Graduation in Chimala

The Chimala Bible Institute celebrated graduation on Friday, November 4, 2017. There were 16 graduates from all over southern and eastern Tanzania. Richard Rogers spoke at the graduation and it was well attended. Several of the area congregations were able to attend the graduation and support and encourage the new graduates. In fact, there were over 200 in attendance at the graduation!

Joseph Haonga, CBI director, wrote: "It was an historical graduation is what most of the people said. Their reason was the attendance. We invited all congregations around Chimala and any one out of Chimala who afford to come was free, and the graduates were allowed to invite their preachers families and friends as they can. The were more than 200 people attended, and the blessing gifts to the graduates and staffs was great.  And they promised to work for the Lords Church and giving great cooperation with CBI and all congregations.  We thank the one who gave it was very great encouragement to all who witnessed that great event.  The graduates were very thankful all to the school to provides suits for them as you see they were very fun and amazing.  We appreciate all the supporters. "

We are praying to God to bless all who made this to happen and may He continue to make this being happening forever and ever Amen.




Posted on November 8, 2017 .