson with suitable application from it. I was amazed at how well the students did with the project.

They are all growing in their ability to put together organized lessons to teach. In addition to these two courses, Dad and I co-taught the course Old Testament Poetry II. During the course, I covered the material on Proverbs and Song of Solomon, and Dad covered the material on Ecclesiastes. In addition to helping with this course, Dad also taught Romans and Hermeneutics. Emosi Sailo taught the course on 1-2 Peter and Jude. We are very pleased with how well Emosi is doing teaching in the program. He is truly rising to the challenge of teaching in the program, and we look forward to seeing him continue to do great things in the future.

The third term in now underway. Even as I write this newsletter, I am about to give the final exam for the course on Old Testament History II. In this course, we have focused on the books of 2 Samuel through 2 Chronicles, detailing the reigns of David, Solomon, and the kings of the Divided Kingdom. We have also briefly introduced the books of Ezra, Nehemiah, and Esther. Emosi has been teaching Denominational Doctrines.  Up next, I will be teaching Hebrews and Biblical Foundation of Ethics. Dad will be teaching Scheme of Redemption and Prison Epistles.

Short Courses

In July, we were blessed to have our second round of short courses for the year. This term, we had Paul Merideth and Joshua Pierce. Paul and I have been good friends for a number of years. This was actually Paul’s second time teaching in the program. This time, he taught a course on Church History. This material was almost entirely new for our students. While most of them have a good understanding of the history of the church in the first century, few of them have studied anything after that period of time. Paul did an outstanding job of presenting the material in a clear way. In addition to our full-time students, Devan and Caleb (my third son) took the class. Not only did Paul teach in the program, but he was given the opportunity to preach and teach the auditorium class for the Raiwaqa congregation while he was here.

Josh is my brother (we are less than a year apart in age). It was his first time coming to Fiji. Josh has a great deal of experience working as a full-time youth minister. He has worked with congregations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee. Josh taught a course on Youth and Family Ministry. One of the things that congregations in Fiji are starting to recognize is that they have not successfully been reaching their young people – with the result being that many of them are falling away from the church when they leave home. Our students expressed a great interest in this course, and they wore Josh out with questions nearly every day for two weeks! Josh did an excellent job teaching the material. Josh also spent time teaching the youth class at the Raiwaqa congregation. I was impressed with how well he engaged the youth and held their attention. One of the side effects of having a family of ministers is that we rarely get to hear one another preach or teach. It was truly a blessing to be able to see Josh in action!

Upcoming Nadi Campaign

One of the major goals of this program is to train our students to be more evangelistic. With that goal in mind, we seek to give our students the opportunity to participate in evangelistic efforts as often as possible. Next week (September 10-15), we will be taking our students to Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee). The church has been in Nadi for several years, but in the last couple of years the congregation has really struggled.

We are going to Nadi with two goals in mind. First, we want to strengthen and encourage the brethren in Nadi. Second, we want to reach out to the community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. While there, our students will spend three days out in the community visiting erring members and knocking doors. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, we will be having devotional services for our campaigners and the members of the Nadi church of Christ to strengthen and encourage them. On Friday night and all day on Saturday, we will be hosting a seminar for the community on the Biblical Home. All of the lessons will be presented by our students. Our male students will be teaching general classes and men’s classes, and our female students will be teaching ladies’ classes. On Sunday, Dad and I have been asked to present the lessons at the Nadi congregation. Please pray for the church in Nadi and our upcoming campaign.


Jason Pierce

Posted on September 12, 2019 .

Student success in Zimbabwe


Our students spent the month of August in the field doing their practical. By the 31st of August they were now on their 11th week being in the field. We thank God for guiding them through this period. This practical was one of the major activity of the school in the month of August. This report, therefore, is mainly on the activities from the field.


Students continued their practical in the month of August. The program comes to an end on the 8th of September. Progress in the application of principles taught is satisfactory. Teachers continued with their visits some of which were surprise ones. The new congregation that has been established at Redcliff continued to flourish in the month of August.  In summary the students put in a total of 602 hours in evangelism, 32 were baptized and 27 were restored. The following is a summary of what transpired during the month.

Item                             Total         

Hours out                           602

Devotions                           224

Sermons preached          74

Bible Classes                     70

Total Lessons taught       448

Counselling sessions       12

Prospects                           392

Tracts distributed               475

WBS booklets distributed 163

Restorations                        27

Baptisms                                32

Those marked * are pending


Classes are set to resume on the 23rd of September for yet another term. The following is a list of  subjects that are going to be taught together with their teachers;

Major Prophets              I.Mutichu

James (SC)                       H.Karikoga

Romans (SC)                    M.Muchingami

Hermeneutics 2               E.Nyamadzawo/M.Muchingami

Biblical Counselling         I.Mutichu

HIV Care & Counselling (Seminars) I.Mutichu

Hebrews (SC)                   H.Suwari

Congregational Development/Church Growth           M.Muchingami

1, 2 Timothy, and Titus           I.Mutichu         

There shall also be seminars geared towards entrepreneurship skills development.


Construction of BVBIZ’s first hostel started on the 25th of August. Once it is completed, the school will shift to this permanent site. Our appreciation goes to BVBII for providing the initial funds for the foundation.  The following materials were acquired 8000 concrete bricks, pit sand (30 cubic), concrete stones (15 cubic), river sand (15 cubic). Thirteen thousand farm bricks were also bought. Half of these shall be for the construction of a pit latrine, while the other half will be for the student house. More resources will be needed to take this house to completion.


We thank God for the development we keep witnessing in our students. We appreciate the sacrifices congregations have been making for the upkeep of our students. To you all for you spiritual, moral, material and financial support we remain grateful. To God be the glory!

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

New school in India doing well

The Bear Valley Bible Institute, Tirupati, A.P., India

This is a great joy to write a report of Bear Valley Bible Institute, by the grace of our good father in heaven  the  bible institute has been functioning smoothly. We have completed  the first quarter. We sent out our students for the practical work in the month of August (break) and they were involved in the local church ministry along with the recommended local preachers. After completing the practical work for one month they have submitted the work report to the college , their reports tell that each one of them were able to conduct personal evangelism, home bible studies, street gospel meeting, door to door tracts distribution, children classes, youth classes ,NT distribution, funeral services and weddings evens ,thanks giving meetings etc…. we noticed 4 baptisms in their work report, as per the college instructions they have well prepared five year work plan for the future ministry and submitted to the Bible Institute .

Our Bible college second quarter has been started on August-26th,2019, all the students and teaching and non teaching staff have returned back to their duties with good health and dedicated spirit , the institute functions normally, we all are trying our level best to work more effectively in training gospel preachers ( 2 Timothy 2;2) better than first quarter .

We are happy to share with you that we have students from Chittoor ,Nellore, Krishna,west Godavari, east Godavari,Srikakulam districts, few students came from north east of India, majority of the students were recommended by the local preachers .

We are highly delighted to share about my African trip, Healing Hands International has conducted two days work shop in Zimbabwe in  August 21&22,  during the work shop first sessions of two days  have given me opportunity to proclaim the word of God. In the work shop we have learned several innovative methods how to cultivate healthily kitchen garden , this helps us to establish sustainable kitchen garden near by our Bible Institute.

We very much delighted to mention that I was able to visit the Bear Valley Bible Institute at Harare which is capital city of Zimbabwe , the local director Mr. Howard Suwari and his wife are doing wonderful ministry , praising God for reaching unreached corners of globe to set  up Bear Valley Bible Institute,  grateful to the international director Mr.Keith Kasarjian for his great efforts in travelling restlessly even to Zimbabwe and other African countries.

We praise God to know that with the understanding of the Mr.Keith Kasarjian ,the director of  International Biblical studies and Coordinator Mr.Mark Reynolds next month some of the missionaries will be visiting our Bear Valley Bible Institute  (from Graymere church of Christ Mr.John R.Vaughan, Mr.Jonathan Winchester, Mr.Matt Bowling , one of the elder Mr.Larry Nokes from Foot Hill church of Christ, one of the sister Linda smith ,she is administrative Assistant of Healing Hands International and other sister Jackie Hill from Church of Christ in USA), these sisters and brother are regularly visiting India, they are a great encouragement and blessing of God.

We are ever grateful to you for your love and support for this bible educational program, We are need of your continual prayers and encouragement for the Bear Valley Bible Institute in our city,

Thanking you.

Yours brother and sister in Christ.

Vijay&swarupa from Bear Valley Bible Institute,Tirupati,A.P,India.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

The school in Lesotho is making a difference


The teachers are pleased with the students’ performance in and outside class. Students have engaged with more prospects and some souls were added to the church. Evangelism weekend is set to be on the 28th of September 2019.

The students have dedicated their lives to study the word of God. Their performance in class shows how serious they are to know more about God’s word and to proclaim it. Not only are they excelling in class but also in their respective congregations. The school continues to receive testimonies from different congregations pertaining the impact our students have in their assemblies. Hence, the teachers are happy with the performance of the students.

Maseru church of Christ has this year established two congregations, one in Sehlabeng and the other one in Ladybrand (South Africa). The church sometimes sent some students to assist these two congregations. As a result, Sehlabeng and Ladybrand church of Christ appreciate the services provided by BVBILesotho, they would like the students to visit them every week but due to financial constraints that would not happen now. The students who sometimes visit these assemblies confessed that the opportunities they got to preach was one of the ways to practice what they learn in class. Therefore, the teachers would want all students to have chances to preach and teach mainly in these two congregation.  

About 50 prospects have been engaged with BVBIL students. Moshe Tsoene and Vincent Shata are continuing with their series of Bible study with Sekamaneng Apostolic church in Zion. The attendance has increased to 16. Likhama Leuta has organized a Bible study with two soldiers who have high ranks in Lesotho army, the studies have been going on for two weeks now.

Moliko Moliko, Motlatsi Ramphielo and Tankiso Rahlao are doing well on the radio programme, they are also marketing the school on the radio apart from their weekly lessons ‘Why we are the church of Christ’. Sibongile, Senate and Litlhari have been instrumental in organizing Bible studies with young men and young ladies. As a result of that, a young man and a young lady obeyed the gospel and were baptized.

Moholo Lesesa has organized a group of teen boys and Tawanda is helping them with counselling and Bible studies. The topic in July was ‘Who am I?’ and August was ‘Does God care about me?’. These lessons have made great impact in these teens, two put on Christ in baptism.

The school will have its first outreach on the 28th of September 2019, pray for this event to be successful.

In conclusion, the school would want to thank everyone who is behind the success of BVBIL. Our students are engaged in personal work and their influence has impacted the church. We are looking forward to have brother Donnie Estep in September who will be teaching ‘The Scheme of Redemption.

In His arms,

Tawanda Mwadiya                                                                                                                                                                BVBILesotho

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

A new congregation in Malawi!

Bear Valley Bible Institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi)

August 2019 Report


We are already in September! September will be one of the Months to remember in the history of Bear Valley Bible School in Malawi as the second year students will be graduating on September the 21st. We were supposed to have our graduation on the 28th of September, but this could not match with Donnie’s flight schedule. Therefore, we will have the graduation earlier together with Donnie before the students finish their last course in Pastoral letters by Brother Clergynton Harawa. This is our second graduation since the school was established in Malawi. We had a preaching campaign with the students and a new congregation has been established! Including the children, the number of people at this new congregation is 51. We praise God for this good news!

The students have done a great work of winning souls to Christ. We hope they will continue to be good soldiers of Christ as they are going back in their home congregations in few weeks to come.


We are glad to have brother Navie Theu again teaching wisdom literature before Donnie comes on 14th September. Donnie will be teaching Prison Epistles from the 16th to the 20th and on the 21st September will have our graduation sermon.

Kabwafu Church of Christ – established during the just ended campaign

This year has been a fruitful year! Souls have been added to the Lord’s church and many other souls restored to Christ. Only this year the school have been involved in establishing 4 congregations! 3 of the four were established during the holiday time of the month of May. And Kabwafu is the 4th one. What a great work with a great reward hereafter. Hallelujah! Kabwafu has started with 51 people. We had 9 baptisms, 23 restorations and 19 children of whom some will be candidates for baptisms in one year to come.

Campaign and next intake interviews

We are having lectureship on Church Leadership in October and Church Autonomy. This lectureship will end up with a preaching campaign. We have been asked by some congregations to help them with the two mentioned lessons. Therefore we have decided to use the same opportunity to take them out for the preaching campaign after the lectureship. After the campaign we are going to interview the next class of 2020/2021. We have received more than 40 application forms from all regions of Malawi. The interviews will be in the 3rd week of October, 2019.

We appreciate Bear Valley International for their support, prayers and kindness towards this work of training men to be faithful preachers, who will also take the same gospel to other people – 2 Timothy 2:2. We always pray that God continues blessing your families. We also want to thank Brother Charles Gunter who helped us with $500 for the preaching campaign we recently had. We pray that God keep blessing our brother as this work still need his involvement. Eternity is Forever, Think Souls!

Yours fellow servants in the Lord,

Ephron and Clergynton


Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Annual lectureship in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ Jesus.

Greetings from your fellow servants of God in BVBIN & SWSE, Ibadan.

Below are report of some of our activities in the Lord for the month of August 2019


1.  Students one month teaching practice

2. 17th annual Bible Lectureship and graduation.

3. First Semester classes begins with 31 students.

REPORT  OF  A  MONTH STUDENTS TEACHING PRACTICE :The one month students teaching practice that came up between July 26 and August 25 results in to the conversion of 25 souls and 40 restoration of erring brethren. Bro.Awoyale Gabriel, Bro.Ugo David,Bro.Nsini Ubot,Bro.Moses Samuel and Bro.Oviri Iruo-Oghene report the conversion of three souls each from the congregations they served.

17TH ANNUAL BIBLE LECTURESHIP & GRADUATION: The three days annual Bible Lectureship held at Doug Wheeler's events center of the BVBIN &  SWSE IBADAN was blessed with conversion of two young boys on day 2 .Over 250 brethren from 15 States of Nigeria witnessed the program that centered on Biblical Eschatology .
The graduation ceremony came up on August 30 for the 28 successful soldiers of Christ .
NKJV Bible,Bible dictionary and Thompson reference Bible from Bro. Steven Ashcraft were presented to all graduands and packages of VOTI Volume 100 & 101 and Mission Printing booklet and our local tracts was distributed to all attendees .

FIRST SEMESTER CLASSES BEGINS: First Semester classes for year 2019/2020 begins fully on September 2 ,2019 at our main campus in Butubutu village, Ibadan. 18 students for year -1 and 13 for year -2 program.

ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro.Aniefiok Effiong Udo is one of our year -2 students. Born on September 1979.A native of Ibakesi,Uyo,Akwa-Ibom State and a member of the Church of Christ, Ijoko-Ota,Ogun State.Happily married and blessed with children. His mission is to wherever is service is needed.

CONCLUSION : We deeply appreciate your partnership and supports .May the Lord of blessings continue to bless all our work together in Jesus Christ name, amen.

 I remain yours in His grace as a servant,

Makinde Ebenezer Olufemi

(The Chief Servant of BVBIN&SWSE, Ibadan & WBSFUW)

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Student activities in Nepal

Nepal Center for Biblical Study

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

Our regular classes

We have reviewed our lessons. Brother Jerry Golphenee had in depth study in the book of Revelation with students. He had given assignment for all students to present any lessons from book of study. Students reviewed lessons, had private study in their room, presented their short lessons in the class room and had group discussion. Besides of this lesson brother Jerry covered student's requested topics like: Tithe, Sunday worship or Saturday worship?, Women's role in the Church, Christian family, music in the service, Melchizedek- high priest. I was teaching lesson from how to manage money in the family and in the Church, in depth study on Sermon on the Mount, questions and discussion related to the Christian family and Church problems.

Local evangelism

We take all our students in three different local congregations for experience. Some time our male students got opportunity to lead songs, preach and teach to the congregations. Most of our ladies students do teaching to other women in different congregations.

We had men and women combined Bible study at sister Sunita's home. We studied from book of Acts. Our male students and our all school teachers presented their lessons. We took our students to visit sick family members at hospital and in their home. We had opportunities to teach Jesus to the non believers.

Voice of  Truth International

We did print out our voice of truth international in Nepali edition. This is our second volume. This is one of the gospel tools to spread out to the people. Brother Jerry and Sister Paula Bates are financially helping us in printing. We are working to print for another volume. Probably we will print out in the month of October 2019.

New Students

We will have more than ten male students for next group. We have given message to our graduated students, preacher and congregations all over Nepal. I can't give you exact number in this time. We will do Churches visiting program after graduation. We will not enroll any female students.

Thank you all of your prayer, love, suggestions and guidance.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Nationwide meeting in Zambia

It is always a great pleasure to write and reflect on the happenings here at BVBI-Zambia during the month of August, 2019. The students have continued with their evangelistic efforts that are done each week. These activities include the door-knocking and preaching on the streets. These actions are overseen by Brother Cephas Mwamba. And as a result of this evangelistic effort, Shermus Mulenga was converted on 19th august. Shermus has been known for his good leadership qualities in the denomination world and we hope and pray that he will translate that into serving the True God in the church.

Students have also restored three souls back to the sheepfold. It is indeed a great thing to see the zeal that is exhibited by all the students as they reach out to the people in the community with the Gospel of Christ. They impress not only us as the school but also the congregations where they teach and preach on each first day of the week.

We had a very successful evangelistic trip to Mpika, Muchinga Province of Zambia. Muchinga province is between, Northern and Eastern Provinces and 620 Kilometers from the Copper Belt Province. The church of Christ is not so strong in this newly created province, hence when the Institute was invited by the Church there to help in evangelism and strengthen the existence of the Lord’s kingdom there, we saw a good opportunity because the Ten (10) provinces of Zambia were represented at this conference meeting. The conference started on 23rd August 2019 and ended on 26th August, 2019. We traveled with other members from different congregations of the Copper Belt Province. The total number of 52 represented all the 17 congregations from the Copper Belt. We took all our students and they all participated immensely in the activities of the conference. And during the evangelism Robby Chileshe and Ignatius Mwanza and 8 others were added to the Lord. Brother Cephas Mwamba facilitated the baptisms that took place. It was good to see our students ministering. We had a total number of 11 Baptisms and three restoration in this month of August.

We are looking forward to having Donnie Estep come and teach “2 Corinthians,” as a short course. He will be in Zambia from 8th September 2019 to 14th September, 2019. We thank God for the work that he is doing!

Our hearts are always thankful for the partnership and financial support and all the encouragement we enjoy from you in this noble work. We pray that God will bless the works that you all are involved in as well.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

A new school year in Ukraine

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

During the last month we were involved in VBSs activities. In Bela Tserkva we had a wonderful VBS with marine theme. We students all kinds of Bible stories connected to a sea or any other body of water. They were about Jesus, Jonah, etc. We had more than 40 children in attendance. Most of them crossed the door way of the church building for the first time. It rejoiced us, and it also provided that their parents trust us.

About the same time, we had to deal with a little problem. We used to rent an apartment for our Instructors but the landlord decided to put it on the market. They gave us a week to move out. And it proved to be a rather trying task to find a good place who the temporary residents who will be taking turns living there. Most of the landlords strongly prefer permanent renters, they we're not in favor of different people living there in relatively short periods of time. I had about 10 stressful days spent in search of a new place. I had no idea it would be such a problem and people would have such strong feelings about it. Thank God we found a good two room place in a new part of town. The instructors will have to catch a bus or just walk about 40 minutes to the church building. The first Instructor who got to try living there is Denton Landon. Next week we expect a few Ukrainian Instructors.

But the most important new is undoubtedly the beginning of the new school year. This time we have 4 new students and brother Tara's who has just a few more courses to take before graduation.  And the second year class numbers 6 students. So, we are expecting 8 graduates in the end of the school year including Taras and sister Tamara who still have just a few courses appointed by the Institute's Administration before graduation.

This year we have young students under 20. Mostly they are children of our preaching graduates and their close friends. I'm happy to train young people in their formative years.

Currently Albert Bagdasaryan is teaching "How we got the Bible" to the first year students and Denton Landon is teaching "Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther" to the second year students. Later this month we are expecting Jim Sherman and a few Ukrainian Instructors.

A few words about our new students:

Ilijah Zhuravlev is the son of one of our Instructors who is a preacher at Brovary congregation. He is 19, he has completed his high school course. He's single and he is currently helping the congregation with the youth ministry.

Bogdan Antipenko is a relative of Stanislav Kuropyatnikov, the preacher from Lviv Church of Christ. He is 18. He has a burning desire to serve the Lord.

Nazar Semikoz is 18. He's a high school graduate. He is a son of Viktor Semikoz, our Instructor and a Minister of the Church.  He wants to become a preacher and spread the Gospel.

Marianna Medved is a Christian from Lviv. She is 18. She is dating our last year graduate Arthur Litvinenko. Arthur is a Minister in the city of Kremenchug.

I have high hopes that Lord's Church in Ukraine will continue growing and strengthening. As you see we are now training the second generation of preachers who desire to serve. We ask you to pray for the Church in Ukraine and it's continuing growth.

We sincerely appreciate your support of the ministry. You are doing the great job trusting us and helping us grow.

In Christian love, Your brother in Christ Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Rainy season in Sierra Leone



Warm greetings from me, and they that are laboring with me also send their sincere greetings. We wished that you are well and doing fine by His Grace.

Our first Quarter ends on the 22nd of July for a short break. All students were sent back to their different destination. Management ensured that all courses for first quarter are completed and grades were submitted to the Institute. We appreciate the commitment of our lecturers for sparing their time to teach and train our younger Brethren in the Lord. We thank Bear Valley International for their tireless contributions in making this happened. Above all, we give Glory to God Almighty for seeing us throughout the First Quarter.

On midterm break students were encourage to read ahead in preparation of the next quarter and not to give time for idleness with other worldly activities.


Classes were resumed on the 14th of August 2019, having all students on campus. July and August are months full of rains that causes a lot of damages to life and properties in West Africa especially Sierra Leone. We are grateful to God that none of our student were involve in any of these disaster.

Classes commence with the subject, Life of Christ having Brother Gabriel Abu as lecturer followed by the Book of Acts with Brother Emanuel Focko. By the grace of God Homiletics is on floor as I write my report. We continue to ask God for guardians for our students in their studies.


Evangelism was ineffective during these months due to continuous rains as roads are flooded with mood. Attach are few copies of the water disaster and moody roads cause by the rains. Students were indoors with their studies. We look forward to good weather during this month of September which will give accessibility for evangelism. Keep us in your prayers.


Having God on our side, the water business will soon be history to us. The home office of Bear Valley is willing to give some assistance towards solving the water problem face with our Institute. God willing, the project of digging a water well will commenced. See our next edition for a total achievement with the water issue.

God is so good.


We appreciate every effort of everyone who are sharing with our aims and objectives in teaching and training men with the undiluted Gospel. May the good Lord bless our join efforts.

We love and care for you all.

Your humble Servant in the Lord

Jacob Sesay

Admin / Director

Bear Valley Bible Institute

Kenema Sierra Leone.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Evangelism in Mbanga

Our God is exalted far above all heavens and His glory is above all the earth. God blesses his church and the work of the Bear Valley Bible Institutes in Cameroon. I hope all is well over there. 

Cameroonians, since Monday, have been so busy with back to school or school resumption which has been a major problem to our English-speaking brothers. Nevertheless, we of the school of preaching are very busy with examinations, short courses, and the sister’s class. We praise God almighty for another successful week that our students and the church passed through. It was a very busy one with examinations for the students. 

This is when the students are presenting, “Practical Homiletics” for their exams. It was good for them to present in front of their peers for “Homiletics I.” For “Homiletics II,” it shall be with the congregation.

As we were rounding up with exams it was time to go to Bomono Ba Mbenge, a community along the Mbanga Douala highway were one of our graduates, Raoul, is working full-time. There was a mini lectureship for the zone. Tracks we carried along including “The Good News and Seven Ones,” in French. The students motivated evangelism, singing, reading of the bible, and many other activities as one of them won the best price for bible quiz. Souls were touched during door to door evangelism and even open-air preaching. It was a blessing as the zone expect much from the students and staff of the Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon. Our challenges there were the poor sound system which has been a problem most of the time. Keep our hundreds of prospects in your prayers and for brother Raoul to get have good follow- up with them. We returned Saturday evening after the last evangelism.

Please continue to pray for us.

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Challenges in Wotutu

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this great country of Cameroon. We are doing fine even though many are sick here. I took four students to the hospital in Limbe for further medical findings. I also took two of their wives who came for the classes and took ill here. Keep us in prayers because it seems we are facing more challenges now.

God is still on the throne. And, in the midst of all this, the work He entrusted in our hands is moving ahead. The separatist movement declared a lock down in the entire English-speaking Cameroon. It came just at the time that our student’s wives are supposed to make their way to Wotutu for their class. Some made it under very harsh risky conditions. It was very expensive, even above our budget, to get them to and from the villages.

The third quarter ends today successfully without any major problem from all the staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon Wotutu. But, because of the lock down, our students cannot go to the field as the case use to be immediately after their short courses. They will wait until Sunday afternoon to move and they need to move faster. The school van and the orphanage van will be used to transport them faster out of the English-speaking zones to French speaking areas so that they can continue to twenty different locations for mission work. Among these twenty, we have two virgin lands to preach in and plant new congregations in and we also have a place in which to revive a dying congregation. Keep these in your prayers.

This new week and new month open with the short courses and also the women’s class. The women’s class was sensitive with good lessons on “THE HOME GOD’S WAY.” I decided to teach the class so that I will be able to make better explanations and applications. With experiences from my family, I can help build these families. They took courage to leave their different villages. Some even came with their smaller children because of fear of insecurity back in their homes.

The seventeen total lessons in the handouts were great. As the one that instructed it, I am not left with any doubts that this course will go a long way to build families and makes families stronger and more focused. Sound messages bring smiles as you can see the ladies smiling. Many thanks to sister Robin Martin for putting together this great piece of work.


All students will be out for mission work. The staff of the Bible school will be out to strengthen different congregations. I will be out also to visit congregations. Some of my visits will be will be where our students will be for serving for these two weeks.


Thanks very much for all that you are doing. Thanks for your prayers and deep support you are rendering to make it happen whether in the school of preaching, in the orphanage, or in the Christian schools. All of these helps to make the work entrusted in our hands move with ease. Please continue. Our God will surely continue to bless you and continue to replenish your pockets.

Please do your best to share this report with others. Make a great day.

Elangwe and family

By His grace director BVBIC-Wotutu

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Building improvements made in Arusha

Grace and Peace to you friends.

This week I'd like to give you an update on some building projects that have been undertaken by some of the congregations in Tanzania. Construction loans are not really a thing in Tanzania, so building projects have to be done bit by bit as funding becomes available. Just like Americans, Tanzanian churches desire to have a safe, dry place to worship that communicates permanence and legitimacy to their community. A couple of our sister congregations have been able to take strides forward in their facilities thanks to help from some of you.

First, the Lulumbela congregation is thankful for their new roof. Meanwhile, the Kazibizyo congregation is thankful to have been able to put in a floor for their building, and a coat of paint on the outside. Another congregation is in need of some help with their facility. The Ibambula church's building was heavily damaged by rainstorms earlier this year (as pictured below). They've made do for a few months like this, but now the local officials have ordered them to not use the building until it is repaired. We're currently in the process of trying to determine how much it will cost to repair the facility.

We do have a few dates open this fall if your congregation would like a visit. Also, if you know of a another congregation that might be able to help with the work, then we would appreciate a reference.

We hope that your day is very blessed!

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions

Posted on September 10, 2019 .

Mission Printing and WBS helping in Kenya

This is students' report for August 2019 at the Kenya school of preaching- a branch of Bear Valley Bible Institute.

We have got 20 Bible students who are currently being trained, three (3) African teachers ,(Charles, Ochola and Elias)and three American teachers (Timothy, Peter Ray and Mike Reese).

The 20 students had been knocking doors in the nearby villages around the preaching school as they try to reach the locals with the gospel. They as well visit local congregations in order to help local preachers with services and even to learn from experienced ones. This they do on Saturdays and Sundays. This time they had visited and served 14 local congregations, attended 6 gospel meetings conducted by these churches, made 20 evangelistic trips as they evangelize and edify the saved. They had conducted 52 Bible studies and preached 72 sermons. As a result, 13 baptisms have been conducted apart from those baptisms at Ahono Youth Camp.

Thanks to Mike Reese and brethren for the funds which he (they) contributed for the purpose of sending these preachers under training to evangelize and visit local congregations.

On Friday 23rd of August, we closed the school for September holidays till October 7th 2019 when the classes will resume again. The next quarter will begin year 2 quarter 1. For now the students will be away helping their home congregations and preachers. When they report back, they will, to keep us updated, give a report of all they do now at these congregations.

Another unique blessing which we can share with the brethren everywhere, is that the Bear Valley Bible Institute has agreed to conduct a full masters programme at the Kenya School of Preaching, which will commence as from December 2nd - December 13th 2019. Those former graduates who had already completed the under graduate classes in the previous 3 intakes, will now join and begin, and there are already 20 graduates who yearn to report when the time arrives. We are glad to have such a chance/opportunity which should be grasped with immediate effect. May the Lord God bless the BVBID and those who are involved in making this opportunity a reality.

Still another blessing is present with us at KSOP which has been brought by Mission Printing INC. and World Bible School materials in a container. These bring tremendous help to the local congregations and non-believers. Local churches use the Mission Printing tracts and booklets in edifying the saved, in teaching their new converts to grow in the knowledge of the Bible and of Christ. Church preachers use these to evangelize the lost, refute error and uphold the truth. Preachers as well use these tracts to help High School students to forsake or beware of alcohol and drug abuse, a major problem in our generation. The preachers' boxes are best with books that are used in this regard, eg. "Sabbatarian concordance and commentary". "Now that is a miracle", all by Gerald Wright. It is a fact that even the local preachers themselves are growing in tackling difficult texts of Scriptures. We request many of the preachers' boxes again, for those who have not collected the boxes are the majority compared to preachers who have.

With the World Bible School courses, the preachers evangelize their areas and motivate people to study the Bible as they read and fill up the blank spaces .More so, those who are really benefiting from these, are non- believers. Right now, Nixon Ochola, WBS teacher, is grading 100 and over WBS booklets that have been read and filled by non- believers who have registered. These students have made an appointment with Nixon that he will go and teach them face to face and answer their questions from the Bible. This he is going to do in a weeks time from now. The WBS materials are opening doors for evangelism. One of our current students at KSOP, called Moses Simiyu, is now conducting a gospel meeting in his area around Mt. Elgon (in Kenya) and he took with him several of WBS boxes to distribute to the

locals. The idea of receiving a copy of God's word the Bible upon completion of these courses, has motivated many. Congratulations Richard Reignfro and the Mission Printing I.N.C. together with those at WBS.

Thanks to each and everyone who, in one way or another, whether in prayers or monetary help, has participated in supporting KSOP here at Kisumu, or at the other 4 small preacher training schools ( Butere, Christians for Kenya, Bomet and Maasai Mara) in the country.

We pray for you, we remember you, we love you." May the Lord bless you and keep youk The Lord make His face shine on you and be gracious to youk The Lord lift up His countenance on you and give you peace", Numbers 6:24-26.

In His service, Elias Omollo

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

School resumes soon in Sierra Leone



Dear Friends, Greetings from me, my family and from all those that are laboring with me in the recruitment of able men for God’s vineyard. Staffs and students send their greetings. We wish everyone by God’s grace a sound health in Christ Jesus.

The month of June was loaded with intensive teaching and learning. We were a bit behind the schedule in the proposed curriculum. We have to repeat teachings on Personal Evangelism due to late arrival of 5 students after the lesson has been taught by Robert P. Dahn Jr from Liberia. Nevertheless we endure and ensure that the 1st quarter syllabus is completed.


With the special grace of God we have 16 Students in class when regular classes resume. We started off with Brother Gabriel Abu who taught Old Testament 1. He is one of the able preachers in one of our congregation in Kenema Town.

Trust me 40 credible hours of intensive teaching and learning was effectively done by each of the lecturers. 8 hours of class work and 1 hour Lunch per day. The First Quarter contain the following

1.     Old Testament 1 (Genesis) Taught by Gabriel Abu in Kenema Township

2.     How we Got the Bible taught by Brother Samuel Bangura from Freetown

3.     Christian Evidences taught by Brother Osman Sheke from Kondu Town

4.     Gods plan of salvation Scheme of Redemption taught by Emmanuel Focko from Kailahun

5.     Personal Evangelism taught by Joseph Masseley in Kenema one of our excellent pass graduate

6.     English taught by Brother Richard Saidu Saffa Christian Brother


The subject Personal Evangelism was theoretically and practically carried out in class and in the field. A product of Bear Valley Bible Institute in Kenema in the person of Joseph Masseley was mentoring student in One to One contact. The amazing part in the one to one contact was that most of our Students could communicate with the people through their own dialect, this makes the reception good.

We are looking forward to the increase by faith in our next venture. Keep us in your prayers.


The Institute is on vacation at present. Hopefully to reopened on the 14th of August 2019. We are almost to the month of continuous raining period. Remember us in your prayers as we do for many.

May God bless our joint efforts for the purpose of His Kingdom.

Attached below are photographs relating to the report.

Your Brother and Humble Servant

Brother Jacob Sesay

Admin/Director – Bear Valley Kenema

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

Guinea growth

Gueckedou, Guinea Bear Valley Bible Institute Activity Operations Report for July 2019

The activities of the month of July were few, yet we have the obligation to give you an update. We had only 13 week-days during the month of July having been on break till the 14th, but our in and outdoor activities were good even though to certain extent the rains limited the frequency of our movement. While we did not reap much fruit as in previous months due to this and other gospel preaching difficulties, we were on the other hand blessed by one congregation with a reasonable amount of funds for the purchase of equipment for that exercise. Here below are some of the details of what happened during the month.

Classroom: Our third quarter course schedule commenced with the Minor Prophets and was completed in 7 days instead of 8 so that we had a day off used for an outdoor activity. The 29th up to the 2nd of August was the final part of the course ‘Christian Evidence – the Bible and Science. Students’ participation and evaluations results were good and all 17 students are still on roll.

Evangelism: As usual, individually and as a group we went out to preach whenever the opportunity presented itself. This is how we had one day of preaching from the 8 days scheduled for the Minor Prophet course which was completed in 7 days. One of our men was successful to convert 1 soul in the village of Yabehma on the 7th of July. Then on the 21st and 22nd respectively we baptized 2 young men in Gueckedou town and these brought us to the total of 3 conversions in July.

Evangelism Equipment Request Answered: In our May report we made an open request to any well-wishers for evangelism equipment such as loud speakers and amplifiers. By the grace of God the church of Christ congregation at Niceville, Florida through the hand of brother Ken Stanley wired the amount of $800.00 for that purpose. Being the pioneers of the gospel work in Guinea, they have once again demonstrated their financial support in addition to the regular assistance rendered! Niceville had also help for the worship hall at the village of Bandalo-leh. 

Conclusion: The month of July this year was one of those months that fell within our break periods and it is in the rainy reason thus limiting our outdoor activities. By His grace however we successfully went through our classroom work and also converted 3 souls to Christ. We are also thankful to the Niceville, Florida church of Christ for the evangelism equipment cost provided. It is our appeal and prayer that others will be touched also to help in other areas such as participating in worship hall construction for the new congregations being established.

A few photos are attached.

We thank and appreciate you all.


Posted on August 26, 2019 .

65+ students in greater Accra


Report on July for the external and internal activities for the full-time school and extended schools.


We always thank God for the help and mercies He bestows on us throughout all activities in the benefit and progress of the schools. Praise is to God for the remembrance of our brethren, who support the schools in diverse ways and the brethren in Ghana who also gave out their resources for the progress of the school. Our prayer is that God continue to bless everyone.


This is to mention that the full-time students went on break and hopefully, resumed for the continuation of their programme. The school resumed on 14th of July and classes started on 15th July. The first instructor to teach was Amoo-Gyimah Emmanuel followed by Kojo, Gyan-Mante, Emmanuel Odeng Larbi, Samuel Sasu Ntim and George Osafo.  

We have thirteen students and they have all reported.  We are so grateful to see our students in good condition.


This is third quarter courses which include Denominational Doctrine, Life of Christ IV, World Religion, Epistle to the Hebrews, Galatians, Counseling, English Language and Computer Studies.

Br. Amoo-Gyimah has started teaching his course on Life of Christ IV and followed by the subsequent instructors.



The staff of the school has met to discuss on the school land registration and the preparation to start the building on the said plan. As per the directors’ comments, the registration is in progress starting with search and indenture.

Students Visitation to the congregations

The last quarter students visited assigned congregation to improve their practical ability and as per the order, there has been rotation which commenced on 18th August, 2019.

Activities for in August discussed

In our discussion the following were activities to carry out:

·         Evangelism (follow up) at Obeyeyie – Accra

·         Evangelism (follow up) at Ada Ngiresi – Central Region

·         Evangelism (Church Planting) at Ayaldu – Central Region

·         Attend up Seminar in Takoradi – Central Region

·         Attend up Graduation which would be held in Tamale – Northern Region  

It is the hope of the staff and students that the Lord sees us through successfully in all preaching and transportation.

We request that you pray with us as we embark these activities to the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.


The regular attendance was 12 of the 13 students in each day in the month. The courses were The Scheme of Redemption which was handled by Kojo Acquah Beenyi and Old Testament II by Roger Asante.

Most of these students are preaching and teachers in their congregations and they are grateful to the school as they see how the school is being a blessing to them.

The school here was blessed with the visit to us by Keith, as he encouraged us and admonished us to be faithful to the work we have chosen to do.

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

Preachers camp in Peru

Dear Brothers,
Hoping that each of you is well, both in your personal, family and ministerial lives, after a little time I write these lines to update the progress of BVBI PERU.

The students in the institute are doing a great effort and a good job to make sure that the contents presented by the teachers are assimilated, the last subject was taught by Abraham Alata (Homiletica 2), this month our brother Andres Nuñez is speaking the Oratory course.

Thanks to the support of Abraham Alata, Andres Nuñez, Jens Nima and Alejandro Manrique, and other Church leaders here in Lima, we organized our first CPP (Camp for Preachers), in which 18 leaders from different congregations were involved. July 28-29, we developed a series of activities with the purpose of further strengthening the bonds of friendship and fraternity, in addition to building each other, the plan is to have a CPP promoted by the institute every year, we hope to have sat a good president to Future events

Following our calendar of activities, the students supported an evangelistic activity in the Church of Christ in Pachacamac on August 3-4, an activity that left many contacts and prospects for conversion, of which the church is already taking charge. The church of Pachacamac decided to support two of the students financially to count on their help in the evangelistic task, this will be done until the end of the year, the two students are Alejandro Berrio and Moises Guevara.

Posted on August 26, 2019 .

An update from Cambodia

Cambodia 1.jpg

IBISR Report July 2019
Hello from your Christian Family on the other side of the world. We hope everyone is doing well.

The third trimester of IBISR's academic year finished on the 28th of July, 2019. Our institution has finished the last trimester of the first academic year. This trimester has four courses which had already taught by our two instructors (Run Darat and Rin Piseth).

We currently have five students in total. We are on a a break to go and recruit new students. We have two good prospects who are still in High School but they are still undecided. We are advertising our school on Facebook and getting some response from that. PLEASE PRAY for us to have good results in attaining more students that are truly interested in learning about God and the truth in the Bible.

We were exceedingly grateful for brother Wes Autrey who had spent his time with us in order to share his Bible knowledge and build a good relationship with us through Skype each week.

We went to visit Mr. Lam who worked on our building addition. We had a wonderful day and ate lunch with him at his house. All of the students showed a good example to others in that village. We hope that Mr. Lam and his family will study the Bible with us in the future.

As we are new in leading this institution, we would like to ask you to continue to help us in many ways. Especially, please continue to pray for our work and Bible students in Cambodia.

We really appreciate your help with the all the work in Cambodia . Thanks for supporting our institution , we could do all things through Christ who strengthens us . God is amazing and made all these things happen.

Servants of Christ,
Your Brothers
Piseth Rin - Co Director
Pros Rok - Staff

Posted on August 26, 2019 .