A Dead Bat or A Live Rat??

Dear Supporters, Family, and Friends,

A DEAD BAT OR A LIVE RAT? Which one is better? Both were found on Abigail’s balcony. The bat (just a tiny baby) was alive for a short while before he went over to the corner and died. The rat escaped unharmed via the gutter. Jimmy was on the balcony trying to find out why our internet at home has not been working for several days. It was just "reconnected" a few minutes ago which is the reason for this late report.

A DEAD RAT? Where? In our water tank! Trina just found out TODAY (moan) that last Saturday immediately before our clean water (from the water truck) was deposited into our tanks, a dead and very deteriorated "panya" (rat) was removed from one of the tanks. If we had only known, we could have disinfected the tank before the new water was put in. 

The particular guard on duty hasn't worked for us long. Needless to say, we told him that we need to be informed of things like this. All of this water comes through our faucets. If we need to use the water for drinking or cooking we run it through our Berkey water filter which is supposed to remove 99% of all germs plus things like fluoride, chlorine (no worry about that here), etc. We've warned the kids to always use filtered water or bottled water when brushing their teeth and to avoid getting water in their mouths when taking a shower or bath.  Sometimes we don't always follow our own advice and have used straight faucet water. After being informed of the rat, let’s just say, "never again." We said this when we got an amoeba a few years ago.  But, we "backslid" and occasionally, used the faucet water for brushing my teeth. Now, we’re thinking of the dysentery that sent Trina to the hospital in December (we wonder if the dead rat was in our sim tank then).  We have "repented" and will not be too lazy in the future to go get the good water. 

Seraphim?  Yes, a lady named Seraphim was visiting with Agnes when Trina arrived for the study.   After being asked, she stayed for the entire study.  When invited to worship service she said she "might be busy, looking for work” because she had been laid off from her job. Trina light-heartedly questioned her, "looking for work on a Sunday morning?" Then she reminded her that since she was unmarried, with no children that she was "free and had plenty of time." Surprisingly, she attended worship this morning. Chad Wagner preached a very powerful sermon entitled, "Why are you here?" and Jimmy taught Bible class on "Stewardship."         

After leaving Agnes’ house, we went to study with Therasia and Katherine. They both are happy to be learning more about "How Do We Know that the Bible is from God?" Afterwards, Katherine (who knows Agnes well) warned Trina that we might want to talk some with Agnes' husband Burtwell. We have not seen him since we began studying with Agnes. Katherine said he was Catholic (although he does not attend worship services) and said that he might refuse to let Agnes be baptized. So, one of the men will meet with him and maybe let him continue the study with both of them. That might “go over” better.

In the Ladies' Bible class, we studied the last half of Genesis chapter 6 concerning Noah and the importance of doing all that God commands. God warned Noah and gave him instructions for the salvation of him and his family. In like manner today, God has warned us of future events and has given us instructions for salvation.

Thank you for your support and prayers. The new ACSOP students have arrived and will begin their classes tomorrow. On February 8 we celebrated the beginning of our 7th year of teaching the Gospel in Tanzania. May the Lord be with you all as you strive to walk daily with Jesus and be a shining light to those in darkness.

Because He Died for All,

The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on February 13, 2011 .