Students Prepare For Upcoming Campaign...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from your family here in Cameroon. We do hope you are all doing well. We pray and continue to keep you, your family and the church in our prayers. We pray you do same to us.

The Lord added Brother Louis into Christ. Keep him in your prayers for him to grow and so that many will learn from his ways.

We are happy to relate information to you about the happenings in CBIW and the congregation in Wotutu where I am serving as an evangelist. God is still sitting on the throne, the work here is in progress and the students continue to study in total tranquility, even though many challenges occur with their health as we are in the heart of the dry season here in Cameroon. Too much dust continues to make many sick from catarrh and cough. Our small medicines box is helping. Not only CBIW students, but also members of the congregation are benefitting from that.

This weekend, I went with some students and visited four locations, to preach, teach and also make strong relationships with those congregations. They are ready for the students campaign and subsequent weekend evangelism. They are ripe for that. We cannot send students out by themselves now because they are still blank, even though many of them where already serving in congregations as preachers before coming to CBIW, but we need to transplant in them sound teaching before sending them out. By so doing we shall also know some of their beliefs before they could come to school.

I went to Likoko village, far away from Wotutu, doing evangelism on house to house. The students will follow and see how we conduct one on one evangelism house to house before we match where they will go out of the school for their first campaign. It was great for those who were with me and that is what we shall do till their first outing. Keep this work in your prayers.

We are still making contact to congregations for the forth coming campaign for CBIW students. Many congregations are showing their interest as many still flash back to see what the alpha batch did as concerned evangelism in these villages.

God bless you for your great sacrifice to stand by us. Continue and also encourage others to come and let us join together to depopulate hell, so that we shall populate Heaven.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director of CBIW

Posted on January 27, 2013 .