IBH Graduation...

IBH stands for the Bible Institute of Honduras. I had the privilege last Friday of attending the first graduation ceremony for IBH, one of the extension schools Bear Valley is working with around the world in Central America.

The alpha class for IBH consisted of three wonderful students, Oscar, Yoni, and Hector. These men have been dedicated to their studies for the past two years. It was a proud moment to see all three and their families gathered to celebrate the occasion.

To read about the activities see the report below. This past week has been another eventful week within the program. The reports are listed below. 

Coordinator Updates

Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Donnie Bates is in Honduras. You can read current information about his trip at the following address: /donnie-bates-reports/2011/2/13/danli-honduras-february-13-2011.html

Howell Ferguson’s report is located at the following address: /howell-ferguson-reports/

Extension Reports

Alpha Class Graduates in Honduras: The first class to graduate from IBH shows promise for the growth of the kingdom in Honduras. Read about these three men.

Jimmy and Tanzania: Cy Stafford's report is not what you might think from the title. This is an inspirational account of one man's life worth reading.

A Dead Bat or A Live Rat?? This is one you just have to read to appreciate from the Gee family in Arusha.

A Short Course To Graduation: John Dean reports about the recent short courses at Visaka Valley Bible College and their excitement for graduation in just a few months.

Another Soul Added: The reports from Nigeria continue to show growth from the CSMT in Abakaliki.

Ghana's Future Looks Strong: Looking over the past year and the vision for the year ahead shows the work in Ghana stronger than ever. This week's report from Steven Ashcraft shares the vision for 2011.      

An Amazing Step In Cameroon: Word of the school in Cameroon is spreading and recognized by the government. 

Sin In The School: There are always challenges facing each school. Problems arise and must be dealt with as the report from Nepal Bible Center shares with us this week.

Final Thoughts

I love this work. I get more and more excited about what I see and read in the Extension Program. The reports are rich with the Lord’s working. The impact is powerful.

At times there are struggles I want everyone to be aware of in the work. It can, and often is, challenging. Satan will continue to work at destroying the progress. Please know efforts are made to correct the various problems when they arise.

Thank you for all you do to help this work. I hope you know we are all sharing in the greatest work this side of heaven, regardless of the challenges. God has given us an opportunity to change the eternal situation of individuals in every country on every continent. 

How does it get any better? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

God bless


Posted on February 14, 2011 .