A Family Loses A Loved One...

Chimala Bible Institute Students and Brent SmithA typical week at Chimala Bible Institute is full of activities. We are constantly aware of the important work this Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver extension school is involved in.

The chapel speaker this morning was our oldest faculty member, Bernard Kulanga. Mr. Kulanga spoke of the one church in the body of Christ. Our chapel everyday consists of either students or faculty preaching, heavenly singing (in both English and Swahili) and heartfelt prayers.

Every weekend, different groups of students go out preaching, singing, teaching, and directing the Lord’s Supper in various congregations. The dedication of our faculty in evangelism is always shown with every faculty member preaching the Word of God each weekend.

Our 26 students, along with several staff members joined together last Friday for a period of hard work and fellowship. They cut the grass and pulled weeds around the school buildings. After the hard work, the students engaged in a rousing game of football!

Rebecca Benson continues cleaning and cataloguing the library with the help of the students. Currently, she is taking two classes in addition to doing her administrative duties. On the weekends, she goes out to encourage the women and teach the children of various congregations. Rebecca is also planning two ladies’ seminars for June.

The importance of our work was shown in the past two weeks. Two of our students lost a family member, one a grandfather, and the other a father. One traveled to his home over 15 hours away. His village chief, officials, and family sent word back thanking us for training students in the Bible and for allowing the student to mourn for his grandfather. Moments of gratitude like this continue to fuel our enthusiasm for the work here in Chimala. 

Garry L. Hill

Posted on March 28, 2011 .