Visiting Instructors Provide Empowering Lessons For Students In Mbanga...

The grace of God is able to do beyond what humans can think. Greetings my beloved. I glad to get in touch with after a period of about two weeks that we spent together with ministers David Ballard and Todd Crayton in Cameroon, in Mbanga in particular. Special thanks to the Pattonville, Frisco, and Bear Valley assemblies for the enormous sacrifices. We had a very busy time with our instructor and our coordinator on teaching the book of 1 Corinthians and Leadership, which really helped our students. These lessons empowered the students with skillful studies. Moreover, the sisters accompanied the brothers in their studies on Leadership in order to prepare the preachers’ wives in leadership, so as to help them direct the sisters and children in the various congregations, most especially in French Cameroon and neighboring countries, such as Tchad and Central African Republic, while not Gabon and Equatorial Guinea. The work is really much, even though the laborers are few, but with time, as God permits, we shall be able to enter many virgin lands.

Oh how time flies. We just ended our first year of courses and the end of our first year campaign today, March 20, 2015. By the grace of God we shall begin with our first semester of the second year come March 28, 2016. This academic year will help prepare students for their call into the wilderness where things are going to have a completely different face and a complete change of life with a new look. So, my beloved, I urge you to keep praying for the students and the staff at home and oversees. We hope to go through successfully.

With the help of God, I traveled to some different zones where our students went for their evangelism campaign to find out how they are working, and also how the various congregations are doing, not only with the students but also their welfare. We want to see how ready fit they are for the work as a preacher and full-time evangelist in their assemblies. To share in the trip was very very necessary because this has given me a look inside how to better prepare both our students and the new beginning of sensitizing the congregations or their interim leaders on how they can prepare their members to handle a preacher because the French congregations have very few members in their assemblies like that of Dschang with just 2 brothers in the whole assemblies. You can't imagine the long way we have to go. It is like every thing is still strange to this part of the country. We hope we will one day reach the level of maturity.

Our students and staff are all doing great, and the Bibles that were sent to us have been of great help to our small library. They have gone a long way to empower young converts in various assemblies and in Mbanga were God adds such as they believe.   

As soon as we return to school, we shall go on our first mission to Ebonji Tombel with all the students for an evangelism trip at our National Youth Forum. Afterwards, we will take the second trip to a virgin land at Sancho, where we are have been doing evangelism in preparation for the establishment of a new assembly. We already have about 3 members who are worshiping, but without freedom, because the landlord is a Jehovah Witness and does not want the church to hold meetings in his house, and this is an obstacle for the growth of the church and to the souls who cry every day for rescue. God, listen to the cry of the souls in arrival to the USA. Have a blessed week with God. 


Posted on March 20, 2016 .