Exciting Times...

These are exciting times. We are living in a generation with the greatest opportunities. No other point in the history has offered so many ways to reach out with the gospel. 

Think about the technological tools available. The ability to communicate has certainly changed in the last 2,000 years. We no longer face the challenges of writing a letter / message on parchment, leather, or papyrus and sending it at the hand of another individual. 

The use of the Internet, video, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging, etc. keep us easily and quickly connected. In the blink of an eye we can send a message to any individual on the other side of the earth. With the use of Skype or video conferencing, classes can be taught 10,000 miles away in real time. These tools make it possible for the Extension program to work at a greater level.

Think about the means of travel. Imagine the difficulties of walking, riding a horse, or taking a ship in order to visit another congregation to preach. Coupled with the challenges of communicating in written form, the spread of the gospel took time.

However, we have the means of driving a car across the country in a matter of hours, rather than months. We can board a plane and within hours we can literally travel to the other side of the world.

These tools are blessings that have benefited the Extension work in powerful ways. Hundreds of men are being trained to preach the gospel. We are able to learn of their progress immediately and share it with thousands around the world. The encouragement spreads throughout the church and God is glorified by His people.

I pray we are faithful with the blessings provided and use these tools to further the cause of Christ. As the world approaches seven billion in population, let us continue to grow in our understanding and ability. Let us take advantage of God given opportunities to make a difference in the eternal destiny of these precious souls.

Coordinator Updates

Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Remember Howell and Mary Ferguson while they are working in Gorlovka, Ukraine. 

Extension Reports

God Gives The Increase In Cameroon: A recent campaign provides a great example of the power of God to give the increase through the preaching of the gospel. This is worth your time to read.

The Good Keeps Getting Better: The news from Arusha, Tanzania demonstrates the good being done with the Andrew Connally School of Preaching.

Short, Sweet, And So Encouraging: The mission effort connected to the work in Arusha continues to show the benefit of team work.

Cambodia Lectureship: The numbers speak volumes to the impact of the annual lectureship with the International Bible Institute of Siem Reap.

A Family Loses A Loved One: Trials face God's people in every location. In the midst of training to do the Lord's work two students lose a family member.

Final Thoughts
As I travel from one congregation to another and share the work of Extension training, I get excited to see the enthusiasm on the part of the church. The more people learn about the extent of this work the greater the more excited they become.

Please share the information with others and spread the encouragement of the growth in the Lord’s kingdom around the world. I am more and more convinced one of the greatest ways, if not the greatest way to fulfill the Great Commission is to train men to preach the gospel in their own country. 

I believe the more you learn from the work of these men, you will see it the same way. Extension Training is awesome.

Thank you for your involvement in this work. I pray God will bless you richly in your service to Him. May He receive the glory.

God bless

Posted on March 28, 2011 .