13 earn their Masters degree


Recently, at the Chimala Bible Institute in southern Tanzania, we were blessed to have a class of students from three different countries! There were students from Tanzania, Malawi and Zambia. Thirteen masters level students gathered for a month-long of classes during the month of November 2018. There were four classes taught. Chad Wagner taught the first two classes and Gary Fallis taught last two classes.  

At the end of the courses, the students graduated from the Bear Valley masters program with their degrees. The students have been going through a serious level of classes for the last several years in this study which culminated in the graduation ceremony. Gary Fallis was in attendance for the ceremony where the degrees were given. 

Those students came from a great variety of backgrounds: some were preachers and church planters, one ran a radio program, two operate and teach at a bible school, and many other very worthy roles for the Kingdom of God. 

It was a pleasure teaching those students and getting to know them and their works even better. We now commit them to God and will continue to pray for them in the Lord's work. 

Until all have heard,

Chad Wagner

Posted on December 18, 2018 .