Asunción Bible Academy Student Information...

The following information involves the current students and faculty of the Asunción Bible Academy in Paraguay. A picture of the students is attached and the information gives some background to each student as they begin this new program of study.

Enrique Albera (27, fourth from the left) - baptized in October of 2011 and is the son of our sister in Christ, Lina Albera. He was born in Asunción and is a graduate of the National University of Asunción with a degree in Agricultural Engineering. He came to know the church through his family and he converted from a local denomination. He hopes to assist the church in planting a congregation in Pilar (6 hours south of Asunción).

William Arzamendia (24, second from the left) - baptized July 2007 and is the brother of our sister in Christ, Carolina Arzamendia. William was born in Argentina and has studied music, as well as, coaching at several Soccer Academies. He enjoys working with youth and hopes to be actively involved with planting the church in Ñemby, where his family lives (just outside Asunción).

Karen Gimenez (26, third from the left) - baptized 2-2-2002 and is the daughter of our sister in Christ, Lucia Acosta, who is a convert from the first mission effort in Paraguay in the 1970's. She and her mother are members at the "Centro" congregation. Karen has worked at McDonalds and in retail sales. She wants to help with church growth for the "Centro" congregation and the church plant in Ñemby.

Ramón Paredes (27, first on the left) - baptized September 2010. He came to the church by noticing a banner that was placed out front advertising free Bible studies. Ramon has spent most of his life working in construction. He was born in Concepción, Paraguay. He wants to assist in church growth for the Sacramento Avenue congregation in Asunción. He has brought his brother and sister-in-law, Hector and Patricia, to the church and also converted his fiancé, Elvira Dominguez.

Paulo Rocholl (24, on the far right) - baptized in January of 2012 after learning about the church through a flyer he found thrown on the floor of a bus. He has completed an intensive, 14 month, English course offered by the Ministry of Defense and has also worked as Assistent Manager at "Plastec," his father ́s plastic manufacturing plant. He would like to see the church planted in Itaugua (about 40 minutes outside Asunción).

Professors and Administration:

Troy Spradlin, Director
Perry Hardin, Academic Co-Director
Josh Blackmer
Jorge Vera, (preacher for the "Centro" congregation) Pedro Vera
Ike Yegros

Posted on March 25, 2013 .