TIBS Is Back In School...

School is back in session at the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies in Tamale. This will be the ninth out of ten terms that make up the school’s curriculum. This term the students will be taking classes in Hermeneutics, Congregational Development and Christian Evidences, along with Bible classes for 1 and 2 Timothy, Titus, and Old Testament 7. During the final week of the term the students will be divided up into 2 campaign teams, one to work in Walewale and the other in Kulugogu. 

We had hoped to have the school completely moved to the new building location before this current term began, but that was not to be. We are still waiting for the electric company to run the power lines to the building so we can complete the installation of the electrical fixtures. We have moved the library, computer room, and literature distribution areas to the new building, leaving only the students beds and the classroom at the existing building. Our lease on the existing building runs out in February so we are praying that the electricity situation gets resolved quickly so we can complete the move as soon as possible. 

Evangelism efforts continue in the Northern Region with TIBS students, graduates and staff. A three day seminar was set up by current student Jacob Nichema in Kuku, where I was invited to speak concerning Christian Growth. We are also supporting graduate John Avoca’s leadership training efforts in the Bawku area as he begins a series of classes designed to encourage the men of the congregation to take a more active role in leading the church.  From the Bolgotango area we received a report from TIBS graduate Isaac Ayamga who is working with the Bolga-Sherigu church of Christ. Isaac reports states: “The church in Bolga-Sherigu we plan for every weekend after church service we will go to some of the members houses and visit and pray with them. The members and I started winning souls of those that are students, and even two boys who have started helping me during church worship. There are challenges in the church and the denominational churches want us to change the doctrine because our worship is the truth. But they want us to use instrumental music to praise God. Even the drumming in the denominational churches has changed some of the peoples minds and I have church members drop out and joining the denomination churches. But the numbers are still encouraging. I am also planning in my church to do evangelism in Bolga-Sherigu by God’s grace if the days reach.” The Bible Institute will be helping Isaac in his evangelism efforts by providing Bible study materials and tracts. It is hoped that a campaign can be set up in the near future in that area to further assist Isaac in his work. It is exciting to see the efforts being put forward by so many to spread the gospel in northern Ghana!

Bear Valley coordinator Steven Ashcraft is visiting the Bible Institute this week, along with Richard Renfro from Mission Printing in Texas. It is our prayer that Mission Printing will be able to send a large number of gospel tracts to the school for distribution throughout the northern region of Ghana. The tracts are a great help during our evangelism campaigns as well as in the local churches. We greatly appreciate brother Renfro for making the long and difficult trip to Tamale to see firsthand the need for their help. 

In His service,
Tony Johnson

Posted on January 20, 2013 .