Quality Students Trained By Quality Teachers...

The new from around the world is exciting and wonderful. I enjoy reading from each of the men involved who provide information about the recent events where they are working. While reading through the reports this week I came across a statement made by Charles Ogutu, who is the Director of the Kenya School of Preaching. As I read the statement, I could not help but think about the quality of education these men will receive because of the quality of men who are training them. Charles said, “We are not in the business of pleasing the students, but we stress hard work and are very keen on good grades (No room for joy riders), it is quality learning.”

Students learn very quickly how intense the program is in Denver, and I know they are experiencing the same in each of the Extension Schools. Students must demonstrate a high level of determination and dedication to the program to spend the necessary time to learn the material, complete the assignments, and use the lessons they are learning in the context of their own ministry, wherever that may be in the world.

I am thankful to work with men like Charles, but he is only one of many who maintain this attitude when it comes to training men to take the message of Jesus Christ to the lost of our world. They face many challenges during the two years they are preparing themselves for the ministry, but these challenges help prepare them for any difficulty they will face when they leave school and begin working to plant a new congregation or strengthen an existing one.

I encourage you to read through the reports and examine the quality of men who are involved in this work, along with the quality of men who are preparing themselves for the greatest work on earth, preaching the gospel.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Read Donnie Bates’ latest report by clicking here.

Read Gary Fallis’ latest report by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

A Healthy Work In Cameroon: The church is growing as students continue to evangelize the area of Southwest Cameroon.

Nearing The Goal For ITL...Special Request: With your help ITL in Guatemala will soon own the facility where the school is meeting. Please read this request.

No Room For Joy Riders: Charles Ogutu shares the challenges of directing the school in Kenya and expresses how dedicated the students must be to go through the program.

Becoming A Light And A Torch: The students have returned to the Chimala Bible Institute and they are becoming a light and a torch to the youth around Chimala.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: The overall Chimala Mission has been influencing people for many years. Chad Wagner shares some of the recent events around the Mission.

Impacting The Youth In Kenya And Uganda: Recent programs for the youth in the churches of Uganda and Kenya are helping strengthen the future of the church.

TIBS Is Back In School: Students have returned for their studies in Tamale, Ghana and they are anticipating a move into the new facility soon.

The Tanzania Chronicles: Much is happening in Arusha. Sean Hochdorf shares news from the northern part of Tanzania.

Parker Memorial Library: One of the goals for helping reach out to the people of Arusha, Tanzania is to have a public library. Please read about this wonderful venture. 

Final Thoughts
On a final note, thank you for all you do to help in the success of this work. You are a blessing in numerous ways and your sacrifice does not go unnoticed. 

God bless

Posted on January 20, 2013 .