The Good Keeps Getting Better...

Greetings Fellow Workers:

A wonderful week in the Lord, blessed with many answered prayers. Thank you for your prayers, support and involvement in God’s work here in Tanzania. The good keeps getting better as the Lord’s Church continues to grow on many levels. 

Today I was blessed with an opportunity I have longed for. Many of your know Innocent, one of our graduates from the Andrew Connally School of Preaching and responsible in no small way for the Church plant at Monduli where he currently serves as their minister. 

Innocent has also been a part of our “Future Preachers’ Training Camp” for the last several years. He has worked with a number of young men from Monduli Juu (up) for several years. These young men were introduced to the Lord’s Church by one Christian sister who would walk the six miles from Monduli Juu to worship at Monduli Chini (down). She would invite others to join her in worship and through this evangelistic effort, a number of these young men obeyed the Gospel. 

These young men, having attended the FPTC for three years, decided on their own to begin a new Church plant at Monduli Juu. Danny and Nancy Smelser have worked hand in hand with them in this this effort. Today I was privileged to teach during the Bible class hour and to also worship with this group of 25 or so. 

To see God’s hand in His work here in Tanzania and to see the good people of Tanzania step up and do the things God would expect, well, it simply reminds me that if we will do His will, He will do mighty things through us. Thank God for His love and grace bestowed upon His faithful and for the good being done. 

Last Saturday three souls were added to the Monduli congregation. Today, two more gave their lives to God in obedience to the Gospel. Amen!  

I personally want to thank all of you who have prayed on behalf of Stephanie’s mom, and for their safe travels. It is SO GOOD to have them here safe and sound. I thank God for answered prayers and for your partnership in the Gospel. 

Our prayers are with each of you as you continue in the fight of faith and in your life in the Lord. May our God bless you all with the best week ever, in Him.  

In Him,
Cy & Stephanie

Posted on March 27, 2011 .