A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Recently, the Chimala Mission welcomed Bob Wheeler from Oklahoma. Bob is the son of Raymond Wheeler, M.D., who was a doctor here at the Chimala Mission back in the 1960's. His parents wrote the book Chimala Safari. Recently, Bob returned to the mission with hopes of reviving the Ailsa Farm project on top of the mountain behind the mission. He has taken several trips up on the mountain for research. We took three older preachers up on the mountain in the hopes that they could remember where the buildings where and more importantly where the land boundaries lie. It was a highly successful trip and I'm sure a good trip down memory lane for those faithful men of God!

Chimala Mission Update
We have been very busy here on the mission. We have all three schools starting this week. It was learned today that our Herring Christian Secondary School was the top school in the Mbarali District and number 13 out of 441 schools area wide! They are doing a fantastic work at the school! We are also starting our Form 4 this month with record enrollment. In fact, the dormitories are full for both boys and girls!  

With the start of the new school year, Rena and the girls have been very busy putting together school bags for the school children here on the mission. Each year, congregations and individuals donate school supplies. Those supplies are sent over each year on a container. Also, several ladies from congregations hand-make school bags. Those bags are filled with school supplies and given to children. Rena and Anna recently handed out school bags at the Secondary School.

Rena and the girls handed out dresses and shorts to kids in the Chosi village area. Every time we attend this small church, the children outnumber the adults 2 to 1! These dresses and outfits were made by ladies in the US and also Sue Logsdon. They kids and parents were very appreciative!

At the Chimala Bible Institute, we have restarted classes. With all indications, the total number of students at Chimala is now up to around 39. 39! We train men to preach this year from Tanzania, Malawi, and also the Congo. In fact, with this number of students, we have the largest school of preaching in the churches of Christ IN THE WORLD.  

We started a new program here -- elementary Greek!

We are outgrowing our facilities and have almost outgrown our dormitory. We are hoping to convert the current bible school into a school of nursing (since it is so close to the hospital). We will then build a new facility for the Bible school closer to the dormitories. This preacher school is doing a fantastic work in the church and the LORD is truly blessing our work. We need help from people like you to make this dream a reality. 

Can you imagine yourself here? Would you like to help fulfill the Great Commission in SW Tanzania? If you are interested in getting involved in our mission work on a short-term or long-term basis, let us know! We would love to have you here for 2 weeks, 2 months, or two years! If you would like to discuss this more, let us know. 

Wagner Family Update
One of the great ways that the Wagner family fits well into the life of the mission is the various ways that we all get involved in the mission. The Chimala Bible Institute recently gained a new librarian -- her name is Anna Wagner! She will turn 18 tomorrow (January 17). She is a good fit for the mission and is always willing to lend a helping and serving hand where she can. The CBI Library is in serious need of help and she has answered the call!

She also helps out with the kids when we go to churches in the bush. She is scheduled to leave for college in the fall, but she is unsure about what she is going to do. She sees the needs all around her and how she can help out. Her servant and compassionate heart is good and she is a real asset to the work here.

One of Chandra's friends from school in USA recently asked for a picture of her. I took a picture of her at the Manyolo church of Christ.

Jonah has friends wherever he goes. In fact, he even likes to preach to them! 

A New Generation in Tanzania
On the grounds of the Chimala Mission is the Herring Christian Secondary School. The Herring Christian Secondary School (HCSS) is in its third year of operation and will begin Form 4 in January. HCSS is one of the highest rated Secondary Schools in this district of Tanzania and is highly regarded among other schools. At a recent School Board meeting at HCSS, I wrote a few words about the work at the school and its purpose here on the mission.

First, HCSS helps to Train the next generation of leaders. Since HCSS is so highly regarded and successful academically, the school has applicants from all of the country who want to train at the school. These students will go on to be the leaders of tomorrow in their communities and their country. Training these future leaders now with the ideas of the pure New Testament Gospel, honesty and integrity, and to have a humble, Christlike attitude is the key to seeing long-term growth in this country. 

Second, HCSS helps to Instill an attitude of excellence in life and work. Truly great people demand excellence in their work places and in their lives. We are helping to shape and mold these young people to demand more than what they have now out of their lives and nation. We are helping them to see the possibilities for a bright future in their country and also in the church. 

Third, HCSS helps to Prepare students for a life of service in the Kingdom of God. With strong Bible instruction, we are teaching these students about the fundamentals of the faith, God, Jesus and His church. When these students become adults, they will fill the churches with members who are strong in their faith and their knowledge of God’s Word.

Fourth, HCSS Assists the work of the Chimala Mission. There are so many programs on the mission which are for the good of the community in SW Tanzania. There is a school of preaching, a primary school, an also a hospital which serves people in a wide radius. The tuition paid to the HCSS helps to fund these works of compassion and enable the mission to reach and serve more people in this area. 

The future is bright for the Herring Christian Secondary School and its students. I appreciate any help you have done and may do in the future to help these kids build a better future for themselves and also for the church in Tanzania. 

Missionary Worker Spotlight
We would like to introduce you to a faithful worker here on the mission. His name is Remmy Mfaume. He is the Dean of the English program at the Chimala Bible Institute. He is also a fulltime teacher in both CBI departments (English and Swahili). He is married to Veronica and have a daughter of 2 years old. He is also an evangelist with the Chang'ombe Church of Christ. He has 8 years of experience in ministry. He likes the work of preaching and teaching the Gospel. He also says, "I am interested with the mission how it helps the natives of Tanzania academically (with the Bible school, primary and secondary schools), health (with the hospital helping thousands of people each year), and spiritually (spreading the Gospel for soul winning)." He also prays that God may bless all who support this mission.

Chad Wagner

If you would like to see Chad’s report with all of the pictures, please click here.

Posted on January 20, 2013 .