An Amazing Step In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from this end of the globe. We are sure the blessings and care of God is with you and your family. We pray that continues in your life and the life of the church in your community.

Your family here in CBIW is doing fine even though some students were sick and are still taking their treatment. Please remember them in your prayers so that they will be ok as they prepare to take their first semester exams on the 24-29 Feb for the long courses.

The past week was a busy one for the CBIW family. The government of Cameroon recognized our existence and gave us assignments to carry out as a school in our community. We happily carried out those assignments to the glory of God.

We visited some clinics in our area to do human investment, which is to help clean up the place for three hours. This made us to change our morning schedule for classes to 3 pm for two days. Thanks to God that we have electricity in the lecture hall, so there was no problem.

All our academic schedule for the week went on smoothly and we thank God for that. Our students are growing daily and we are thankful to God for that growth. It is really needed because they will use it in their different ministries after graduation come 2013.

Let me share with you some pictures about our activities.

These are the 21 students. One was not part because of ill health. Standing in front of the DIVISIONER OFFICER and other dignitaries during choral singing which was to depict the benefit of the unity of our country Cameroon, a land of peace. We need to know that Cameroon is one of the most peaceful country in Africa and the only country in Africa whose official language is ENGLISH AND FRENCH. At CBIW we have French speaking students studying in English so we will be able to reach the whole of Cameroon and other countries in our sub regions. 

On the right, this pic shows the students of CBIW march pass the D.O.’s seating point raising their Bibles indicating the only foundation for the truth. They were admired by many during this NATIONAL YOUTH DAY CELEBRATION in our community. 




The students at the celebration pose for a family picture.





The climax for the day, 11 of February, to CBIW students was evangelism, as our school motto stipulates, EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION, AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM. The students remained around the ceremonial grounds for six hours sharing the saving message to many and tracks.

It was fantastic as they met with both secondary students and chiefs from different villages around our community; some of them had already given us the MACEDONIAN CALL to come over to their villages. At the level of our office we are looking upon the possibilities to reach out to those villages even though some are not accessible, but we shall still move because the gospel is for all. So when the students shall return from field work in different congregations in Cameroon for the brethren to start receiving the benefit of the school, we shall then start going to virgin lands to plant congregations which is the main goal of the school.

Many people saw the students handling the words and admired to become a preacher, but we shall not go away from our mission statement in 2 TIM 2:2.

I believe God that CBIW has come to do great things for the people of Cameroon both in the brotherhood and out.

Please remember us as we travel out again for our second outing to church of Christ Munyenge, for lectureship and evangelism. One of our students is a preacher in this congregation. So we are going there for total evangelism and revival as the student continues to study, so that when he graduates from CBIW the congregation will take a new face.

We do appreciate you for all your support and care for us. Please continue as we still need you besides as we continue to move ahead. Share this report with others we may love to be part of this soul saving mission in Cameroon.


1.  More tracks or funds to print tracks in Cameroon that we shall be using for evangelism.

2.  A VAN which can take us to different areas for evangelism. For example the students are doing wonders for their two days a week trip to Tole congregation for preaching and teaching. Growth in Tole is very clear, from 12 members to 25-27 on Sundays. This is done because at most three students seat on a motor bike at the same time to travel to Tole. Then what will happen if all 22 students storm Tole community for evangelism over the week ends greater work will be done. That is why we pray and cry to the Lord for this school van whether fairly used, it will serve us.

3.  Bible commentaries and other books if posted to us via air as: 

Elangwe Esowe Gregory
P.O. Box 1195 Limbe

Within 7 days we shall have all you posted to us and will really help our students and the Wotutu congregations. Any book that you know will be of help to us just post them whether used or not the knowledge is needed here for assignments and other research that will continue to help our students keep growing.

Accept love from the students, staff and brethren of the Wotutu congregation, the seat of CBIW. God will see you through.

Elangwe Esowe

By His grace director CBIW

Posted on February 13, 2011 .