What Is ITL?

This question was asked by the president of ITL, Hawatthia Jones, at the 4th Annual ITL Lectureship and 2nd graduation. The answer is summed up in the faculty and students who are involved in both the full-time and Saturday programs of study at the Latin America Theological Institute in Guatemala (ITL). The answer would also include the graduates from the Alpha class of ITL, along with all of the potential students for the future. 

Words do not adequately describe the incredible environment that has been created by two men, Byron Benitez and Hawatthia Jones, who have dedicated themselves to the training of students to take the gospel to Central America. Through the challenges and obstacles, these men have demonstrated the tenacity and organizational skills to develop a school second to none.

Hawatthia and Byron have been working in Guatemala for approximately 13 years and this was the 5th anniversary of ITL. These two men, along with staff member, Anibal Ramirez, began a Saturday program five years ago to provide biblical training to students who wanted to grow in their service to the Lord. A year later, Darvin Alvarez was added to the staff and the full-time program was born, along with an annual lectureship to provide opportunity for the church in Guatemala to be encouraged and strengthened in the task of reaching the souls of this country.

First, let me share some information about the lectureship. The theme this year was “Unity Among Brethren, an Answer to the Prayer of Jesus.” Speakers from Central America and the U.S. came together to share in this great event. The lessons were sound and powerful to the need for brethren to be united, not united at any cost, but united in Christ and on the word of God, putting away opinions and standing on truth. “Awesome” is the only word I know to describe how wonderful it was to hear these lessons.

Second, the graduation of the second class of ITL’s full-time program was also a part of this great weekend. Five students completed the program, Eliezer Nieves Pérez Gonzales (valedictorian), Manuel David Avila Chuc, Nohelis de Dardón, Wálter Dardón, and Angel Gabriel Gonzales Morales. Four students, Nidia Aguaré, Elena Aguaré, Maclovio Calderón, and Blanca Pérez (valedictorian), completed the Saturday program. In a wonderful ceremony in their honor, these students received their degrees and certificates for the work they have put into these classes.

Third, everyone was encouraged with the announcement of the great news about the purchase of ITL’s building. I encourage you to click here to read more about the exciting news announced by Hawatthia concerning the funds raised to purchase this property.

One of my favorite lines of the weekend event was Hawatthia Jones in saying; “There’s not a God greater than our God.” How true this thought is and it is seen in the way the work has been developed and the two men who have poured their lives into seeing the success of the program they have developed. 

If could leave you with one last thought, it would be this: I am thankful to be considered a friend of ITL.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

Husband And Wife Obey The Gospel In Cameroon: Through the broadcasting of the gospel each morning in Cameroon, a couple respond to be baptized.

Outreach In The SOS Clinic Community Bear Fruit: Souls are being brought to the Lord through the outreach of students in Liberia.

The Goal Has Been Reached: The news from ITL in Guatemala is incredible as the goal has been reached in the funds needed to purchase the property.

Radio Planet Is Ready In Togo: A new radio program is about to take to the air as part of the work in the Center for Biblical Studies in Togo.

Asunción Bible Academy Student Information: The new class of students and a list of the staff members at ABA gives a good foundation to this new work. 

Sijui - I Don’t Know: Some information is best left to you in reading the report. This is a story worth taking a few minutes to read.

Final Thoughts
Just a quick word to say, “Thank you.” You are awesome and such a great blessing to this work. I hope the reports continue to encourage you and build you up in your faith in the Almighty God we serve. Truly, there’s not a God greater than our God.

God bless

Posted on March 25, 2013 .