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Dearest in Christ ,

We are excited that you are doing great with all that you do for the Lord. Here in the Cameroon Bible Institute of Wotutu (CBIW) we send wonderful love from this end. We are thankful to God for His grace and mercy upon us here. Many students were sick in the course of this week which even affected some from going for the campaign, but we appreciate God for taking care of His own (1 Pt. 5:7).

We also thank God for the daily activities in our campus that went on well as we are finishing all our courses and doing a lot of revision with the students before examination this week that commence on the 24-28 February.

CBIW students, with the director, went out to Munyenge Church of Christ for 3 days evangelism and strengthening. This congregation is being led by one of our students. We give the glory back to God because we recorded another success to the glory of our KING.

The village was shaking with the pure gospel of Christ. Many came to listen, asked questions and accepted the gospel as the truth which had been hidden from them many years ago. Brother Innocent baptized another soul bringing the number of souls to four throughout the campaign. Please remember this congregation and the souls in your prayers so that as the days are going by many more seeds sowed by these students will grow to the glory of our King.

Munyenge is not very close to Wotutu. It is above 120 kilometers, so the hired van (bus) that took the students faced a lot of difficulties on the way, as you can see students trekking on some parts of the road that the van cannot move with students, causing a lot of delay and stress for the students who just left class. The gospel is for all was one motivation that keeps pushing us ahead to reach our destination.

Finally the students arrived at Munyenge late in the evening and started with open air preaching with the population in attendance doubting what is happening in their village with men dressed with black suits moving from one house to another inviting them to come over to the church hall for a public preaching that led to the baptism of the first soul.

The next day students continue their mission from house to house studying with people in their homes. This picture shows some CBIW students studying with a prospect.

Afterwards they continue reaching out with the word to this rural farming population, a place characterized with a lot of denominations who have taken the land captive with false doctrine. More visits in this land are needed for breaking down this falsehood about God.

God blessed the efforts of the students and those with willing minds who saw the truth continue to embrace it, as you see brother Mbappe baptizing one of the souls here.  

The students, administration, Bear Valley and all others who are in support of this school were appreciated by the leaders of the Munyenge congregation, and the chief of the village who said he wish that “these students pastors” keep coming to the village which will influence the young men in the village to avoid crimes by the power of the gospel.

Wherever the students of CBIW passed, they created an impact in the lives of those around them. Many more brothers are interested to enroll in the school come 2013 because of what they saw in the lives of these student's devotion, zealous for the cause of Christ.  I can conclude without any doubt, that the more we go out on evangelism the more we expose the school to others in the brotherhood and by so doing we are securing the future student population.


This week long courses will come to an end and long courses exams will start on the 24 to 28 of February. Please help the students in your prayers for wisdom and retentive memory over what they have been taught.

Next week short courses, PERSONAL AND EVANGELISM AND SCHEME OF REDEMPTION will start from the 1 to 11 of March and the students will travel for the end of first quarter campaign in 22 different congregations around Cameroon. Immediately after that they will go for vacation where they will spend one week with their families and return to school for the second semester on the 3rd of April.

During the second semester we shall involve more in church planting. Please remember us in your prayers and the visions we have to reach out the gospel to all communities. Do your best to encourage someone to be part of this winning team for the Lord in Cameroon. Cameroon is fertile, but more needs to be done for the gospel to grow. You can encourage someone to be with you on this, share this report with others who may love to be part; we still need some basic things which will help add more force to our evangelistic efforts.

1) Public address system, which we can use them during open air preaching (public preaching) during our campaign and during our morning devotion to reach out to the Wotutu population by that from the church hall.

2) Generator for lighting the place, mostly in rural areas.

I really know things are hard but I am just praying for someone God can use to accomplish this for us.

Pray for us as we pray for you, God bless you in all that you do. You are very special in this work. I love the work and I am happy that God entrusted this for me to do for His glory.

I shall love to read from you.

Make a wonderful day.

Elangwe Esowe Greg

By His grace director CBIW

Posted on February 20, 2011 .