Thirty-Nine Baptisms And Seven Restorations From One Work In Tanzania...

It’s my hope this finds you well in the Lord’s work. I always thank God for the great opportunity to serve Him, and also for the opportunity to see his kingdom growing all over the country. Please take a few moments to visit what one of our ACSOP graduates has done at Ushirombo during February and March. Brother UsufuMdaki is working hard with his team in the Lake Victoria zone.

Ushirombo Congregation And Others: February - March 2016
The work of God in the Lake zone continues very well, and it is encouraging to hear that our fellow worker and our missionary Cy Stafford is starting to get well. We are continuing with prayers every day and we believe that nothing is too hard for the Lord. We continue to encourage his family to depend on God and God is very faithful all the time. 

The outline of baptisms and restorations for all congregations on the lake Zone this February and March:

Ushirombo Town - 3 restored; Lulembela - 13 baptisms; Kazibizo/Mtinga 10 baptisms; Imalamagigo - 8 baptisms; Ibambula 3 Baptisms; Sunve 4 restorations and 5 baptisms.

The Sunve congregation is restored because they lacked a preacher and a place to worship. From Ushirombo to Sunvethere is a big distance. We are now training someone as a preacher there that he can take care of that Church.

The Katoro congregation is doing well; we have now someone who will be the full time preacher there who is now attending training at ACSOP.


In February we conducted the seminar for all men from six congregations. Thirty men attended to receive training to work in their congregations. We give God glory because the Ushirombo congregation provided food for this seminar. This seminar will continue through March and April. Also, at the end of March we will have a ladies seminar, and after that will be followed by youth seminar.”

This is just one report, from one person, and there are still many things that our graduates are doing out in the field. God is doing wonders through them.

At ACSOP this week, we completed a long quarter and will have two short courses in next two weeks. Pease continue to pray for our friend Cy that he can fully recover. Thank you all for your time. May God bless you. 

In His service

Ahimidiwe Kimaro
Director, Andrew Connally School of Preaching
A Bear Valley Bible Institute International extension school
Arusha, Tanzania

Posted on March 20, 2016 .