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Things are going well in Philippines

The extension school in Cebu, Philippines is blessed to have Jerry Bates as our instructor this June. He taught our students Introduction to Biblical Interpretation. Jerry has been a part of the work in the Cebu, Philippines for many years but it was his first time to visit Cebu.  Our students learned a lot from him and they are excited to have him back next year.

Last Summer, two of our students, Bonifacio Labroso J.r and Rene Silva joined by some of the brethren in Cebu had an evangelistic campaign in Toledo City and it was a successful campaign. They baptized 6 souls and they were added to the Lord’s church in Toledo.

Lastly, one of the our student, Luisito Oliveros started a Bible Study Center in his area. He is now entrusting the Word to faithful people. All glory to God for these wonderful works.

God has blessed the work in this part of the world and we are excited for His plans for us in the coming months. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless us all!

Neil Emperado

Director-BVBI Philippines

Posted on August 12, 2019 .

Christian Evidences taught in the Philippines

Cebu students (2).jpg

It was again my joy and honor to teach the outstanding students in Cebu, Philippines. Under the leadership of Director Neil Emperado, this school, and its students, has continued to improve every month. It has been enjoyable to witness the improvement every time I am back.

This month the course was Christian Evidences, and we studied evidences for the existence of God, the reliability of the bible’s Divine inspiration, and proofs to believe the biblical account of the resurrection. Most of the students did very well, with three of them doing better than almost any student ever has. One student went home and immediately began teaching a class study on Christian Evidences for the church where he preaches. That’s what it’s all about!

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on April 10, 2019 .

Progress in Philippines

The school in Cebu, Philippines is now on its ninth month since it started in May 2018. We started with just seven students and since then our number has multiplied. Our gracious God has truly blessed us last year.

New Year is here and what a better way to start the year than to study the life of our Savior Jesus Christ. This week, we have examined the “Life of Christ” through the lens of the four gospel writers. Although we only study the first part, which is His birth and the commencement of His ministry but the lessons we gained are innumerable. Our students capped off the week by applying what they have learned in their final exam.

We have purchased 14 arm chairs in exchange for the tables that we have been using for the past months to make more room for future students. This is one of the few improvements that we have planned this year.

God has blessed the work in this part of the world and we are excited for His plans for us this New Year. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless us all! 

Neil Emperado, Director BVBI-P

Posted on January 29, 2019 .

The Director visits Philippines and Cambodia

Cebu 1.jpg

It was my pleasure to again teach in the Bear Valley school in Cebu, Philippines. This time I taught “Comprehensive Leadership” which encompasses leadership principles, self leadership, family leadership, and church leadership.

While lecturing on the role of the evangelist in appointing elders, one student excitedly interrupted and exclaimed, "we have never heard these things before!” Indeed, we are trying to strengthen the church in this country through the training and grounding of quality preachers. Director Neil Emperado is doing a great job. Please pray for him and the students.

Cambodia 1.jpg

From there I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia to make a surprise visit to the school there. What do you find when no one knows you’re coming? I found was exactly what I was hoping to find!

Co-Director Darat Run was passionately teaching “Christian Evidences” and the new 11 students were engaged and actively taking notes. Darat and fellow Co-Director Piseth Rin are adapting to their new roles and doing a good job. I am thankful for these godly men.

For the Master,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on November 26, 2018 .

A new school in the Philippines

For more than a year we have been working on a possible new school in Cebu, Philippines and on May 14, 2018, with the help of many, it came to fruition! Under the leadership of Director, Neil Emperado, everything is off to a great start.

We had seven "for credit" students and several others who audited the course I taught on "Sermon Preparation and Delivery". Students will come to Cebu for one week every month and complete a course from the Bear Valley curriculum. 

Cebu is the second most populous province in Philippines with a population over 3 million souls. While some students are from Cebu proper, others come from nearby islands. The need for the school here is great and we are happy to partner with so many faithful brethren to make it happen. A special note of gratitude goes out to Wayne Barrier, whose idea this was. 

Much credit is due men like Reuben Emperado, who has spent his life in preaching the gospel all over central Philippines. It is because of those like him, that the church is alive and well and in need of even more preachers. As such, he is wholeheartedly behind this effort to train the next generation of preachers who will take the good news to those who need it. 

For Him,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on May 29, 2018 .