A new building in Nepal!


After many months of planning, raising funds, and doing the 1,001 things necessary, we have happily and excitedly moved into our new school building.  It is built on our own property.  Not only are the facilities better and the location closer to an established congregation, we can also enjoy the other advantage of not paying rent, fully realizing there are responsibilities and expenses associated with being the owner.  We are 100% moved in while we will complete about 10% of some finishing touches.

The old building was vacated just before the six students went on their three-week holiday over the Nepali New Year [Mid-April].  This group of students will graduate in late September.  Some of their more difficult and challenging topics for class work greeted them upon their return.   The first class was Christian Evidences and the present challenge is The Revelation of John.  Considering the low literacy rate in Nepal, magnified by a school system that teaches reading to memorize without considering content or asking questions, the students are doing quite well.  Their exposure to critical reading to understand, asking questions, and searching for truth began in November 2015. 

In addition to the normal classes, a Saturday Ladies Bible Class was hosted and enjoyed by abut 12 Christian ladies.  Sunita did most of the teaching, assisted by Jerry giving a summary of each section and helping to answer questions.  They had some lively discussions and, as happens in most ladies classes, their enjoyment was obvious by the frequent laughter.  The students cooked and served lunch, and then did all the clean up. 

June 13-16 will be our first Lectureship with past graduates and other preachers invited.  Some of our graduates, selected Nepali preachers, and also some of our present students will present the morning classes.  Each afternoon Jerry will teach a class on fellowship, cooperation, and unity within the church.  In addition four denominational doctrines that are gaining popularity within Nepal will be addressed.  We will begin with questions to have the audience define the doctrines, identify what is based upon scriptural foundation and what is man-made tradition, and then we will teach what the Bible has to say on the topic.  

Please remember us in your prayers.

In Christian service ………..

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Posted on May 30, 2017 .