The Director visits Philippines and Cambodia

Cebu 1.jpg

It was my pleasure to again teach in the Bear Valley school in Cebu, Philippines. This time I taught “Comprehensive Leadership” which encompasses leadership principles, self leadership, family leadership, and church leadership.

While lecturing on the role of the evangelist in appointing elders, one student excitedly interrupted and exclaimed, "we have never heard these things before!” Indeed, we are trying to strengthen the church in this country through the training and grounding of quality preachers. Director Neil Emperado is doing a great job. Please pray for him and the students.

Cambodia 1.jpg

From there I went to Siem Reap, Cambodia to make a surprise visit to the school there. What do you find when no one knows you’re coming? I found was exactly what I was hoping to find!

Co-Director Darat Run was passionately teaching “Christian Evidences” and the new 11 students were engaged and actively taking notes. Darat and fellow Co-Director Piseth Rin are adapting to their new roles and doing a good job. I am thankful for these godly men.

For the Master,

Keith Kasarjian

Posted on November 26, 2018 .