Alpha Class Graduates In Honduras...

Excitement was at an all time high Friday night, February 11th, 2011 for the Bible Institute of Honduras (IBH). Three men walked to the stage to receive their certificate for completing two years of intense studies.

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Donnie Bates, Coordinator for the IBH Extension in Honduras, Chase Turner, Harold and Alan Zeller, and myself, attended the celebration. All three will provide a tremendous asset to the work in Honduras.

Take a moment and read the plans these men have for the future. 

Oscar Morgan is the only student who is married. Oscar and his wife, Mirian, along with their three children (Karlina 14, Erlin Esau 11, & Alan 5), not only finished the curriculum for the school, but he also served as the caretaker and security guard for the past two years. His wife served as a cook for the students and staff during this time.

Oscar plans to help the church at El Zar Zal in Danli. He also plans to work with the church in Jicarito, a village 22 miles outside of Tegucigalpa. The distance away from Danli has made it difficult to do this work. Oscar has worked with this congregation over the past 18 months to help it grow from 1 member to 7. While he wants to continue to help in this work, he will also be trying to find a place to work with the church where he can support his family.

Yoni Gonzalez is the son of one of the local preachers from La Union, Honduras. Yoni has provided a great deal of help with the young people in the local area, especially the El Zar Zal congregation during his time at IBH. He will work with the congregation in La Union, specifically the young people and helping his father. Yoni will also help the El Carmen congregation near El Pariso. He is also enrolled and will continue to pursue his secular education.



Hector Viera will finish his secular education while continuing to work with the church in Danli, assisting his father, Nery Irias, Director of IBH. Hector has and will continue teaching the youth. He will also help with the church in Villa Santa (Holy Village). There is one sister in this village and when she is there, Hector conducts a worship service with her. He also spends time each Saturday evangelizing the village. He also wants to find a job where he can eventually get married and begin a family.

The work of these men is only the beginning for the church in this part of Honduras. We look forward to reporting more in the future about the activities of these men and future graduates from IBH. Your efforts over the past two years have born fruit that will continue to grow in the years ahead. Thank you for all you have and continue to do in support of this great work.

Posted on February 13, 2011 .