Fully Obeying The Gospel...

Dearest in Christ,

Accept our sincere greetings in Jesus name. We do hope you and your family are doing great. On our side, we are doing great and we thank you for your prayers over us. The students of CBIW will round up their campaign today as many of them decided to add few more days to follow up most of their prospects before they will go to their homes for a short vacation.

Brother Takang listened to the same program and visited us last Sunday. He came again today and asked the question on what he can do to FULLY obey the gospel. Answers were given to him and he decided to obey the gospel. He is a son to a female elder in Presbyterian denomination. Please keep him in your prayers for the fight he must fight to keep his faith and through him many in that family will see the light of the truth.

The congregation in Wotutu continues to miss the fellowship we are having with the students when they are on campus and we pray for their return on campus this Saturday. Our congregation continues with the normal schedule in our program to reach out to the community, as we continue preaching daily from 4:30 am visiting and evangelizing on Saturday.

Our worship today was great as we had above 80 people in attendance. 

I just returned from Ekondo Titi which is really far from Wotutu. I went there to visit 4 students working in that area. The roads are really horrible but God took me there and brought me home safe. I was with sister Odilia in Lobe village frying Garri to make the ends of life meet. She is also a member of a group that is being controlled by the church of Christ in that community called the virtuous women. They do a lot to reach out to many in those communities with humanitarian things like used clothe and food from their farm.

Today was another great day as three young precious souls obeyed the gospel this morning during our worship. Sister Geraldine smiled as she was baptized. Keep her in your prayers so that many of her friends will continue to listen to the morning Back to the Bible program. This time around the power in Wotutu is off for the whole week. Many thanks for our standby generator set we used to still speak out the truth loud and clear.

Brother Chijoike Nwachukwu lives very close to the church hall. He is a son to our sister who just came from Nigeria to visit with the mom and dad, sister Shela. He obeyed the gospel this morning. Keep all of them in your prayers as we help them grow to maturity.

I also had opportunity to visit some devoted brethren in one of the congregation. They smiled to welcome me in their congregation. They also used that opportunity to appreciate CBIW and the big Bear Valley family for all their efforts to spread the good news in Cameroon. They are ready to get a student to be their permanent preacher, but lots need to be put in place. It is sad at one time to see the willingness and then the need to look upon again and again for it to work. Keep their plans in your prayers.

This afternoon after worship our congregation was part of the tree planting exercise that is taking place now in Cameroon. This is not just planting trees but planting medicinal trees that will help many in their health.

We are set to go to Batoke the first week of October to plant a new congregation. This will involve the entire school and some members of the Wotutu congregation. Keep our plans in your prayers and be part of this mission. That is why we keep crying for a van of our own that will help transport us as many as are willing to go and make known the name of Christ in a virgin land.

Thanks for all your prayers and support. Keep this work in your prayers and tell others to be part of it. Keep our students in your prayers as they come for the final quarter. Time flies, God is good, and our graduation comes up on the 20th of December 2012. The second matriculation comes up same day. Keep us in your prayers and make plans to be here with us on that august gathering of the saints in Cameroon.

God bless you all.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on September 23, 2012 .