Radio Planet Is Ready In Togo...

Student’s performance is encouraging.

As I sat in the worship service to observe how some of the students performed the various roles assigned them, I was so impressed and thanked God for what he has done with these men. Those that came from the denomination are now speaking the language of the Lord’s Church; calling bible things by bible names. The only two remaining students who have not been baptized yet will do so by the grace of God prior to the graduation. I wish to use this medium to thank the Gabriel Oaks Church of Christ and our hard working coordinator, Steve Ashcraft.

Radio Broadcast resumes (Radio Planet is ready)

About a year ago Radio Planet in Kpalime ,Togo had to close down for renovation work to start. I visited their outfit during my recent visit and was reliably informed that they have resumed transmission. We couldn’t transfer to any other station because we were preaching the truth. We therefore had to wait till the renovation was completed. We are starting broadcast today, March 21st.

Proposed date for graduation is September 28th, 2013.

Willie Gley

Posted on March 25, 2013 .