Lectures Conclude In A Special Way...

The Bear Valley Lectures concluded on Sunday evening. The lessons were all focused on What’s Right With The Church. “Amazing” is the word that first comes to mind about the lessons presented by the speakers over the weekend. I would encourage you to visit the website and listen to the lessons at your leisure /chapelcast/

Within a time and culture where it is easy to find what is wrong and negative (seeking ways to destroy the very family of God) it is refreshing to listen to lessons focused on the good and positive nature of what God intended for the church. The lessons were well prepared and applicable to everyone. I know you will find benefit from these lessons as well.

While we were focused on the beautiful nature of the Lord’s church, we also had opportunity to discuss the work associated with the Bear Valley Bible Institute. This included sharing the wonderful news of how we are blessed to partner with congregations and schools around the world in the Extension Program. It is powerful to learn about the great work being done by the men who are on the ground making tremendous sacrifices to prepare men to preach the gospel.

One bonus to the end of the lectureship was seeing one very special soul obey the gospel in putting on Christ in baptism. The assurance of a relationship with God and hope for the future cannot be measured in physical, monetary terms. I am always thankful to see how God works in our lives to help us draw closer to Him. May He be glorified in all things!

The reports this week continue to emphasize the work accomplished by the wonderful men and women who labor diligently in several of the various schools. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

Fully Obeying The Gospel: It is interesting to see how those who are seeking will find the truth as it is proclaimed. The power brings full obedience to the life of those in Cameroon.

Equipping Cambodians With God’s Word: The work of the International Bible Institute in Siem Reap is working with a new class of students to equip them in God’s word.

Two Souls Added In Tamale Campaign: The results of a recent campaign in Tamale saw two precious souls added to the Lord’s church.

Gasper Called To Court: This is a report that is worth reading and sharing with everyone you know. This event shows the power of God working through His servant, Gasper.

Friday The 13th? A number of events and circumstances over the past week in Arusha have demonstrated some strange thoughts connected to Friday the 13th. 

Final Thoughts
Thank you for your time in reading the report this week. The news continues to show the diligent work of men and women around the world. The student outreach is incredible. Thank you for all you do to help this work continue. There are so many people and areas involved in the success of the overall program, it would be impossible to list them all and not miss someone. However, suffice it to say it takes everyone working together. Thank you for the part you play.

God bless

Posted on September 23, 2012 .