Husband And Wife Obey The Gospel In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

Greetings from Wotutu. We do hope this report will meet you in good health and a sound faith. Life is moving ahead with us here even though with some tough times. The Lord is making sure He provides to His people and we are grateful.

Sister Bernadeth obeyed the gospel in Wotutu as we continue our house to house evangelism, doing our best to transform the entire village. God will help us as we continue to penetrate the hearts of many.

Last week was also a busy one for me as I left Wotutu to make sure I checked on some students in their areas of campaign and also to be part of the work. In CBIW we don’t point the way, we show the way for the students to follow. The Lord is blessing our efforts, passion and our visions daily.

Let me share with you some pictures, that I took during my very tedious trip to visit some congregations in forgotten areas as I can say in our country. I took the Supe bridge where the transport car that I took had a break down. I was heading to the heart of the rain forest in Cameroon.

I was able to reach the heart of the equatorial rain forest, sweating, but still moving ahead to get to a village that no car or motor bike can reach. As we think souls, we must go for souls so as to rob as many as the Lord wills in the strong man’s house.

Children welcomed me. Oh how children are so hospitable in their poor state. The village is suffering from high birth rate and at the same time suffering from high infant mortality rate. There is no access to any form of health care. Oh they are surviving by the very special grace of God.

I trekked distances above 4 hours in the forest. I made it safe to the village and I was able to stand at the worship hall of the church of Christ in Koba village.

I was able to sit inside the worship hall. God is great, because with all the predicaments that these people are going through per day, but you will still hear them singing and praising the Creator with joy and a simple heart.

Preaching was in the Mudeka congregation this morning on the topic Who are You in Christ? It was a moment of stock taking to all of us, because the Bible gives us moments like this to check out stuff. (2 tim 2:19-20)

The back to the Bible radio program continues every 5 am and now that the students were out I and minister Nsong Nelson, one of our graduates, was ministering to the kids of Brightland Christian Academy. He joins me every day for us to reach out to the communities. The program continues to publicize the church of Christ. Brother Ebenezer attended our Bible class and told us that he has seen the truth after listening to the program for the past 7 months. He saw the New Testament way of worship and after the class he invited us home to share the gospel to his family also. The same day him and his wife obeyed the gospel.

This husband and wife accepted the gospel same day. It is our responsibility to give them the pure milk that will make them grow. I handed to them each a copy of the Bible that they will continue to follow the program and continue to study to observe all things and also to help many come to the Lord.

We met with many in their kitchen to tell them the love of the Lord in the scriptures. It was very interesting as many listened to the truth that is found in the Bible, but was hidden from them. Keep this work in your fervent prayers.

As I am writing this report, by His grace many of our students who were in different locations in Cameroon preaching the gospel will be on their way now to transit to their respective villages for one week vacation. By next Sunday’s report you will get details of their first ever evangelism as students of the CBIW beta batch. Keep them in your prayers for safe travels to their homes and later on back to CBIW campus by Saturday, March 30th 2013.

All our recent plans will be fostering upon their return as we shall increase the number of students on weekly weekend evangelism mostly to areas that we shall go with the aim of establishing a congregation.

Thanks be to God for His grace that we enjoy daily. Thank you for your love for the old rugged cross. God bless you and always give you all the means to continue  praying for us and for the work entrusted in our hands to depopulate hell so that Heaven will be populated.

I love to receive your comments if you have them, or any proposals.

Elangwe and family
By His grace Director CBIW

Posted on March 25, 2013 .