Classes in Myanmar

Dear brethren, 

I am so pleased to inform you about our school in Myanmar. We had five weeks classes from March 18 to April 19, and covered five subjects: I Corinthian with Dr. Steve, I&II Peter and Jude with Justin Guin, Christian Evidences with Jerry Bates, the Book of James with Jerry Bates and Personal Evangelism with Jon Lucius. Eight students could come this time. 

Now the students are going out to do practical work, as a team and also individual. Our next class will begin on October 7 and go until November 8 for another five weeks. The subjects and teachers are already scheduled by brother Wayne. 

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your insight in opening the school here in Myanmar and for financing the work. 

Yours in His service

Philip Van Biak Lian

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Much good is being accomplished in Kenya

Dear brethren,

This is to share with you what transpires at the Kenya School of Preaching, a branch of BVII. The students went for March holidays and are now back to school. The classes began officially on 15th April, 2019 for 3rd quarter/semester. Charles Ogutu is teaching Old Testament 3, that is Joshua _ Ruth, The Gospel According to Mark and English skills 2. Elias is teaching 1st and 2nd Corinthians, Prison Epistles and 1st and 2nd Thessalonians in short course, with Mike Rowand teaching Leadership in short course.

As to what the Bible students had accomplished during the March holidays is impressing, they being twenty in number, had conducted sixty three (63) Bible classes with prospects and their church members. During their stay at home, they had preached fifty seven (57) sermons both in the local congregations and in Gospel meetings and in Mid-week prayer meetings. They had as well made forty nine (49) evangelistic trips and had attended nine (9) Gospel meetings during their March holidays.

The much good done by the students service at the local congregations had resulted in;  forty two (42) baptisms, twenty six (26) individuals restored back to fellowship and one (1)  local congregation planted.

Local congregations  and preachers still come KSOP to pick boxes of tracts ( Mission Printing Materials) for their own use/reading and for evangelizing their areas. We at the school have got a unique blessing _ pure water by C.R.F. in connection with Hope Water International. Locals now come to fetch pure water and in that way, the  preaching school benefits the community both spiritually and physically.

We are very much thankful for what the Lord has done with the KSOP students, and it is our request that brethren throughout the globe may continue to keep KSOP in their prayers us to remain faithful and that many may be reached with the saving gospel and be edified.

Thanks to all who participate in one way or another in supporting the preaching school.  May you be all blessed,

In His service, Elias.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Door to door in New Zealand

Some students and staff from BVBINZ participated in a campaign this past month in Palmerston North. The majority of the work revolved around door-knocking and offering the community personal Bible studies. It’s normal in these campaigns for about a dozen people to say yes to a Bible study, and then most of them tapering off, until the local worker is left with two or three Bible studies.

This campaign was different. Even now, weeks after the campaign ended, Kent O’Donnell is studying with thirteen people originally contacted through the campaign! Because of that, our full-time student, Joziah, has stayed in Palmerston North to help with the studies, where he has been taking his courses with us online.

Lance Mosher

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Inspiring dedication in Ukraine

Ukraine 1.jpg

Dear brethren, churches and everyone who is interested in the news from Ukrainian,

Currently our country is electing the President who will be in the office next five years. It's very important for our people. A lot will depend on the person in power. Only two candidates are left for the second round. They are our current President and a professional comedian. Please pray for us, for the future of the Lord's church.

Last month our students had a week of practical evangelism. Most of our students went back to their home congregations and helped their local ministry. I was very impressed by the work of two of our students Lena and Rosa in Slovaynsk. They had Bible lessons for kids in the local boarding school and taught ladies class in the church. Our young men were productive as well. Eljune, our first year student, is very active with teenagers. By the way, he visits his local congregation in the city of Kamenskoe every weekend not wanting to miss the services there. The distance to cover from Bella Tserkva to Kamenskoe is 380 miles one way.  He doesn't own a vehicle so he catches night trains to be back in time for classes. I appreciate his desire to help the congregation where he grew up and was converted.

Vitaly and Ruslan helped their local congregations as well. Vitaly taught classes and helped with the Sunday services in the city of Dnipro.  Taras is still working with children in Skvira. He tries to get our students involved in children's ministry. He has good leadership qualities and I hope he will become a great servant of God.

There are some encouraging news from our student Sergey Omelchenko. The treatment course for his TB is over and now he is allowed to take his meds at home. His kind of TB is not contagious so he is back to the classroom since April, 1.

I'm actively searching for potential students for the next school year. As of now, we have 2 candidates. Last month and in the beginning of this month I visited the congregation in Lviv and two congregations in Kamenskoe. And I have a list of other congregations I am to visit by the end of summer.

This school year we encountered a few situations when our Ukrainian Instructors couldn't come and teach their courses due to their health issues and the notice was very short. Of course, I had to make adjustments in the schedule and a lot of times teach the additional courses myself. It made me think that we need a permanent member of the teaching faculty in Bela Tserkva. As of now, it's only my hope and dream. However, we are working on it. Our local Minister Konstantin Kisilenko joined the Masters' Program so I hope he will be able to teach soon.  He's been helping us a lot over the years interpreting courses of all of our American Instructors. Please join me in prayer for this need.

We are grateful to everyone who actively helps the Ministry of our Bible Institute. Your help is deeply appreciated. It's great to know people who have our back and ready to step in at any moment.

Your brother and co-worker in the Lord's vineyard,

Dennis Sopelnik

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Souls won in Accra


All courses were successfully taught throughout the first quarter of the year 2019. This is to apprehend that all students were successful in the participation of the courses except Joseph Appiah who missed some of the classes which by the administration, he will not be able to graduate at the end of the year, 2019.

Also, per the administration of the school, both regular and all extended schools have been well informed of their academic performance to buck up and fulfill all the academic requirements of the school pertaining to the award of certificate.


The director of Dobro school (regular class), has made the administration aware that due to the litigation of the first land, the land owners have secured the school with another on at the same area of Papase. The owners have agreed to prepare new indenture and site plan for the school. Currently, the administration has decided to start the project on plan this year.


This is a follow up campaign which was organized by the Nungua Church of Christ, bro Amoo-Gyimah Emmanuel being the preacher, requested the school to join the church to evangelize, a house to house and open air evangelism.

Under assessment, the people were receptive in the word but there were many promises of visiting the church on Sunday and three (3) souls got baptized. The church extends her appreciation to the school authorities for accepting their request for the student’s participation in the activities. Their expression of appreciation is that may the Lord bless you in your effort for an effectiveness and succession of the program.

Hopefully, some of the weekend students in Adoagyiri Church of Christ won two (2) souls whereas Panpanso No.1 Church of Christ won one (1) soul. Two souls were able to be capture but per the report I had from brethren other three got baptized during the campaign and one in the weekly activities.


The staff and all the schools are thankful to the Lord and our Saviour Jesus Christ for successful activities this quarter and ask the Lord’s blessings for you.

Keep praying with us.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Good news from Arusha!

Grace and Peace to you friends.  The theme of this week's report is finding silver linings!

We start this week with an update from the farm.  Though we've been praying for rain, the unseasonably dry weather has resulted in losing this year's corn crop.  The positive side of that is we have enough corn stored up from previous crops to last us for two years.  The dry weather is driving up the price of corn which puts us in an advantageous position since we have plenty of reserves.  Nevertheless, we continue to pray for the rains!

We continue by expressing our sympathy for Amos Kinasa, the evangelist at the Lulembela church, on the sudden passing of his wife of more than 30 years, Magreth.  Despite the great grief, I appreciate Amos's attitude.  As family and friends gathered to mourn Magreth, the gospel was shared.  In Amos's own words, "I give God thanks because during the time of the event of my wife passed away one believer has come again into the church... and two souls obeyed."  We pray for God's comfort for Amos and his children.

Including these two souls, in recent weeks 6 of the congregations have told me of 14 baptisms and 7 restorations between them.  We praise God for giving the increase!  May He continue to do so.

Till all have heard,

Daniel Gaines
Tanzania Missions

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

A new class of students in Tamale



Glory be to God for the successful operation of yet another two year studies for our beloved brothers who have dedicated themselves to the course of His work in the northern Ghana. We enthusiastically rejoiced with them for the perfect love and grace of God He bestowed on us through His son Jesus to witness yet another completion.

We are at this time want to express our appreciation for your perpetual prayer and support, we cannot reckon or enumerate the indisputable works you have done in Africa, either can we recompense your kind or cash but what we do have is that May God who has dominion over all things remunerate you for your faithfulness.


Our 6th butch of students were able to finish the remaining four courses for their two year studies in school. Brothers Albert Malir treated the book of Revelation in the first week with students, James Legend treated English four with students, Francis Ayine treated 1st & 2nd Thessalonians with students and Adjei Mensah treated marriage and home and all tests and exams conducted respectively. Hence, they have finished their two- year school.


Cleaning up exercise took place on Saturday the 30th March, 2019 and farewell service held on 31st March, 2019. It was a ceremony done to usher them into the world of preaching what they been taught and done during the two years of being in school. The students have since departed and have all reached home safely to carry on with their farming activities alongside the preaching work until the graduation day


Next butch of students being sixth {6th} will have reported to school on 7th of April, 2019 and classes in progress. Over twenty students supposed to have reported for next academic year 2019, but thirteen have reported so far. There are more assurances from most of the students, until one week after reporting we may not be able to give a precise number.


We visited THE lands commission with the coordinator Kojo Beenyi Acquah to check on school / church land documentation process. The document was given to us to send to court for court registration and their seal as part of documentation. We did, sent it back to lands commission, and they assured us that the document would be completed shortly. They however, told us to get the Tax clearance certificate ready.

May the unconditional love of Christ richly dwell among us all now and forever.


We embarked on our first visitation and campaign for students for the incoming academic year in the Upper East, Upper West and some part of the Northern Region on the 4th of March to the 10th  of March, 2019. Our journey was through Bolga, to Navrongo, Sandema, Tumu, to Heing, Wa, Ponyentang, Nyoli, Through to Bole, Damongo, Back to Tamale.

The journey was embarked by James Bisong Legend and Jacob Awintoya, a past student of the school who now preaches for the Sunbrungu congregation in the Upper East Region. It was a very inspiring journey that gave us the opportunity to meet several preachers in these locations above.

I left Tamale around two pm on the 4th (Monday) of March, 2019 to meet Preacher Jacob in Bolga. I arrived at Bolga at exactly 4:12pm. We rested and drew our plan for action.

We had a very busy day on the 5th, Our first call was to Preacher Rodger Ayila, of the Bolga Central, who happens to be a board member for the school. We had a brief meeting with him and he promised to advertise the school to his congregation. We went to Sunbrungu congregation which happens to be Jacob’s local congregation where we interacted with some youth and also booked an appointment to meet them on the following day which is one of their weekly meeting days.

From Sunbrungu, we passed through Navrongo to Sandema where we visited Elijah, one of the passed students of the first butch. We met him with some leaders of the Sandema congregation and had fruitful discussions with them. They took four forms and promised to also persuade some youth who are in the church leadership and have the desire of working for the Lord to take up that responsibility.  They also advised us to make it a point to visit them time to time as other Bible schools have been coming to them; they also urged us to participate in their Bible Camps. Brother Elijah also led us to other congregations around Sandema locality. There are four congregation; Sandema town, Wiaga Central, Farinsa, and Sinisi congregations, with only one trained preacher in the person of Elijah.

From Sandema, we came back to Navrongo where we met the Navrongo preacher, Brother Peter, a health worker. Brother Peter was very zealous to come to the Bible College but, was constrained by his work as a married man with a child. Brother Peter wished for a weekend course even if it’s going to be in Tamale, he could come. It was there some contacts were made to other congregations like, Paga and other places and we had seventeen people who came to meet us and were ready for a weekend course. Since when we left Navrongo, Brother Peter kept calling on us on the possibilities of the weekend course for Navrongo or the Upper East Region. Some six forms were also given to them as we ended our activities for the day. We came back to lodge at Bolga.

On the 6th morning, we visited Tongo congregation as we have informed their preacher, Rockson to prepare to meet us. Brother Rockson also happens to be a product of the school. We met him with some of his leaders and youth and told them our mission and they also welcomed the idea and promised to pass the information to other congregations nearby. They have six congregations around Tongo locality with only Brother Rockson as the only trained preacher. They also took two forms. From Tongo on the same 6th, we contacted Isaac Ayamga from Shirigu and also went back to Sunbrungu in the evening and met with their congregation, where Jacob spoke extensively with them and also encouraged them to take up the opportunity. We had three people who were willing to come but said; the time was very limited for them to prepare themselves in terms of caring for their family whiles in school. However, we gave some four forms to them. We therefore brought our meeting to end and we lodged to Bolgatanga again.

On the 7th of March 2019, the Navrongo brethren called on us to meet them before moving on to Upper West Region as we scheduled to move to Upper West. We met them briefly to have another successful discussion on the possibility of a weekend classes for them. This time, there were brethren from Paga, who also put in their voice. From there, we moved to Tumu straight, which is about 124kilometers, about 77miles, on a very bad road. We stopped at some villages anyway, enquiring of the possibilities of the Church around, to no avail. We got to Tumu late in the evening, where we met Preacher Anthony Antunwini, preacher for Tumu congregation, who is also a Board member of. We passed the night there, where he gave us information about a seminar coming on where the Upper West preachers and leaders were to attend on the 9th of March, 2019. We added that to our program.

We left Tumu on the 8th of March, 2019 for Wa. We got to Wa around 11am. We decided to go to neighboring communities where there are Churches, whiles putting Wa town congregation on a hold because of the leadership seminar coming up on the 9th. We went to the University of Development Studies congregation around Bamaaho, where we met some brothers and had a discussion with them, they had no train preacher. From there, we moved to Ponyentang and had successful discussion with them and they needed four trained preachers, one for them and the rest for other communities around them that they have established congregations. Preacher Albert Akoa Adjei, who happens to be an old preacher around that area, who was part of the meeting. He is the only preacher helping all these churches around that area, They took six forms from us.

 From there, we went to Nyoli and had another successful meeting with them, proceeded to Gyidabor and Kolmasah as well. All these congregations don’t have preachers and promised to encourage young men who have the interest to take up the opportunity. From there, we lodged at Tuna. We had fuel shortage at this stage and called on our able Coordinator (Kojo), who was quick to come in to help us through our administrator (Albert).

On the 9th, our major program went towards the preachers Seminar at Wa. We left Tuna around 5am to go and participate on that program to make good use of it. It was well attended, the Auditorium full to capacity. Two of our board members were present (Preacher Anthony Atunmini and Thomas Donzie). The program started around 8:48am. We were given the opportunity to meet with the preachers at noon around 1pm to discuss our agenda with them. They were happy after our presentation and asked some few questions, which we did answered. 22 forms were taken by some of the preachers who pledged to announce to their congregants. That ended our program for the day.

On the 10th of March, being the first day of the week, we went to worship with the Bole congregation, where preacher Ali is the preacher. We left there around 11:18am, and drove straight to Tamale around 3pm.

Posted on April 23, 2019 .

Exciting News From Cambodia

 From the Directors

Exciting news from Cambodia. Shortly after Wes Autrey and Wayne Burger departed we had two baptisms. Just a few days ago we baptized four more souls into Christ. They are all from Banteay Meanchey Province. This is the hometown of one of our students. The new Christians all studied with our student and Chann (our local preacher in Siem Reap). All four decided to get baptized and drove 100km to be immersed into Christ in Siem Reap! Their names are Pheng (boy), Seoung, Seaiv, Monica (girls). This is a beautiful thing. Praise to our Lord Jesus Christ. Please keep them in your prayers.

We are doing good here and are close to the Khmere New Year, so the students are heading to their home towns for the holiday. Our second trimester will officially end on May 3. We have four courses in one trimester. Currently we have been studying about Christian Evidence 2, and Fundamentals of the church 1.

We did have two students recently drop out and we ask for prayers on their behalf so that they will return to a life of following God. We pray that God will open their hearts in order to let them back to study His word.

During this month the students attended a seminar in Phnom Pehn at the Best Center. The main topic was about the Present Decision for the Future Result (How to choose the Right Partner) and it was taught by our very own director Darat Run.

We also had another seminar in the city of Battambang on Leadership where our brother Phanat is working with more bible students and starting a new congregation. It was very uplifting to everyone and we learned some good ideas and concepts.

We are expecting Wes and another group to come visit us in June to teach and begin a girls camp for spiritual maturity in girls. We look forward to that very much. (See Wes’ Report Notes below).

We thank everyone involved with the work in Cambodia as we strive to do God’s will.

IBISR Staff - Darat Run, Piseth Rin, Pros Rok, Vannak Yeng


Excerpts from From Wes Autrey Report - Coordinator

I returned home from a recent stay in Cambodia of about 3 weeks.  I traveled with Wayne Burger, who is a preacher, teacher, evangelist, and everything good in between kind of servant for God, Wayne taught for a week on Hermeneutics.  The new students, staff, members of the church, and a group from Battambang City learned a great deal from Waynes wisdom and teaching skills.

 I stayed a week longer after Wayne returned home and taught a morning class on How We Got The Bible and afternoon class on English.  It is a joy to teach eager minds that want to learn.

Both of our new directors are working hard to make this a better than ever school.  Taking on new responsibilities and learning management skills that they have never performed before.  Both Darat and Piseth are up to the task as we had multiple meetings involving student management, curriculum, money management and staff responsibilities.  Please keep these young men and their families in your prayers as they face many obstacles in leading the school and influencing the lost souls in and around the Siem Reap area

 My next trip will be in June, and I am happy to be traveling with my wife, daughter and mom along with Tyler King. Tyler is a recent Bear Valley Bible Institute graduate and current BV staff member.  He will be teaching class to the men and also be training them how to weld in the evenings.  Tyler is a multi-talented young man who will inspire the students in Cambodia.

Attached are a few photos that speak more than my words. I hope they inspire you to live faithfully until He comes again - so that we may all be His family in Heaven.

God bless all of you and your love for the kingdom of God.

Wes Autrey  - Coordinator Cambodia Bible School

Posted on April 11, 2019 .

Christian Evidences taught in the Philippines

Cebu students (2).jpg

It was again my joy and honor to teach the outstanding students in Cebu, Philippines. Under the leadership of Director Neil Emperado, this school, and its students, has continued to improve every month. It has been enjoyable to witness the improvement every time I am back.

This month the course was Christian Evidences, and we studied evidences for the existence of God, the reliability of the bible’s Divine inspiration, and proofs to believe the biblical account of the resurrection. Most of the students did very well, with three of them doing better than almost any student ever has. One student went home and immediately began teaching a class study on Christian Evidences for the church where he preaches. That’s what it’s all about!

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Tremendous progress in Zimbabwe


March has not been a pleasant month for Zimbabwe due to the devastating effects of Cyclone Idai. This cyclone left a trail of destruction. Over 200 lost their lives. Homes, infrastructure and sources of livelihood were also destroyed. Despite this sad event, the training of students continued at BVBIZ as follows;


BVBZ was blessed to have David Walker from the 12th -28th of March. David comes from Coalmont Church of Christ in Tennessee, U.S.A.  Besides staying with the students, sleeping where they sleep, eating what they eat, walking on foot to and from town, David taught the books of 1 & 2 Corinthians and 1 & 2 Thessalonians.  Students also benefited from clothes that he made available for themDavid lectured some time back at the School of Biblical Studies in Jos, Nigeria and was happy to interact with some of his former students who are now teachers at BVBIZ.


Evangelism continued in the month of March. Students have continued to visit various areas within Gweru. The places include places around Nashville, Mkoba 12, Mkoba 4, Ascot and MSU. There are congregations within these areas. This is done every Saturday and then on Sunday, the students will meet with the congregation. Some of the students had an opportunity of moving around with David Walker as they spread the Word around Mambo and Ascot.


Due to a number of factors, BVBIZ has been forced to forego its April break.  Students will start their second year first term on the second of April. This has largely been necessitated by the developments taking place at the permanent site and the field practicum that shall commence from mid-June to late August. More visits need to be made at the site and this will be uninterrupted by classes as students will be away during field program serve for the follow-ups that will be done. The following subjects are going to be taught.

Church History

Wisdom Literature 2

Marriage and Family Development

Greek 1

Church Leadership

Advanced Homiletics

Gospel of John, 1, 2, and 3 John

Christian Spiritual Formation


Cabbages that were planted in December were sold along the month. Though planted on a small area, students were able to benefit from the knowledge they acquired in raising cabbages..  A few cabbages have been left out for the students’ subsistence. Tomatoes have now been planted on the land to replace the sold cabbages.


Many things are happening at BVBIZ especially at the site. The following developments took place in March;

·         A topographical map showing the school’s boundaries has been made.

·         Drilling of a 60metre borehole by Healing Hands International on the 4th of March with a capacity of producing over 10000 litres of water per hour.

·         Installation of a solar pump and its related solar system to pump water into a 5000 litre tank through the efforts of Healing Hands International.

·         A 9 (nine) meter long hole for a pit latrine (commonly referred to as blair toilet in Zimbabwe has been dug). It has a depth of 3 metres. Construction of its walls to be done later if funds are available.

·         A security cabin measuring 3m x 4.5 m made of precast panels has been put up.

·         Materials for the construction of the first structures were in the process of being put together when the month ended. The first structures would allow BVBIZ to relocate to this site.

At the end of this report, are pictures showing some of the above


At BVIBZ, we are very grateful to God who has enabled us to go this far. In March we were amazed by the pace that things were going especially at the school’s site. This could not be possible without the sponsors who have stood in the gap for BVBIZ (Ezekiel 22.30). Thank you for the funds and encouragements we continually receive.

Mathew Muchingam

Director, BVBI-Z

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

32 baptized in Cameroon

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Cameroon. It is always great to stop by and to say hello to you for all that you do for the work here. We are fine although still in the crisis but our God is still sitting on the throne. Thanks for your prayers so far and keep your prayers going up to God.

I am pleased to report to you the very first mission work from the EPSILON batch as they just returned from their first mission work in 20 different villages and towns. The van was available to take some students to a reasonable distance with tracts from Mission Printing and some Bibles for new converts. Thanks for the presence of the van that is helping to transfer more students at a time. THE FIELD IS RIPE BUT LABOURERS ARE FEW  so this is a great tool to help in our evangelistic efforts.

Where motor bikes cannot go and where vans cannot continue, students will carry tracks on their heads and trek long distances because souls are important. We do all that is in our power to preach so as to eliminate all excuses.

Our students are so zealous! They penetrate villages and they meet villagers still in their very primary harbor like this one. But, in these very enclaved villages, the people will still open their hearts as well as their doors of their houses to still listen to the gospel. We want all ears to hear the truth.

The students returned with joy because God added 32 souls precious to the Church who will be worshiping the various congregations they are around. There was also a total of 26 restorations. We have discovered that the crisis has affected the many areas because the number of restored Christians has reduced drastically since we started in 2011 because we are able to fill up empty pulpits with trained preachers less Christians are falling away. The crisis has displaced many people so that now some have move into areas where they could not identify find the church. Backsliding therefore is also an aspect the church is suffering from as a result of the crisis. We are doing our best to establish congregations in as many new places as possible as well as help congregations and displaced members find each other. Please pray for our country. We have been neglected by the international communities and our neighbors.


I am invited to speak in a lectureship in the French speaking part of Cameroon in the north. I will be speaking on “CHILDREN OF GOD AND SUFFERING.” Please keep me and my wife in your prayers as it is a very long distance to make it there.

We shall soon be back in our west coast mission.


Thank you for helping in the many ways you are helping this work. If not of you, it would not have been possible. God brought you for a purpose. Keep up the good work. His reward is sure.

Do your best to share with our reports with others.

Elangwe and family,

By His grace director BVBIC - Wotutu

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Upcoming plans in Lima, Peru


The BVBI - Peru concluded the course "Personal Evangelism" with Brother Andres Nuñes, and at the same time let us know that we will begin this Saturday the "Homiletics 1" course with Abraham Alata. With this course we would be closing our first semester.


On March 2, the students of the institute had the opportunity to participate in an evangelistic activity in the Church of Christ the Crown - Pachacamac, we had a very profitable day visiting the community, encouraging them to study the bible and visit the church. Some 250 houses were visited, we had 10 studies with 18 people and 3 contacts were won interested in continuing to study the bible.

The students experienced evangelism as a group for the first time and as a prelude to the "personal evangelism" course. The church greatly appreciates the support received.


Our first Biblical Conference scheduled for April 18 - 19 is near and we have everything almost ready: teachers, literature, advertising and evangelistic brochures, t-shirts and banners. The conference is about the book of Philippians "prisoners of joy", we want to set a precedent for future events of this nature and take the opportunity to continue publicizing the institute among the brotherhood. We ask for your prayers for this event to be a success for the glory of God.


Juan and Abraham

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

First ever "Study Abroad" student goes to Fiji

April 2, 2019 Fiji Update of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa

The 2019 1st Term of the Bible Institute at Raiwaqa is about over.  We are down to the final two weeks of our long courses.  We have 12 students in the program this term.  Semi and Lency went through the graduation line in November of last year, but both have a few classes left to finish up their studies.  We had 4 returning students and 5 new students. 

We have been privileged to host Bear Valley’s first study abroad student, Kaleb Cutter.  Kaleb is a 2nd Year student at Bear Valley Bible Institute, Denver from California.  He is taking the last term of his program here in Fiji and will return at the close of our short courses to graduate in Denver.  He is a real joy to have in our program.

Our new students have been taking English Comp 1.  Emosi, our new teacher, has just about completed  teaching his first course on the Life of Christ and is doing a superb job.  Jason completed a class on Preparation and delivery of sermons and is now teaching a class on the Backgrounds of Early Christianity.  I am currently teaching a class on the Christian Home after having finished a class on the Pentateuch.

One thing that is different is that we have four female students in the program this year.  Most are wives of students who graduated last year.  It is difficult for some of the wives to attend at the same time as their husbands because of the need for one to look after the children. Tupou, the wife of Semi, is attending the program so that she can be better equipped to teach children’s classes at the Naila Church of Christ.  Her husband, Semi, graduated last year and has been charged with overseeing the Bible school program at Naila.  He teaches the older youth and she the younger. Nancy is the wife of Emosi, who was our top student last year and now teaches in the school.  Nancy also teaches a regular children’s class at the Raiwaqa Church of Christ.  Moira is the wife of Peter, who also graduated last year.  She is one of the teachers in the Bible school program at Raiwaqa.  Peter currently is in charge of the Bible school program at Raiwaqa and serves as the financial officer for the school.  The last woman in our program is Jacinta who is married to Lesio.  Lesio is currently being considered for an elder at the Raiwaqa congregation.  He has taken a two year sabbatical from his work in order to go through the program so that he can be a better elder.  His wife teaches one of the children’s classes at Raiwaqa. 

We will highlight some of the men in the next update.   

Rocco Pierce

Director, BVBI-F

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Evangelism in Zambia


March 2019

Greetings to you all Brothers and Sisters in the Lord! 

We are always humbled and thankful to God for the great privilege He has given to us to work for Him. Once again it’s that time we make a report on what has emerged at BVBI-Zambia.

It has been another busy month both for students and Teachers as we just concluded the third quarter, the students have gone on a two week break and when they return they will be completing their first year of studies at BVBI-Zambia. It is indeed unbelievable that time is running so fast and these students have grown both physically, mentally and spiritually. The vivid example of this, their busy month of studies have also turned in good evangelism which has resulted in five souls added to the Lords Church. We are so excited to announce the spiritual births of Matha Mwape, Izukanji Ngosa, Patricia Banda, Innocent Lukwesa and Patrick Banda. Inocent was one of the strong holder of Denomination teaching called Seventh Day Adventist and he finally surrendered to the true teaching of the Lord’s Church. Please pray for these souls as we continue to grow and share God’s loving words. 

On the other development Kenny Kondowe a student at BVBI-Zambia who just relocated from Ndola to Luanshya fourteen months ago. According to him, Kenny was not a very active member of the church while he was in Ndola. But when he met Brother Cephas and started going to Mikomfwa and enrolling in the school, he has become active to the church. He is also active and committed to his studies here at BVBI-Zambia. He is the oldest student in class and he is not letting his age to impede his studies. He is very studious and remains committed to complete what he has started. Kenny’s intention is to go back to Ndola and strengthen the Church in His area upon graduation. This can also be spoken concerning all the students that we have at present. They are all equal to the task.  The one word that can be highlighted in all this is growth. 

As indicated in our previous communiqué most of our students attend their Church services in Mikomfwa and Luanshya Central congregations while they are here at school. But we have other students who opt to go back to their respective congregations every other week for their Church services. And to this end, we have kept on receiving very good reports each week from their leaders concerning the steady progress that these students have made in their preaching, presiding on the Lord’s Table and leading in singing. They are even able to lead a profitable Bible study. 

As mentioned in our past report the National Youth Conference for Churches of Christ is fast approaching. The Institute is invited and Brother Fred Kanangu will be speaking during the conference. There will be evangelism going on at this meeting and the Institute Administration is expected to give guidance on the process of application and enrolment. Brother Cephas Mwamba and Kennedy Mukuka will be in-charge of this process. We look forward to this meeting that starts on 19th April 2019 and ends on 22nd April, 2019.

We continue to be very grateful to the Woodland Oaks Church of Christ for the continued support of the work here, and the Bear Valley Bible Institute at Large. Without which the work that the school is involved in this part of the world would be very difficult to accomplish. Moreover, all your efforts and prayers for the work are highly appreciated. We rejoice with heaven.


Cephas and Fred

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Annual lectureship in Nigeria

Beloved in Christ,

Greetings from  staff and students of Bear Valley Bible Institute Nigeria & Southwest School of Evangelism, Ibadan and my fellow WBSFUW in Southern part of Nigeria.

Below is the summary of our activities for the month of March 2019:
i) Evangelism in Jago 1 & 2 and Butubutu village- Oyo state and Ikoyi and Ikire-Osun state
ii) Third Semester Classes begins.
iii) 17th Annual Leadership Seminar, a great success.
iv) Agricultural Seminar by Healing Hands International. Kenya

The staff and students of BVBIN & SWSE,Ibadan and fellow WBSFUW in Western States of Nigeria are very busy in evangelizing their community, most especially  Jago 1 & 2 and Butubutu village of Ona-Ara Local Government ,Oyo state and Ikoyi and Bale Ayo of Osun state throughout the Saturdays in the month of March 2019 and the Lord crowned our joint effort with a convert in Jago on March 21 and three convers in Bale Ayo in Osun State on March 24,2019.

Our third semester classes begins as scheduled on March 18 and we shall be closing on May 10,2019, Lord’s willing .Our instructors for this semester are Bro.Isaac Olaniyan, Bro.Abiola Joseph Olusoji, Bro. Gbenga Ojo, Bro .Emmanuel Godwin, Bro.Silas Guda , Bro.Kayode Solomon Eniafe, and myself- Bro.Makinde Ebens.
4. 17th ANNUAL LEADERSHIP SEMINAR: This year annual leadership seminar held in our main campus at Doug Wheeler Event Center was attended by over 100 brethren from 13 States of the federation and from over 50 congregations. Over 30,000 of our local tracts and ten gospel booklets from Mission Printing International were freely distributed with 315 Bibles to all the participants..We thank you all for your partnership and support. Most especially we appreciates the financial support from Bro.Steven Ashcraft and associates and that of Bro. Chad Wagner and associates for the fund raised for us to purchased Bibles.

5.  AGRIC SEMINAR : The resource person for the one day Agric Seminar, Bro.Ebenezer Udofia of Healing Hands International, Kenya arrived Ibadan city on Thursday evening. The one day Agric Seminar centered on How to raise Poultry and Piggery farm .The seminar started as early as 8.30am and come to an end by 1.30pm. 68 brethren from 13 States and 60 congregations participate in the seminar.

6. ABOUT A STUDENT: Bro. Samson Paul is one of our Year 2 students. Born in the year 2001 at Ibadan. And presently serving as our Campus Minister. His mission is to be one of the competent ministers of God within and outside Nigeria.

7. SPECIAL ACCOMPLISHMENT: With the help of the Almighty God, coupled with the supports of Brother Steven Ashcraft and that of Brother Chad Wagner, we were able to provide a two meal per day from Monday through Wednesday and 3 meals on Thursday and Friday for all the participants in the just concluded 17th Annual Leadership Seminar 2019 at BVBN and SWSE, Ibadan and 315 Bibles freely shared plus 10 carton of Mission Printing International booklets and tracts.

8. OTHER COMMENTS: Lord’s willing, we are starting the BVBN degree programme on April 1 through 12,2019 at our main campus in Butubutu, Ibadan. The first two speakers for April classes are Brother Isaac Olaniyan who will be handling Research Method-1 from April 1-5 and myself, Brother Makinde Ebens who will be teaching Fundamentals of Faith -1 from April 8 through to 12, 2019. Presently, 15 gospel ministers /our graduates across the country have indicated interest in the training.
Also, I taught in Onikokoro-Ibadan congregation on Favouritism Forbidden  on March 3, Faith in Action on March 10, Control your Tongue on March 17 and Controlling your passions, lust, and desires.All from the book of James under the theme ,Practical Christianity. Average attendance is 40 with average contribution of N4,000=.

9. CONCLUSION : We thank you all for your partnership and love. May the Lord keep on blessing all our work together in Jesus Christ name (Amen).

Sincerely His & Yours……MAKINDE Ebenezer  Olufemi (Director of Studies, BVBIN & SWSE-IBADAN and WBSFUW)

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Rain needed in Tanzania

Greetings friends,

Grace and peace to you all.  Here's the latest from Tanzania Missions.

The farm is still awaiting badly needed rains.  Not only for the sake of the school, but for people across Tanzania, please pray that the Lord will send a healthy rainy season soon.

However, God is still providing a spiritual harvest.  Our brother David Bayi reports that there have been four baptisms and a restoration recently at the Kioga church.  May God continue to give increase.

We are grieved to mention the passing of two individuals close to the mission.  First, we send our sympathies to the family of Ken Upchurch, who passed away earlier this month.  Ken was a tremendous friend to the work, and an enthusiastic encourager to missionaries.  I have very fond memories of him, as I'm sure that many of you do as well.  He will be missed.

We also give prayers of comfort for our brother Ishmael who recently lost his son, Paul.  Ishmael keeps the books for the farm, and has proven to be a valuable worker.  May God be with both of these good families.  

Till all have heard,
Daniel Gaines

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

An update from Nepal

Nepal Center for Biblical Study

Lalitpur, Nepal

March 2019

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.


We had Brother Jerry Bates and Sister Paula Bates from USA. We had three days of Bible seminar from March 12th -14th. Fifty people were participated on the seminar. He presented nine lessons.

Churches visited

Soon after Bible seminar I traveled for 11 days of visiting different churches at mountain. People began to construct their houses. Some of the places have completed their homes. I have added some pictures of the houses.

Three weeks of holidays

We will begin our three weeks of short holidays from March 29th –April 19th. We will revisit with our graduated students for recruitment in this holiday camp. 

Thank you all of your prayer, support, love and guidance.

I will sent you another report in next month.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Souls saved in Malawi

Malawi 2.jpg

Bear Valley Bible Institute - Ekwendeni

March Report

 Great joy! We are glad to share the joy we have as a Bear Valley Bible institute – Ekwendeni (Malawi). The Lord is still using the school to keep the gospel reaching more souls. Within the period of one month, students have baptized 7 souls around Ekwendeni. We also have good news from Brother Saliwa Nkosi one of the former students from our school. He challenged one prominent member of Presbyterian who has been a member of this denomination since 1976. But when she met our former student, whom I nicknamed him as a weapon of mass destruction as far as preaching door to door is concerned, she didn’t resist the power of the gospel to save her. She is our sister in Christ now! This happened on Sunday as brother Saliwa was on his way to worship and the denomination member was also on her way to worship, it happened just as it was with Philip and the Eunuch in Acts chapter 8. Instead of proceeding to worship God unacceptably she changed her mind and was baptized, at the same time asked the preacher man to allow her go to worship with the Christian family, tthe Lord’s church. He, has baptized 3 souls in total this month. What a joy to share! The gospel truly is the power to save – Romans 1:16. As we are rejoicing, we know full well that there’s great joy in heaven, for one soul saved.


As we are cruising to the end of our first semester, many courses have so far being taught. So far 9 courses have been taught. In two weeks time, we are hosting Brother Navie Theu again to teach Hebrew History this time as short course. We are always happy to have him teach. He is such a good teacher. More to this we are very proud of our students who are always ready to learn and demonstrate a Christ like spirit. The student’s reputation is all over Ekwendeni congregations for their zeal to teach and preacher to the lost souls.


We are more than happy to share our joy over the saved souls this period of one month. Due to hard working spirit of our student, using their weekend time, have managed to lead 7 souls to Christ and some more restored to Christ, while brother Saliwa Nkosi our former graduate has shared us the good news that he has baptized 3 souls.  We give glory and praise to God for the job done. We are also reaching to some young congregations with communion cups, trays and Bibles in local language. Brother Dale Kastner a missionary in the central region of Malawi gave us Bibles in local language of Chitumbuka to be given to poor village Christians who could be able to memorize all the books of the Bible as a condition to have one for free. This has also helped to put the name of the school on the map.

We are very thankful to Bear Valley International for your many prayers and support! We still need your involvement. On our own, we could not reach where we are. Help us praying for transport, as we need a car of a van type to use it going preaching door to door as the potential is high. We have requested to go and strengthen young congregations in some areas in our district and beyond. We have one place where we have also been called to plant a church but transport is a challenge. We believe God is able and God will help us what we “need” not what we want!

The song of the month, “Lead me to some soul to-day; o teach, me Lord just what to say; friends of mine are lost in sin, and cannot find their way. Few they are who seem to care, and few they are who pray; melt my heart and fill my life: give me one soul to-day.” The one who wins soul is wise! Rise up and join us reach many. Eternity is Forever, Think Souls!

In His service,

Ephron and Clergynton

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

ITL Lectureship is a success

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the lectureship at Instituto Teologico Latinoamericano (ITL) in Guatemala City, Guatemala. It was my pleasure to attend the President’s banquet and also the lectureship. Hawathia Jones and Byron Benitez, both Bear Valley alumni, have been in Guatemala City for 19 years and have done untold good in that time.

The lectureship was outstanding, with excellent topics and a through exposition of 1 John. A number of speakers were from the U.S. and did a great job with their passages. The lectureship was very well attended and I am confident all benefited greatly from having attended.

Posted on March 26, 2019 .

A new class in Liberia


Everyone connected to Bear Valley in Liberia extends their sincere greetings to you and appreciate you for all you are doing for the Lord in this part of the world. 

1st Quarter Completed

We are happy to inform you that our second batch of students just completed the 1st quarter lesson for the 1st year program. The quarter went well with all the staff playing their parts very well and our remaining 23 students taking nothing for granted. Beside their class room work, they were involved with weekends evangelism in the communities around the school . The month of February has been very successful so far.


Our second batch are also introduced to the studies of agriculture as it was with the first set of students and they are taking it very serious. They are preparing the ground for the upcoming rainy season as seen in the photos.


We appreciate highly your continued support and prayers for this work in Liberia. With all the economic challenges in this part of the world, we are still grateful that with your help we are able to do the Lord's will. We won't have don't this work without your involvements. Thank you so much for your love for God and your desires to see His will on earth be done.

Thank You,

Your Brother For Christ Sake,

Robert P. Dahn, Jr.

Director-Bear Valley Bible Institute- Liberia

Posted on March 26, 2019 .