39 baptisms in Chimala!

Greetings! Hello brothers I’m very glad to give thanks for your prayers and support of Lord’s work, here is a report for this month in different areas.

First we had a trip l and Frank to Kyela for Gospel Chariot Campaign and visiting Mwangonde family for encouragement.  After sharing the information about the campaign the church said they will meet and discuss them they will let us know.

On May 14 we went at Chimala A Church of Christ with Peter, Lenkos, James, Xavier, Frank and I to talk with the church about a preacher misunderstanding, but we did not have our planned meeting because one of the preachers went another place for Sunday. When we discussed their problems and the conclusion was the church decided to stop their position as the congregation’s preacher and having a time for choosing another for a while.  The church appreciated very much for CBI caring them and bring the comfort and unit to the congregation because the situation was not good to them most of the time, but they believe the steps we suggested will help them.

On 16 of May I , Lenkos, and Ezekiel we travelled to Chamwino Dodoma and met there with brothers from Temeke, Dar es Salaam, to solve the problem of Sadala with the Congregation.  We thank God we had a great day and wonderful meeting with the Church, after the whole day having information from both side. Sadala asked forgiveness to the church and he said all of the problems were caused by him instead of being a good advisor he became trouble maker. Now, he decided to change and co-operate with the church and he was ready to bring back church registration, the church’s Lord’s Supper trays and every thing he took from the church to his house.  Yesterday I received the call from Chamwino that he did on Sunday every thing as he promised the congregation. We thank God that unity and fellowship is alive and well in Tanzania.

On Friday may 19 – 21 we had a wonderful meeting with Mbozi preachers I, Peter Kamatula and Naaman we were teaching about Obeying the authority, economy and preaching methods.  Really we had good time exchanging ideas and bringing our unity together for helping the churches to grow and being strong.  After finishing the three days, all asked to have that kind of meeting for one week so we could go deeply in every thing because the things we covered it seems are most of them hindering the work to go forward.

On of the way, I am making following to the students locations and what they are doing when they are back homes.  I found some of them doing a great job in the Lord’s Kingdom.  One of them is Yakobo. He is preaching and he had baptized 4 people. Another by the name Fredrick is doing great and wonderful job at Isakajoma at Shinyanga region near by Mwanza region he accompanied with Joseph and worked hard. Twenty-nine people obeyed the Gospel by being born again into the Lord’s Kingdom. Also, reports from the Radio program was that 4 souls were added to the church, one at Mengele and one at Matebete.

Really even the angels at heaven are very happy to witness 39 souls to be added in the heavenly Kingdom.  Let us continue praying for their souls to grow and glorify our Creator.


Posted on May 30, 2017 .