New Schools Prepare To Open...

UPDATE: We rejoiced with the news about Cy Stafford, as he was able to leave the rehab facility last week. He will continue to do out-patient physical therapy over the weeks ahead and visit with doctors to determine the course of future treatment. The journey to full recovery is not complete, but we are encouraged by the progress and continue to pray for Cy’s full recovery.

Students in Denver return this week for the final quarter of the school year. For several students, this is the home stretch. They complete their studies and will graduate in May. We share in their excitement to reach the end of this journey and enter the work of ministry. Their ability to share the word of God with others encourages everyone in the program. We ask you to pray for all these men and their families as they make their way through these last few weeks of study.

One of the areas of extension training that holds an exciting place in the development of the work involves the location of each school. We frequently receive requests from individuals around the world who ask to apply for the program in Denver. Our response involves pointing them to a location in or near their country. Last week we were able to connect four potential students to schools in their own country and we pray they are able to enroll and study.

Three new schools will soon begin training men to preach the gospel of Jesus. Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Liberia are all set to open doors in the program. Adding these new locations, along with the work in Malawi and Zambia raises the number of schools in the extension program to twenty-two. The twenty-third location will open in Fiji later this year. This is an exciting time to see the development of these locations. The potential number of students involved in these locations may take the program to nearly 400 students studying to preach the gospel.

Please pray for the program as it grows and we partner with great brethren around the world in training men to preach.

Now on to this week’s incredible reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is

Extension Reports

Bear Valley Bible Institute Cameroon: Wotutu, Cameroon


Visiting Instructors Provide Empowering Lessons For Students In Mbanga: Two instructors visited the work in Cameroon and their lessons benefited all who heard the message.

Evangelism Characterizes The Recent Activity In Nigeria: Staff and students alike participated in evangelistic efforts over the last few weeks and the results encouraged everyone.

Thirty-Nine Baptisms And Seven Restorations From One Work In Tanzania: News from near Arusha indicates the increase God provided to one specific area. This is exciting to read.

Crops Are Growing And Souls Are Saved Through The ACSOP Program: The Maynard report shares information about the progress of the farming and evangelistic efforts.

Final Thoughts
Thank you for your continued involvement in this program. Every area of this work is possible because of the partnership between the greatest brethren on one side of the world and the greatest brethren in others parts of the world. How does a partnership get any better? We thank our God daily for each of you.

God bless

Posted on March 20, 2016 .