Things are going well in Philippines

The extension school in Cebu, Philippines is blessed to have Jerry Bates as our instructor this June. He taught our students Introduction to Biblical Interpretation. Jerry has been a part of the work in the Cebu, Philippines for many years but it was his first time to visit Cebu.  Our students learned a lot from him and they are excited to have him back next year.

Last Summer, two of our students, Bonifacio Labroso J.r and Rene Silva joined by some of the brethren in Cebu had an evangelistic campaign in Toledo City and it was a successful campaign. They baptized 6 souls and they were added to the Lord’s church in Toledo.

Lastly, one of the our student, Luisito Oliveros started a Bible Study Center in his area. He is now entrusting the Word to faithful people. All glory to God for these wonderful works.

God has blessed the work in this part of the world and we are excited for His plans for us in the coming months. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

God bless us all!

Neil Emperado

Director-BVBI Philippines

Posted on August 12, 2019 .