334 baptisms so far this year in Chimala

Hello broters I greet you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

First of all we thank God the Creator for His mercy, love, and grace. On behalf of CBI team I would like to give the short semester reports as follows :

According to the follow up from the graduates I have made from January until now real they have done great job 253 people have been baptized and 34 restorations . This has come very good and great encouragement to the work you are Supporting here at Chimala mission thanks a lot. 

As a result of weekend evangelism we have 32 baptisms, and 57 restorations; from students reports on their June vocation, we have 30 baptisms and 9 restoration; and from June seminars we have 11 baptisms. At the Gospel Chariot campaigns which we started on Tuesday this week we are at the fourth day today we have 8 baptisms.

This makes the TOTAL RESULTS to be 334 baptisms and 100 restorations.

As a continuation of Gospel Chariot campaigns  next week will be at Kapunga, Mapangala, Kimani,  Ngonga and finally at Border kyela on September 2 the last day ready to go back Malawi. 

We invite your prayers and supports.


Joseph Haonga, Director CBI

Posted on August 1, 2018 .