God Gives The Increase In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Amazing grace is what we wish you as you read through this report. We are convinced from the bottom of our hearts that you are doing quite great. We glorify God for you and all your efforts towards the great commission. We are glad in our hearts to relate to you, that by His grace we are doing fine in all that we do here in Cameroon.

I am happy to bring before you this good news about the work. I thank you for your prayers on all our travels for the cause of Christ. The students and I travel out of Wotutu for our campaign without any major problem, even though we had a lot of struggles for transportation to our different destination because of lack of money, but we manage and got to where we were to go and to reach out with the gospel.

The students travel to 13 different congregations all over Cameroon, that is both in French speaking areas and English speaking communities. Two students and I were destined to a virgin land which is a village of one of our students Norbert, who really wanted people there to hear the gospel, but no means for him to do that alone. The director of CBIW decided to go to that area as a Macedonian call. The area is a strong hold for the Roman catholic church.

In Nyandong, brother Manfree student preacher baptized two souls. It was not easy here because of the amount of false doctrine, but the truth must prevail to those who have simple hearts.

This campaign is the first since we started CBIW. The campaign was successful as the director and all members of staff encouraged the students to be real ambassadors for Christ, Family and CBIW. Our school motto was resounded in their ears again before they left the campus. OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM, AND EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION. They went out with that banner. They left with the intention to DEPOPULATE HELL AND POPULATE HEAVEN.

The students faced a lot of persecution from staunch denominational followers who consider them a serious threat to demolish their false doctrine and to take people to awareness of the truth (Jn 8:32). One of our students Muofo Bernard sustained injuries on his leg as he was beaten mercilessly by a man who met him sharing the good news to his family as he return from the farm in Kwa-kwa village. His Bible was thrown into the bush. We thank God that the student continued his stay in the village teaching and baptizing others with a pure hearts. He is on vacation now and called me that he is getting better.

The students went through difficult moments but never gave up the fight because God was with them supporting them and fulfilling His promises and purpose for this school in Cameroon.

The students touch all angles of the communities they were serving and the Lord blessed their efforts by adding 54 souls and 81 restoration in His vineyard. 13 out of the 54 souls were pioneer Christians in the church of Christ, Aton-geh in Libialem village of brother Norbert. The congregation has been established, more is needed to send students to nurture the congregation because it is far from Wotutu. The brothers there need Bibles to study so that after some months we can raise a leader who will be leading till when we graduate students in 2013. Please come to our aid to conserve these souls.

In the campaign, more souls were restored than those baptized. This is an indication of high level of backsliding in the country, why there are many congregations without a preacher and many more with untrained preacher. It is to this effect that we are pleading with you to stand with us to save many souls in this country which had been abandoned for years. Your support will give hope to a soul, someone without hope. People are thirsty over righteousness. Who will go for us? (Rom. 10:13-15) CBIW students are being trained to go to any where. They are ready. Please come and join this team to the glory of our King.

Since the history of this country this is the first congregation to be established in this area. More work is needed to reach out to other communities in the area, BUT THE HARVEST IS PLENTY BUT FEW LABORERS. (Matt 9:35-38)

The picture on the left shows the director in Nyandong reasoning from the scripture with this man. The director struggled to move around to meet with some students to see how they are going about their work. His hand was not full enough to go to all locations where students were serving.

The picture below and right shows the first time in the history of this congregation to worship with such a population. We thank God for CBIW and BV for this opportunity to train men who will carry the gospel to all corners so that no one will make any excuse on that day.

Cameroonians are calling me to express their satisfactions for the work the students are doing, mostly those in which congregations the students passed through during this campaign. Please we pray  you continue your effort for this work, because in the nearest future Cameroon will not be the same. The country has been lacking behind for years, but God is raising us to change a lot of things, wrong ideologies, false doctrines and spiritual empowerment to all in the brotherhood and to save that which was lost and under the captive of the evil one in Cameroon. 

1)  Pray for students as they resume on the 3rd of April for the second semester.
2)  Pray for their trip to Kumba for mission on the 7th of April. There they will expose CBIW to the youth in the church. Please help support us with transportation to that community for evangelism for 4 days.

1)  Public address system as we shall go to different locations to establish new congregations. It will help us a lot.
2)  School bus for transportation
3)  Projector
4)  Generator to rural evangelism

I am saying all this for the work, but when I think of the economic situation of the world I feel bad about it, but we are praying that God should use someone with sacrificial hearts to solve this problem here in CBIW so that we shall not have any excuse and those in areas where they have not heard the gospel will not make any excuse because we shall reach them by God’s grace.

Do your best to share this report with others in your area who may be of help in any of our needs. 

We do appreciate you for all that the Lord used you to accomplish in CBIW for the past three months. You have done well for us here. It is because you accepted God to use you before we could do what we have done for His glory. We pray God to stay with in all that you do, so that your love and concern for the work here in Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu will keep moving from one height to another for many to come to know Him and make Him known to others.

God bless all you plan to do and keep you in good health. Thanks for all.

Elangwe and Family
By His grace Director (CBIW)

Posted on March 26, 2011 .