Upcoming plans in Nepal

Greetings to everyone in the hope of our calling:

Friday of next week we are having graduation for our present students.  They began in November 2015.  The graduation is also highlighted by a lectureship from Monday through Thursday.  Jerry Bates will be teaching those classes.  His wife Paula will be assisted by Sunita in teaching classes for the ladies on Monday and Wednesday.  We expect about 100 guests from many parts of Nepal.  

Each year Nepal has a huge Hindu festival time spread over five weeks during late September to October.  Many things [maybe most things] either come to a complete stop or are greatly slowed down at this time.  It is centered on family and many people travel to their ancestral villages.  Nothing gets done.  Today it is about 20% religious and 80% cultural, maybe like Christmas is in the USA.

However, we try to make good use of this time.  We will have a five day Youth Camp that is very popular and will attract teens and early 20's from all over Nepal.  After that we will have campaign visits to many villages.  Our goals are to [a] teach, [b] evaluate needs [earthquake and recent floods], and [c] to encourage unity and fellowship within the brotherhood.  It is unwise to distribute any relief money until after this holiday festival.  Budgeting and wise use of money isnot a strong Nepali culture trait.  What we learn will help us to use the funds available in a more wise manner.  Our personal encouragement and discussions with church leaders will helpthem use the funds in a more appropriate way.  

September and October will be planning, setting priority goals, and discussing how to accomplish those goals with local leaders.  We anticipate distributing the majority of funds available in November and December.  They will be much more focused and serious about these matters after the holiday season.  

Tomorrow we will have a fellowship, classes, and lunch in my apartment.  The theme is centered on .....
Because Jesus Died For Me  ... I want to and need to respond in these ways. or how we should live each day.
Because Jesus Lives ...  with the message being the promise and hope we have for eternity.

Being in our new building is a tremendous blessing.  We are 100% moved in and functioning while still doing some of the finishing touches. 

Thank you for your love as expressed in your actions.  Thank you for the funds, for your prayers, as well as for the example of Christian commitment and compassion.

In service to God and to others, 

Jerry Golphenee

Posted on September 8, 2017 .