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Upcoming lectureship in Nepal

Nepal Center for Biblical Study

July  2019

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

Our regular teaching at classes

We have almost finished our curriculum. This month brother Jerry review classed from different topics: (1) Lesson and sermon preparation & presentation (2) How to interpret the scriptures rightly (3) How to teach the Bible to the Hindu and denomination people? (4) How to mature individual and local congregation.  I was repeating New Testament books on Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians, 1, 2 and 3 John. Arun was reviewing books of Pentateuch. This month sister Sunita came to the school and gave lessons of series to only our lady students. All of her lessons were based on "Fundamental truths of Christianity".


We were thinking to do one more campaign before our graduation. But, due to heavy rain fall, mud slide, land slide, and damages of the road, we planned not to do any campaign till graduation. We are locally visiting different congregations within Kathmandu valley. We will do one campaign after graduation.

Local evangelism

Every week we take our current students in two different local congregations beside school building worship service. Two of the current male students are given opportunity to give sermon and lessons on the local congregations every Sunday worship. While there are women's classes most of our female students are giving classes and lessons. Twice in a month we had women's Bible study and men and Women combined Bible study. We studied book of Ephesians in our combined groups of study in July. Four of teachers presented their short lessons from Ephesians and we had discussions. Women had chosen their study book from book 1, 2 & 3 John. Six of the ladies prepared and presented their 20 minutes of lessons and had final groups' discussions conclusion.


We are beginning our preparation work for lectureship and graduation on the month of September 24th-26th September 2019. Beside of this preparation we are translating Voice of Truth International into the Nepali language.

Thank you all of your prayer, love, suggestions and guidance.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar




Posted on August 12, 2019 .

8 baptized in Nepal

Nepal Center for Biblical Study

April – June,  2019

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

Vacation camp

We are doing well in the kingdom of God at Kathmandu. We had finished our three weeks of holiday on the month of April. We had time to encourage our graduated students with their home congregations. Total eight new souls were added in the Church. Most of our graduated students are doing their hard work in the vine yard of the Lord. Possibly we will get some new students from their areas for the next class. We did had ladies classes in three different congregations. Rejina, and our current lady students had opportunity to teach other ladies in our vacation camp.

Regular classes

We are doing well in our regular classes at school. We are repeating our Old Testament and New Testament books. Brother Jerry is taking classes in different topics from the Bible.


If things are going smoothly, we will do our lectureship and graduation for this group of students in the last week of September month.

Voice of Truth International

We have finished our translation and proof reading of VOTI. We will print out in this month. Another volume will be print on the month of October.

Thank you all of your prayer, support, love and guidance.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar


Posted on July 10, 2019 .

An update from Nepal

Nepal Center for Biblical Study

Lalitpur, Nepal

March 2019

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.


We had Brother Jerry Bates and Sister Paula Bates from USA. We had three days of Bible seminar from March 12th -14th. Fifty people were participated on the seminar. He presented nine lessons.

Churches visited

Soon after Bible seminar I traveled for 11 days of visiting different churches at mountain. People began to construct their houses. Some of the places have completed their homes. I have added some pictures of the houses.

Three weeks of holidays

We will begin our three weeks of short holidays from March 29th –April 19th. We will revisit with our graduated students for recruitment in this holiday camp. 

Thank you all of your prayer, support, love and guidance.

I will sent you another report in next month.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Upcoming seminar in Nepal

Respected brothers in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

We are doing well in our Bible study programs. We are having our normal regular classes at the month of January and February 2019. Our current students are doing their best in their study. Besides of our classes we are having regular ladies Bible study with in different congregations of Kathmandu valley. Our ladies students present their lessons to the ladies. We are happy with their spiritual growth and maturity.

Our formal students are serving faithfully in the kingdom of God. We are always glad to hear their good news from their congregations. Please kindly remember them in your regular prayers.

This month we did lots of preparation for lectureship at March 11-14, 2019. Brother Jerry Bates and Sister Paula Bates are visiting us. We are planning to invite our graduated students and preachers from different parts of Nepal and India. Please kindly remember us in your prayer for fruitful Bible study.

Thank you all of your prayer, support, love and guidance.

I will sent you another report in next month.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar 

Posted on March 12, 2019 .

Special days in Nepal

Respected brother in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

We are extremely sorry for late reporting from our school. We began our new class from November 2017. We have nine students now.  We have finished our one year Bible study from the books of the entire Bible. Brother Jerry Golphenee had taken books of the Old Testament. Brother Arun and Gajendra had taken books of the New Testament. If the Lord willing our next graduation will be on September 2019.

Lectureship: There was a lectureship in our school on 20th-23rd of March 2018. We had lessons from books of Ephesians and Colossians. We had nearly fifty people were gathered in our class. Our graduated students and preachers were taken classes. 

Ladies seminar: I would like to write brief report about our school activities during last six months.  We had a ladies Bible seminar from June 12-15 of 2018. We had 50+ ladies were participated. We had chosen study books from 1, 2 & 3 John. Many ladies were encouraged from lessons.

Youth camp: We had a Bible study with small numbers of youth's groups in this year. 16-19 of October 2018 were the date of youth camp.  All of our graduated students took class. We enjoyed our classes.

Holiday: we began our five weeks of long holiday from 12th of October 2018. We will start our class from 19th of November 2018. School students and staffs are planning to visit some of our graduated student's home congregations for Bible study, recruiting students for next classes. 

We have Rs. 28,00,000/- (Twenty eight lakhs Rupees)  money from Healing hand international for earthquake affected areas. We will distribute them from October- December of this year. We will use wisely and honestly for the benefit of the people.

Thank you for your love and concern.

Brother in Christ,

Gajendra Deshar  

Posted on October 30, 2018 .

My visit to Nepal and India

It was my pleasure to return to Kathmandu, Nepal after a 3 year absence. The last time I was there was only 5 weeks after the catastrophic earthquake they had suffered. Much has changed! In addition to rebuilding in the city, more importantly, the Nepal Center for Biblical Studies has a new facility to meet in and house the students. The building is also used to host various area wide church activities.

I was able to meet with Director, Gajendra Deshar, Arun Ree, and Jerry Golphenee regarding how the school is doing and also discuss plans for the future. Nepal is 95% Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim. Pray for our brethren ae have certainly have our work cut out for us.

After leaving Nepal I was able to visit the Visakha Bible College once again. I had been asked in advance to teach the students "Homiletics", which I always enjoy doing. I was impressed by the students! Their level of knowledge coupled with the complete attention was encouraging.

Also, I was blessed to be able to address the topic of "Leadership" to an area-wide meeting of preachers that exceeded 75 in attendance. There is a lot of good being done in and around this metropolis of several million souls.


Keith Kasarjian

Director, Bear Valley Extension Studies

Posted on April 24, 2018 .

Graduation in Nepal

Greetings to Brothers in the Kingdom:

Thank you for your generosity, the charitable and spiritual love that precedes your gifts, your prayers, and the hard work that is motivated by a heart of love and results in benefits to those in need, both spiritually and with the problems of life.

Earlier this month we had the graduation program for our six students.  It included a four-day Lectureship.  Over 100 people attended the classes and celebrated with us. Gajendra, Arun, and I met Monday to discuss a 2-3 week campaign trip to re-evaluate the current earthquake needs and to incorporate 2-3 days of Bible classes at various areas.  Unfortunately we can also add Flood Damage to the natural disasters from which people are suffering.  At the present time we have 18 village congregations in 4 districts that top the priority list. 

100% of the funds will be given for [a] rebuilding homes of Christians, and [b] repair of damage to meeting halls [church buildings].  The campaign trip begins on Friday, October 6.  I will return on October 19.  Gajendra and Arun will continue to a Nepal village on the border with Darjeeling, India.  There is rebellion in the India tea plantation area resulting in violence.  Gajendra's wife is from this area.  We have graduate students here and we work with a few congregations in the middle of this dangerous area. 

They hope to visit these villages if ... IF ... it is safe, which will be determined when they get close.  They will return to Kathmandu on October 23.  Final decisions regarding amounts sent to each area will be made once we are back in Kathmandu.  The funds will be sent bank-to-bank in early November.  This is after a national holiday time where cultural customs present temptations that may deflect the focus on the immediate want rather than on the long term need. 

We have selected the books of James and Philippians as the theme of our spiritual lessons.  The local leaders are to have their members read these books three times before we arrive.  The teachers need to come prepared.  The audience needs to come prepared!  Each class day will have six lessons ... 3 in the AM, 2 after lunch, and 1 evening devotional.  Each selected district village will have 2 or 3 days of lessons.  Some of our graduate students will teach a few lessons in their local areas.  A beautiful lesson is taught when the audience sees their example of progress in Biblical knowledge, understanding, and maturity.  The foreigner can't teach that much needed lesson and provide the purity of that encouragement. 

Although the bus rides and some of the beds may be less than desirable, we are looking forward to our time with our sisters and brothers. I began by saying Thank You.  Realism teaches us all that there will never be enough funds, supplies, or workers for earthquake/flood relief or for spiritual needs.  However, we give thanks for what we have as we also give thanks for the sacrifices of those brothers and sisters we will never meet this side of heaven.  We give thanks to our God who gives us the eternal victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your fellow workers in Christ,

Jerry and Gajendra

Posted on September 26, 2017 .

Upcoming plans in Nepal

Greetings to everyone in the hope of our calling:

Friday of next week we are having graduation for our present students.  They began in November 2015.  The graduation is also highlighted by a lectureship from Monday through Thursday.  Jerry Bates will be teaching those classes.  His wife Paula will be assisted by Sunita in teaching classes for the ladies on Monday and Wednesday.  We expect about 100 guests from many parts of Nepal.  

Each year Nepal has a huge Hindu festival time spread over five weeks during late September to October.  Many things [maybe most things] either come to a complete stop or are greatly slowed down at this time.  It is centered on family and many people travel to their ancestral villages.  Nothing gets done.  Today it is about 20% religious and 80% cultural, maybe like Christmas is in the USA.

However, we try to make good use of this time.  We will have a five day Youth Camp that is very popular and will attract teens and early 20's from all over Nepal.  After that we will have campaign visits to many villages.  Our goals are to [a] teach, [b] evaluate needs [earthquake and recent floods], and [c] to encourage unity and fellowship within the brotherhood.  It is unwise to distribute any relief money until after this holiday festival.  Budgeting and wise use of money isnot a strong Nepali culture trait.  What we learn will help us to use the funds available in a more wise manner.  Our personal encouragement and discussions with church leaders will helpthem use the funds in a more appropriate way.  

September and October will be planning, setting priority goals, and discussing how to accomplish those goals with local leaders.  We anticipate distributing the majority of funds available in November and December.  They will be much more focused and serious about these matters after the holiday season.  

Tomorrow we will have a fellowship, classes, and lunch in my apartment.  The theme is centered on .....
Because Jesus Died For Me  ... I want to and need to respond in these ways. or how we should live each day.
Because Jesus Lives ...  with the message being the promise and hope we have for eternity.

Being in our new building is a tremendous blessing.  We are 100% moved in and functioning while still doing some of the finishing touches. 

Thank you for your love as expressed in your actions.  Thank you for the funds, for your prayers, as well as for the example of Christian commitment and compassion.

In service to God and to others, 

Jerry Golphenee

Posted on September 8, 2017 .

Lectureship in Nepal

Approximately fifty [50] Christian guests attended and participated in a four-day series of classes at our new building.  These preachers and Christian leaders, both male and female, came from various parts of Nepal plus the tea plantation area of India along the east Nepal border.  

One of our goals since opening Nepal Center For Biblical Study in January 2010 has been to increase the participation of Nepali Christian leaders.  Men who have graduated from NCBS taught about 50% of our classes, and the other half by our staff.  Classes during the first two days were combined classes of men and women.  The last two days included morning mixed classes and afternoon separate classes for ladies and classes for men.

The theme for our morning classes were as follows:

Tuesday:    Extending and Defending the Faith.  Evangelize the lost and mature the members.

Wednesday:   Unity and Fellowship leading to Cooperation and Growth. Divine Parentage joined with Faithful Maturing Children.

Thursday:  Christian Leadership … Elder = Pastor = Bishop  N.T. qualifications, responsibilities, and pattern

Friday:    Works … Deeds … Spiritual Fruit

In addition, the morning classes included instruction, scriptures, and guided audience discussion on the following denominational false teachings:

Salvation by faith only, Human Creeds and Traditions, Instrumental Music, Denominational Pastors

Speaking in tongues, Immersion verses Sprinkling, Women in the church, and  God’s Kindness and Severity

These meetings serve many benefits for the congregations all over Nepal and the border areas with India.  We are also aware of the valuable lesion we learn as a preaching school:

  1. We are motivated when we see the progress being made.
  2. We are motivated when we see how much still needs to be done.
  3. The love and fellowship that is shared also serves to motivate and encourage us.

These four days, with leaders from many parts of Nepal, also served to review the progress made pertaining to the 2015 earthquakes, and to appraise the current needs.  Our current goals focus on rebuilding destroyed and badly damaged meeting halls and personal homes.  $20,000.00 was given to accomplish these goals.  We are also better prepared to make wise use of whatever financial resources are available in the future.  There is a HUGE amount that still needs to be done. 

Please remember us in your prayers as we work to build up the Kingdom of Christ and to rebuild the devastation caused by the earthquake.

Your brothers,

Gajendra Deshar

Jerry Golphenee







Posted on June 22, 2017 .

A new building in Nepal!


After many months of planning, raising funds, and doing the 1,001 things necessary, we have happily and excitedly moved into our new school building.  It is built on our own property.  Not only are the facilities better and the location closer to an established congregation, we can also enjoy the other advantage of not paying rent, fully realizing there are responsibilities and expenses associated with being the owner.  We are 100% moved in while we will complete about 10% of some finishing touches.

The old building was vacated just before the six students went on their three-week holiday over the Nepali New Year [Mid-April].  This group of students will graduate in late September.  Some of their more difficult and challenging topics for class work greeted them upon their return.   The first class was Christian Evidences and the present challenge is The Revelation of John.  Considering the low literacy rate in Nepal, magnified by a school system that teaches reading to memorize without considering content or asking questions, the students are doing quite well.  Their exposure to critical reading to understand, asking questions, and searching for truth began in November 2015. 

In addition to the normal classes, a Saturday Ladies Bible Class was hosted and enjoyed by abut 12 Christian ladies.  Sunita did most of the teaching, assisted by Jerry giving a summary of each section and helping to answer questions.  They had some lively discussions and, as happens in most ladies classes, their enjoyment was obvious by the frequent laughter.  The students cooked and served lunch, and then did all the clean up. 

June 13-16 will be our first Lectureship with past graduates and other preachers invited.  Some of our graduates, selected Nepali preachers, and also some of our present students will present the morning classes.  Each afternoon Jerry will teach a class on fellowship, cooperation, and unity within the church.  In addition four denominational doctrines that are gaining popularity within Nepal will be addressed.  We will begin with questions to have the audience define the doctrines, identify what is based upon scriptural foundation and what is man-made tradition, and then we will teach what the Bible has to say on the topic.  

Please remember us in your prayers.

In Christian service ………..

Gajendra Deshar, Director     

Jerry Golphenee                       




Posted on May 30, 2017 .

An outstanding trip to Nepal and India

This trip was my first to each of the schools I visited on my trip. I felt it was important to get into each of the schools I am working with as soon as possible to get to know the directors, students and key components of the schools since starting my work with Bear Valley. 

I visited the Nepal Center for Biblical Study first (January 15-20). I was greeted at the airport in Kathmandu (where the school is currently located) by Jerry Golphenee. Jerry has been working as an instructor for the school since it opened seven years ago. He has been living in Nepal working as a dentist for more than fifteen years. In that time he has helped several young people get an education by raising money for their school fees and other necessities. I stayed in Jerry’s house for the week, and was treated to wonderful hospitality. He was a wonderful host! One of my favorite parts of the trip was the three-mile walk Jerry and I enjoyed to the school each day. It gave us time to talk and get to know each other. He does a marvelous work in Nepal.

The director of the school, Gajendra Deshar, greeted me at the school on Monday morning, and gave me a quick tour. Gajendra is a wise and humble man with wonderful organizational skills and is a natural leader. I taught a personal growth class covering the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, and the Christian Graces from 2 Peter 1, as well as a special lesson on Church Growth. In addition to the students who attended the class, several graduates of the school and many members of the church participated in the course as well.  Gajendra and his assistant Arun translated for me while I taught.

On Thursday afternoon after class we visited the site where the new school building is being built about an hour from Kathmandu. It is located in a rural setting, which makes it much less expensive to operate the school. Gajendra’s parents donated the property on which the school is being built. This is even more remarkable because his parents are still practicing Hindus. We pray this will change soon. The school is nearing completion, and they hope to be in it by early April.

I can’t say enough about the people of Nepal, especially the Christians I worked with for the week. They are some of the sweetest, kindest people I have ever met. This school is in fine hands under the leadership of Gajendra. Space will not allow me to write about so many of the things that need to be said about this school. If you would like to hear a more detailed report, please email me at I would love to visit the congregation where you are to give a better report.

I left Kathmandu and arrived in Vishakhapatnam, India on January 20. I taught the course Marriage and Family to the students, their wives (those who are married) and several of the members of the church who wanted to attend. As is usual, in most public classes in India, the classes were packed each day. In order to fully appreciate how fun this class was to teach, one must understand the culture in India. They do not publicly display their affection toward their wives like we are sometimes accustomed to here in the United States; nor do they talk about romance and the types of things covered in a marriage class publicly. It was so much fun to watch them talk about and study these things in the class. There was one student, in particular, who has been married for several years who made the class especially enjoyable. All in all, things went well and we learned what God has planned for Christian marriage.

John Dean is the local director, and does an outstanding job leading the school. He and the other instructors make this a top-notch school both academically and in real experience for the role of a preacher. Just like Gejendra in Nepal, John Dean is very organized so nothing slips through the cracks.  Jerry Bates is the coordinator of the school here in the States, and makes multiple trips over there each year.

I can’t say enough good things about both of the schools I visited on this trip. They have a strong foundation, which will keep them on the right path for the future. Please join me in prayer for each of these schools as they will be holding their graduations in the coming months, and the students will leave to begin their new works.

In Him,

Mark Reynolds

Posted on February 4, 2017 .

A great youth camp in Nepal!

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

We are always busy in the Kingdom of God. We had preacher's lectureship last month of September. We could able to do youth camp this year. Due to political strike and the border blocked, we couldn't able to do youth camp last year. This is good timing for youth people to refresh themselves by God's word from book of Daniel and some games, Christian movies, and picnic.

All our classes went well with some discussions. Arun, Gajendra and some of our graduated youth students lead main classes. We had some games for fund. We had farewell program, more games, Bible study and baptism program at picnic spot.

Without including men and women, we had 131 youth people in our youth camp. We had participants from 21 congregations of Nepal and India. We believed that our youths are doing well in their local congregations. Seven new souls were added in the Lord in this camp.

There were lots of joy and fund in our camp. All youths were enjoyed a lot. There were tears in their eyes of youths when they leaved each other. Christian love and fellowship bound them together.

We are spending our time, labor, and money at the right places of God's kingdom. We strongly believe that these youth people will encourage and motivate other youths in their communities.

We would like express our gratitude to all our visible and invisible brothers and sisters at USA, who are always supporting and encouraging God's work at Nepal. On behalf of Nepal Center for Biblical Study we are so much thankful for your generous love, financial help and spiritual encouragement.

Thank you.

Brother in Christ

Gajendra Deshar

Kathmandu, Nepal.





Posted on October 24, 2016 .

Students and alumni gather in Nepal

Respected one,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May grace of God, love and peace always be with you.

We are happy and eager to share about our report to everyone who are loving us.

Lectureship was finished.

We have finished our lectureship from 13-16 of September 2016. We had studied from book of Ezra and Nehemiah. We had invited our formal graduated students and preachers. 70 people were participated in our class. Some of our preachers, teachers and graduated students were presented lessons.  It was really encouraging.

Holiday begins.

We will begin our five weeks of long holiday from 30th of September.  We will begin our class from 7th of November of 2016.

Youth camp.

We are conducting youth camp once in a year at the month of October when all the schools will be closed because of national holiday. Our youth camp will be from 8-12 of October, 2016. We have invited youth between the age of 15-25. We will study from book of Daniel. Please kindly remember us in your prayer.

Thank you.

Brother in Christ

Gajendra Deshar

Posted on September 26, 2016 .

A Successful Lectureship In Nepal Was Just Completed...

Almost eleven months ago Nepal was hit by the first of a series of earthquakes that have devastated the country. Border blockages halting all international commerce has crippled the country over the past six months. All import items, especially food and petrol products, which include fuel for all motor vehicles plus cooking gas, have been on dangerously short supply. The result is that Nepal is really hurting and the people have no control, nor even a voice, about making the future better.

It is under these extreme circumstances that we had our best-attended lectureship at the Nepal Center For Biblical Study [NCBS] from March 8-11. We had many church leaders from many congregations all over Nepal, and also some from India. Over one hundred people composed the audience at most of our classes. Everyone was requested to read the book of Acts two or more times before coming for these classes. Our focus was on church growth. The emphasis was on what the early Christians did to grow the church … BUT … special attention was always directed at the ATTITUDE that was behind their behavior. We were blessed by good lessons from six Nepali preachers and three American teachers. That blessing was multiplied by the discussions and question/answer sessions that marked most classes.

Our lectureship ended Friday afternoon by distributing $160,000 to church leaders in many earthquake damaged areas to assist in rebuilding homes. In the past we have provided food items, clothing, blankets, cooking utensils, weather protection, and other necessities as the needs demanded. None of this could have been done without the love, generosity, and cooperation between local church leaders and concerned Christian individuals, congregations, and groups in America. We thank them and we thank God for this outpouring of love expresses in financial aid. As you would expect, the donations have slowed down mightily, yet we will still be able to offer some assistance in the future.

Our twelve students began classes last November. They will go home for their first holiday on April 1, returning three weeks later. It is always exciting to have their family and friends notice their progress in Bible knowledge, their enthusiasm to serve, and their ability to teach and preach God’s word.  

Gajendra, Arun, Parsuram, and I will visit a number of village congregations, most of which will have graduates of NCBS or present students, for teaching, fellowship, and encouragement. Sunita will join one of these groups to provide guidance and teaching to the ladies.  

Craig and Teresa Phillips will host a special lectureship in Pokhara in May. Eddie Cloer, editor of Truth For Today, and father of Teresa, will be the guest speaker at this time. We plan to take our twelve students to the classes and also to help in personal work in the Pokhara area.

NCBS will host our first Ladies Lectureship and Classes from June 7-10. Christian ladies from all parts of Nepal and some from India will join us in this labor of love. As with the March lectureship, we will pay for their transportation, food, and lodging. The theme of this meeting will be determined soon. We expect the teachers to come well prepared and we request that the class does the same by studying prior to entering the classroom.

The first paragraph of this report focused on our problems. The rest of the letter talks about our spiritual blessings. We are truly blessed and thankful. Life has its way of reminding us to “Set your minds on the things above, not on the things that are on earth” (Colossians 3:2).

May the grace, peace, and blessings of God be with all of you in your work for the Lord’s kingdom, wherever that may be.

Gajendra Deshar
Jerry Golphenee

Posted on April 10, 2016 .

Earthquake Relief Is Distributed In Nepal For The Work...

Yesterday we had a meeting of eight local church leaders at my apartment. There were three main topics for that meeting.                                                                                  

Lectureship at the Nepal Center For Biblical Studies March 8-11. We are expecting about 60 visiting church leaders from many areas of Nepal and also some from India. Arrangements are being made for their transportation, lodging, and food. We discussed the class schedule, centered on the Book of Acts, and the teachers. Friday afternoon we will distribute money to the various areas for rebuilding homes destroyed by the earthquakes in April and May.

Earthquake Fund:  
We have some funds that are at our discretion regarding their use, about $102,040.
We have other funds with loose directions for their use, about $30,000.

We have other funds where we have to follow strict directions, about $120,000.

This latter is from a non-Christian organization that trusts us to distribute their money as directed.

Christians and non-Christians in the high mountains will benefit from these funds.

On Friday we will distribute the following funds:

Our Money: $80,000: $22,000 will be held for future distribution.  Hopefully it will also grow.

$29,000 will go to Rashuwa District
$29,000 will go to Makawanpur District
$13,000 will go to Thanhun District
$9,000 will go to Chitwan District

Limitations: $30,000 This will be given to church leaders from 8 villages in the high mountains.
Discussions with them will determine the wise and fair use of these funds.

Strict Directions: We have already assisted with the first distribution of $10,000 in November.
I spoke with the Director of this group on the phone last night. I will receive directions before our lectureship begins. They have adopted one mountain village, so all this money will go to those 160 families. This village won the lottery.

New Building for Nepal Center For Biblical Study:
Gajendra’s family donated the property. Our original estimate for our new school building was $50,000. We now have $50,720 in the bank. Another $7-10,000 have been promised.

City officials are making new standards for construction. The architect and builder now give a new estimate of about $90,000.   

That means we need another $30,000.

We also discussed our monthly Kathmandu Valley Fellowship meetings. Next Saturday, it will be at the Putali Sadak congregation. 

It is encouraging to us and to many others to see all the good that is being done. It is daunting to know how much more is needed in the immediate and near future. We are extremely grateful for the support in prayers, suggestions, and financial aid from our foreign brothers and sisters. We are also thankful for the work of many Nepali leaders, both men and women. Our prayer is that God will supply the needs of so many impoverished and displaced families, and that we can use our time and resources wisely to help meet these needs.

We should have more information after our March 8-11 meeting. Many of these villages are difficult to reach from Kathmandu which means pictures are not plentiful. Hopefully we will also get pictures from our visitors.

In service to our loving and generous God,

Posted on February 28, 2016 .

Relief Efforts Continue In Nepal Eight Months After The Earthquake...

To our many friends who have helped those in need in Nepal:

Christmas Day marked the eight-month anniversary of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on the 25th of April. Nearly 9,000 people lost their lives, countless thousands were injured, and hundreds of thousands of families lost their homes. The needs facing the people of this beleaguered country today are nearly as great as they were eight months ago. Assistance has been given – yes – but it has for the most part been emergency in nature and short-term in scope. It has not addressed permanent rebuilding of lives.

The most urgent problems were for emergency relief. That was made more pressing with the upcoming monsoon season June 15-Sept. 15. It was made more complicated because we had to evaluate the damage and develop a plan to meet the greatest needs of the most people. Initially our efforts were focused on emergency relief of food, clothing, blankets, and weather protection.

September 15 to December was a window of opportunity between the monsoon and winter. Improved shelter for the homeless was desperately needed before winter. It was also the time of early preparation for the rebuilding phase that would have to wait until February/March. Early preparation included tearing down dangerous buildings, saving anything/everything that could be used again, clearing the ground for foundations, and collecting local building materials such as rocks and beams. 

The following is the opening paragraph on The Himalayan Times editorial page from December 30: “It has been about eight months now after the deadly earthquake of April 25 and several strong aftershocks aftermath. Yet relief has yet to reach many of the earthquake victims. They still are living in makeshift shelters. They had suffered in the rainy season and things are getting from bad to worse in the chilly winter without warm clothing. That it is taking so long to provide the urgently needed relief to the victims is something the government and concerned agencies should be ashamed about. Without adequate food, shelter and drinking water the elderly and children in particular are suffering immensely and also lactating mothers. The funds provided by friendly countries are yet to reach those for whom they were meant for. Foul play is also suspected as there is no record of how they are being used.”

What we have been able to do would not have been possible without you … groups as well as individuals. Together we have accomplished much. Together we have eased the pain and brought sunshine to lives in living conditions that Americans would not want to experience even before the earthquake. Poverty is ugly. Poverty plus tragedy will break your heart.

We have learned much. Our planning and execution has improved greatly. 

1.    Know where the needs are the greatest and what they are.  

2.    Set realistic priorities.

3.    Make wise use of your time and resources [hard goods and money].

4.    Distribute the relief items, including money, as per your priorities, and then have enough oversight to see that they are used as planned.

Together we have lessened the pain and suffering of thousands. The goal before us now is to provide means for these people to rebuild their lives so they can once again become self-sufficient members of their communities.

Muscle Shoals, AL became a center for some fund raising. Their primary goal was to provide some relief for every Christian family in need. With the help of leaders in many local areas, they classified the needs into [a] moderate, or [b] great. Mike Brooks came to Nepal in October to work with our central committee and the local leaders to distribute about $175,000. Families with the greatest needs were given $450. Families with lesser needs were given $225. 

Plans are underway to assist those living in remote villages construct homes using wood from the nearby forests together with materials salvaged from the homes that were destroyed. The cost per home is $2,000. Children of Kathmandu, a Montana based organization, has been helping educate and support poor children in Nepal for 18 years. They have provided money to rebuild 80 homes in the high mountain areas. $10,000 has been delivered for loggers to begin cutting and preparing wood. Winter will delay much of the building.

We see a pattern that is well known to those who have helped in other disaster areas [floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, famine, etc.]. The total amount of money already spent seems very large. However, the sums distributed to each family are very small considering the needs. 

What does the future look like? We have about $200,000 on hand, including $150,000 from Children of Kathmandu. We expect about $100,000 more over the next four months. That means we can assist with building about 150 homes. There are over 600 families that need assistance with rebuilding homes.

At the present time we can make no plans or commitments beyond that time. In the coming months we will continue to provide food and clothing as needed but our primary efforts will now be focused on raising funds for building permanent homes. We are committed to follow the four-point pattern listed earlier in order to meet the greatest needs of the most people.  

Three groups left Kathmandu on Friday, January 1 to deliver 1,000 blankets plus $400 for each area to buy some warm clothing. This is a tremendous help, and at the same time it leaves so much undone. The challenge is great.

Obviously we could not have accomplished the things done in the past, or continue to help those in need in the future, without your assistance. If someone had told us on April 26th that over half-a-million dollars would be available for this disaster, we would have had trouble believing them. At that time we could never have imagined the extent of the damage or the magnitude of the needs. We thank God and also thank every one of you for your love and gracious outpouring of generosity.  

We will continue to pray to God while we continue to serve others using whatever resources we have available. This is truly an example of humility, compassion and fellowship that stretches around the world to provide a common good to those who desperately need help.

Parsuram Sunchuri

Gajendra Deshar

Jerry Golphenee

Posted on January 24, 2016 .

Reflecting On 2015 And Planning For 2016 In Nepal...

The past two months have seen the beginning of a number of new things associated with the Nepal Center For Biblical Study [NCBS].

Monday, November 30 - Our new class of 12 students began their two year program of Bible study.

Monday, December 14 - Gajendra, NCBS Director, was married.

Sunday, December 20 - Gajendra and Regina returned and moved into their new home at NCBS. Welcome to Regina.

Friday, January 1 - Our 12 new students went on their first campaign out of the Kathmandu valley to help deliver over 1,000 blankets and $450 to Christian families in remote villages. Earthquake damage to homes, loss and/or damage of personal items, and the cold weather have caused a great deal of problems for our brothers and sisters. We divided into three groups to make the best use of time and encouragement.

Monday, January 11 - Arun Rijel and Ajay Pariyar left for the western District of Humla. One of our September graduates, Dhan Bahadur, has established the first congregation in the whole District. It takes two days by bus plus three days walking to get to this remote area. They will help evangelize new converts, teach and mature 6-8 new Christians, and deliver printed materials for Bible knowledge and spiritual growth.

A new class of students presents a special challenge… along with a special blessing. To see them grow in knowledge and understanding, to experience their progress in service and attitude, and to see the gospel blossom in their hearts is always a motivation and encouragement to all of us at the school. Their spiritual growth and development also has a huge impact on their local congregations.  

2016 is off to a great start. Please keep us in your prayers.

Jerry Golphenee
Gajendra Deshar

Posted on January 10, 2016 .

Eleven Graduate From The Nepal Center For Biblical Studies...

Dear respected brothers and sisters in Christ,

Greetings to everyone in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  May the grace of God, love, and peace always be with you.

Our almighty God, through His people around the world, bless us. We would like to share our few words of report from the month of October and November 2015.

Eleven students graduated from the Nepal Center for Biblical Studies at Kathmandu, on October 24, 2015. The day of graduation was really encouraging to all. We had to cancel our yearly youth camp at school in this year. We didn't have cooking gas, sufficient food, and transportation was full of problems and danger due to a strike and political unrest.

Brother Jerry and I decided to visit our brothers and sisters in East Nepal and India during this vacation. We traveled to East Nepal on October 24 and returned back on November 2, 2015. We had Bible studies, fellowship, and a worship service at East Nepal for two days. Then we went to West Bengal of India where we have four of our recently graduated students. We spent four days and nights with three full days of Bible study and other evening devotional classes. It was really encouraging for us as well as the Christian communities. There are two congregations that have 100 members. We had helped them to construct two church buildings for fellowship and worship. That construction work was already completed. We spent another three days of Bible study and devotional time at Mirik of Darjeeling district. I was engaged with Rejina Thapa on November 1, 2015. If the Lord is willing I will marry her on December 14, 2015.

We were planning to begin our new classes on November 16, 2015. However, we had to postpone for another two weeks. We don't have cooking gas and food for groceries. The political strike goes on in the south (Terai) part of Nepal. The Indian government sealed all borders. Nepal is facing really big problems. Please kindly remember us in all of your prayer.  

I would like to revisit our graduated students and their local congregations before beginning our new classes. I don't prefer to take any other brothers with me due to transportation problems. I am thinking and planning to go at Tanahu, Chitwan, and Makwanpur for one week. My time will be from November 17 - 24, 2015. The purpose of my visit will be to encourage our graduated students and establishing them in God's ministry.

Thank you all for your regular prayer, love, and concern about us. May God continually bless you all.

Thank you.

Brother in Christ
Gajendra Deshar

Posted on November 22, 2015 .

Eleven Graduate In Third Graduation Of Nepal Center Of Biblical Studies...

Dear loving brothers and sisters in Christ,

Warm greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May the grace of God, love, and peace always be with you.

Graduation:  We finished our third group of classes last week and did our graduation service on the 13th and 14th of October, 2015. We had an audience of 100+ for our lectureship and graduation program. We invited all our preachers, graduated students, and family members of our current students. Almost all participated. Due to a shortage of petrol, diesel, and kerosene a few people and guests were not able to come. Eleven students graduated from this group. We have new applicants of students. We did entrance exams and interviews last week. We will select good and dedicated students for the new class. Thanks all of your help, regular support, and love toward God's people in Nepal. We would like to continue working together in the coming days.

Seminar:  We held three days of a Bible seminar from the 15th - 17th of October, 2015. Brother Mike Brooks from Highland Park Church of Christ, Alabama taught for that seminar. He taught us about the "Life of Christ.” Almost 80 people participated. People were really encouraged by his lessons.

Youth program is cancelled:  Due to a shortage of fuel, very light transportations are running on the highway. It is impossible to travel back and forth by our youth in this time. We have talked with our Christians leaders regarding the present situation of strikes and problems in Nepal. All preachers were in agreement to cancel our youth program this month.

Vacation trip:  Brother Jerry and Gajendra decided to revisit East Nepal and India from the 24th of October to 2nd of November 2015. We will encourage our brethren by God's word. We will concentrate our time with God's work and future plans. Brother Jerry will return back to Kathmandu on the 2nd of November. I will return back to Kathmandu one week later than Jerry. I will spend some more time in selection of good and dedicated students for the next class from other parts of Nepal where we have our graduates. If things go smoothly, we will begin our new class on the 16th of November, 2015.

My engagement: I will engage Rejina Thapa from India on the 1st of November, 2015. My marriage date will be the 14th of December. 2015. Please kindly remember us in your daily prayer.

On behalf of Nepal Center for Biblical Studies, once again, from the bottom of our heart we would like to say, "Thank you to all.”

Brother in Christ,
Gajendra Deshar

Posted on October 25, 2015 .

Tension In Nepal Causes Rebellion Among Self-Interest Groups.

Nepal Tension: Eight years ago Nepal got rid of it's king, which meant a new constitution was needed. 7.5 years and millions of dollars later they ratified a new constitution a couple of months ago. It is horrible. Due to a very unpopular public reception, amendments were being proposed within two weeks by the same people who wrote it.  

Many self-interest groups [political parties, ethnic and tribal groups, geographical areas, castes] are in rebellion. Within the past five weeks we have witnessed mob violence that has included hanging one police commissioner, burning a police building with officers inside, and many casualties on both sides. These mobs will never agree or cooperate in a positive way with one another, but they are joined together in this deadly protest. All highways leading into Nepal are basically closed.  India has closed her side of the borders to all international traffic.  The result of border closures, blocking major roads of commerce, and violent mob riots has crippled the whole country. We have no petrol for motor vehicles, no cooking gas, and a dire lack of food supplies. Fuel products are just NOT available. Food and some other items now cost 500% more than they did two months ago.  Many businesses have closed their doors and people are out of work. School are closed because their buses can't bring the children and the staff can't get transportation.

I could go on and on with other details but it will not change things. The unknown end is not in view at this time .... BUT ..... I'm confident there will be an end to the present mess. Nepal is staggered by the earthquakes and followed by this political corruption and ignorance that has exacerbated every area of life with the mob violence cutting off needed supplies.

Keep us in your prayers.

Posted on October 18, 2015 .