Keith teaches in the Philippines

It was again my pleasure and privilege to teach in the Bear Valley school in Cebu, Philippines. Having taught them four times now, I can easily see the progress they have made and it makes very incredibly proud to see how far they’ve come and how much they have learned!

About half of the students are already preaching for churches and as a result, what they are learning immediately helps the churches they preach for. In April i taught “Christian Evidences” and that information has already made its way into congregations. This time I taught the Gospel of John and I expect the same benefit for both preacher and congregation.

My last day there, long-time Filipino preacher and Director of Philippines Institute of Biblical Studies, Reuben Emperado (seated 2nd from left) had what we believe was a mild stroke. Please pray for his recovery.

In 1943 the population of Philippines was 17 million; by 2100 is is projected to be 10 times that, at 170 million! We need more and more gospel messengers for a growing world.



Posted on October 7, 2019 .