More graduates in Chimala


The 2017 graduate Swahili Program students began school in January 2016 at CBI with a number of 22, however, five of them quit after the first semester.

Their school program was that seven weeks they were in class and one week they were out doing evangelism campaign. Until now five congregations have asked five graduates to be their preachers, because they have seen how great job they a doing. This schedule was followed throughout their entire school program.  Plus one entire month of evangelism campaign with WBS – Gospel Chariot

During these campaigns they would visit several villages to work with congregations.  Their work involved door knocking, handing out lessons, visiting the sick and those who fallen away.  The purpose for all these was to equip the students with knowledge from formal sources (books) and to train them how to do the actual job of an evangelist in a actual environment.


In every congregation where they have worked, the students have left a great impact. First on the church by stimulating the spirit of evangelism because theywould usually use the local church members to walk around with them.  Second, to the village whom they preached to because apart from the great numbers of baptisms that have resulted from these campaigns. The message of Christ has reached more new ears, like in a village called Maninga -- a place in Mbozi where they never knew the church existed, have heard the good news.  Others are Utambalila, Bara, Ikonya, Isakajoni in Shinyanga, Matamba Tukuyu all these are new churches due to these efforts.

In previous years a two year campaign normally resulted in 400 baptism to 500 baptisms but for 2016 – 2017 more then 1000 souls where added to the church.  In 2016 alone, 720 souls were added due to campaigns and seminars which were held monthly.

Joseph Haonga, 

Director, Chimala Bible Institute

Posted on October 11, 2017 .