The Church Grows In Togo By The Assistance Of The Kpalime Congregation...

Church of Christ Now Meets In Agbave
On the 25th of February the chariot team left Kpalime for a three day campaign in a town called Agbave, about 45 minutes from Kpalime. The team was made up of 20 men and women. Activities, as usual, consisted of open air preaching, house to house, a film show, and tract distribution. At the end of it all, six (6) souls were baptized. Activities were climaxed with a worship service under trees in Agbave. 

Since we are entering the raining season, I am appealing for $800.00 to construct a meeting place for this new congregation. 

Visit To The Adeta Church
On my recent trip to Kpalime, I had the opportunity to visit the Adeta Church of Christ. I used the occasion to teach the Bible class while Agbesi, one of our recent graduates, preached the sermon. Agbesi is a native of the region and has therefore decided to work with the church. We shall need at least $100.00 to support him while he works with this new congregation. 

Kpalime Churches Assist New Congregation
Each Sunday morning some members from the Nyiveme congregation in Kpalime travel to worship with the Adeta Church of Christ. Each week also a group of preachers visit for personal work. The landlord who rented the place of worship to the church has found favor with it and has continued to visit since the work started in Adeta. The future of the church in Adeta looks very bright. 

Activities At BVBI In Kpalime
The number of students remains at eleven. The courses being taught this quarter include the following: 

1) Introduction to the New Testament
2) Church planting
3) The preacher and his work
4) The book of John
5) Exodus – Leviticus
6) Management
7) Homiletics (2)
8) French (2)
9) Congregational Development
10) The book of Matthew
11) The book of Galatians – 1& 2 Thessalonians 

Esperance preaches for the Nukafo congregation in Lome the capital of Togo. He has been dedicated to this work since the very inception of the school in 2005. He was there recently to teach “The Preacher and His Work.” 

BVBI Vegetable Farm
Since the agricultural workshop sponsored by Healing Hands in October last year, we have not relented in our efforts to start a vegetable farm. We plan to feed the students with some of the produce and sell some to the hotels and the restaurants in the Kpalime area. 

We have completed the wired fence project and the clearing of the land. On my next trip, we shall raise the beds, apply manure, and start planting. 

BVBI Needs Another Motor Bike
Cephas has been my assistance since the day the school started in 2005. He has also served the church in Kpalime as the minister all these years. Cephas used to have a bike but after several repairs, we have decided to secure a new one for him. He has truly dedicated his life for this ministry and handles all the day-to-day activities at BVBI. I am therefore making this appeal on his behalf to get him a motor bike to facilitate his work. A bike now cost $1,000.00 (one thousand dollars). This includes the bike, registration, and insurance. 

Report by: Willie Gley 

To see Willie’s report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on March 27, 2016 .