Short, Sweet, And So Encouraging...

Dear Loyal Supporters, Family and Friends,

Hello! It's time to report on our past week's efforts to spread the Gospel in Tanzania, East Africa. We limit our reports to one page in length (short and sweet) so you will be more inclined to read them and not grow bored. Also, there are those who print them out for others. The one-page length helps those who do so. 

First of all, we are very happy to have Cy, Stephanie and Mrs. Aultman (Stephanie's mom) back in Tanzania.  We are excited that Mrs. Aultman will be living here and praise the Lord that she was baptized into Christ! May we say "Praise the Lord" without anyone thinking that we've gone "Pentecostal?"  HA

Jimmy preached a powerful sermon on the "Kingdom of Heaven" while Amos Kinasi (a ACSOP Swahili student) taught Bible class concerning "Advice" from 1 Kings 12. In the ladies' Bible class we studied Genesis 9:20-28 discussing alcoholic beverages and respect. Yesterday, in the Galatians class 5 ladies attended. Their desire to know the Scriptures has really encouraged and helped us to study more. 

Many may remember the study Trina was conducting with Agness (married to Burtwell).  During our last study (lasting 2 hours) we discussed in-depth each necessary step for salvation. Agness is not yet ready for baptism. We are not sure why.  She initiated our study (which we have been conducting for weeks) and has attended several worship services (including this morning). Since many Tanzanians are scared of water, she was assured that baptism was not dangerous (plus she has witnessed a baptism before). Without pressuring her, it was made clear that she is in a lost condition because she is not "in Christ." We talked about baptism being such an important decision and talked about the blessings, responsibilities, challenges and sacrifices that may be required of her so she is able to "count the cost." She has Trina’s phone number and was told that God's invitation is open 24/7. She wants to continue to study. 

Our guard, Deo, informed us that a female neighbor desires to study the Bible. Hopefully this week we can begin our lessons. Lord willing, next week, we will up-date you on the Maasi woman that Loshea agreed to study with and on Seraphim (who joined Agness in some of our studies). 

Jimmy's study with Rosemary and Lembris continues. Each week they are scheduled to study two days. One day they study a particular subject and one day they have a question and answer session.

Concerning the ACSOP, we are expecting Mike Reese to arrive from the U.S. on Wednesday night. He will be here for about 10 days and will teach the first-year students Christian Evidences. He will then leave for Kenya where he will be holding a youth camp and then return here to fly out. Please pray for safe travels for Mike and that his efforts will being much glory to God. 

Concerning the home front, we have been blessed with good health. During a breakfast prayer, Elijah "informed" God that Todd was in the states so He could take care of him. Then he sweetly added "...because I miss him so much" which echoes the sentiments of us all. But, we are comforted in that he is "walking in Truth" and doing so well in his school work and in his life (3 John 4). 

Much love to you all and we hope you are taking advantage of your numerous opportunities to share the Good News. Sometimes a person's interest in spiritual matters begins with a simple question about their beliefs. Start small and go from there...and pray fervently. Thank you for joining hands with us in this work. 

Because He is Coming Again,
Jimmy, Trina and Family

Posted on March 27, 2011 .