Graduation in Nepal

Greetings to Brothers in the Kingdom:

Thank you for your generosity, the charitable and spiritual love that precedes your gifts, your prayers, and the hard work that is motivated by a heart of love and results in benefits to those in need, both spiritually and with the problems of life.

Earlier this month we had the graduation program for our six students.  It included a four-day Lectureship.  Over 100 people attended the classes and celebrated with us. Gajendra, Arun, and I met Monday to discuss a 2-3 week campaign trip to re-evaluate the current earthquake needs and to incorporate 2-3 days of Bible classes at various areas.  Unfortunately we can also add Flood Damage to the natural disasters from which people are suffering.  At the present time we have 18 village congregations in 4 districts that top the priority list. 

100% of the funds will be given for [a] rebuilding homes of Christians, and [b] repair of damage to meeting halls [church buildings].  The campaign trip begins on Friday, October 6.  I will return on October 19.  Gajendra and Arun will continue to a Nepal village on the border with Darjeeling, India.  There is rebellion in the India tea plantation area resulting in violence.  Gajendra's wife is from this area.  We have graduate students here and we work with a few congregations in the middle of this dangerous area. 

They hope to visit these villages if ... IF ... it is safe, which will be determined when they get close.  They will return to Kathmandu on October 23.  Final decisions regarding amounts sent to each area will be made once we are back in Kathmandu.  The funds will be sent bank-to-bank in early November.  This is after a national holiday time where cultural customs present temptations that may deflect the focus on the immediate want rather than on the long term need. 

We have selected the books of James and Philippians as the theme of our spiritual lessons.  The local leaders are to have their members read these books three times before we arrive.  The teachers need to come prepared.  The audience needs to come prepared!  Each class day will have six lessons ... 3 in the AM, 2 after lunch, and 1 evening devotional.  Each selected district village will have 2 or 3 days of lessons.  Some of our graduate students will teach a few lessons in their local areas.  A beautiful lesson is taught when the audience sees their example of progress in Biblical knowledge, understanding, and maturity.  The foreigner can't teach that much needed lesson and provide the purity of that encouragement. 

Although the bus rides and some of the beds may be less than desirable, we are looking forward to our time with our sisters and brothers. I began by saying Thank You.  Realism teaches us all that there will never be enough funds, supplies, or workers for earthquake/flood relief or for spiritual needs.  However, we give thanks for what we have as we also give thanks for the sacrifices of those brothers and sisters we will never meet this side of heaven.  We give thanks to our God who gives us the eternal victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your fellow workers in Christ,

Jerry and Gajendra

Posted on September 26, 2017 .