A Healthy Work In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu. We do hope you are doing great over there with the work of the Lord. We are doing well here and God is still sitting on the throne. The students of CBIW continue to progress in their studies. We are happy for their interest and zeal to study and to grow.

One of our students, brother John, baptized sister Wase into Christ. She came from Tole village. She follows our radio program in the morning and praise God today she is a Christian.

The Wotutu congregation is healthy and today we had a great worship service with 7 first time visitors who expressed satisfaction with what they saw in the New Testament worship. The topic during Bible class was “Church Leaders.” This was aimed at strengthening our present leadership in the Wotutu congregation, to help the new students know who is a leader, so that they will check on those scriptural points to elect their student government in the months ahead, and help those who listen to us through our speakers to know about leadership which has nothing to do with influence or financial build up, but just going back to the Bible to see what the Bible says.

CBIW students were involved in sports on Saturday morning to keep fit. It is good for them to keep fit because they left their farms where they were active, so if they are not doing this it will make them become sick always.

I bought a carton of new drugs which will serve in an emergency for minor cases in the school and also to help many in the congregation. Brother Dikana, who is one of our student, was a state nurse before coming to the school, so he is helping us much to prescribe drugs for those sick. This week 3 students were taken to the hospital to see the doctor because their cases were more than what we could handled in school.

Brother Itoe David baptized sister Angelina, a French speaking visitor to our congregation. She follows what she can while in worship, but our French speaking students talked with her after worship and taught her the way of the Lord much better and she obeyed the gospel. We have connected her to the church of Christ in Douala where she will continue to grow in Christ. Keep her in your fervent prayers.

Sister Angelina smiled after the baptism. It is great what the Lord is doing to our ministry. We continue to make known the gospel to many giving any opportunity on our way. Keep this work in your prayers as we penetrate and dismantle the strong hold of the devil.

Survey to some possible areas to establish new congregations will take place this weekend where we can go for evangelism. Keep the vision in your prayers.

Many thanks to God for His grace and help towards us for the work that is going on here.

Many thanks to God for our graduates who are already in the field. Keep them in your prayers as they continue in the expansion of the kingdom of God all over Cameroon. Subsequently we shall share with you some of their work because we are working in close collaboration with them. We promised to always be at their disposal in case they need us in anything in their ministry.

God bless you. We wait to read comments and reactions from you if any.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on January 20, 2013 .