Two Souls Added In Tamale Campaign...

Greetings from Tamale! Here is the latest news from the Tamale Institute of Biblical Studies (TIBS). 

School Update
The seventh term is well under way at TIBS with students beginning to take mid-term exams during the coming week. We were extremely happy that all students were able to arrive safely for the beginning of this term, including the students that missed the previous term due to illness. Unfortunately, the happiness has been interrupted with many of the students and their families continuing to struggle with illnesses. Last week we had to have one student admitted to the hospital after he fell ill and became unresponsive. After 3 days of IV antibiotics he finally began to respond to the treatment, although he remains extremely weak. In meeting with him and his family it was decided that the best thing for his health would be to return to his home village in order to rest and regain his strength. It is our prayer that he will be able to rejoin the school at a later date should his health permit. Other students have also been dealing with health issues, including trips to the hospital for treatment. In addition to this, two students had to leave classes on Friday to return to their villages in order to take care of sick children. As difficult as it is to leave their families for six weeks at a time in order to be students, it is so much more difficult when they also have to deal with sickness and worry for their loved ones. We continue to pray with the students and for the students as they strive to better prepare themselves to preach and teach God’s Word despite the difficulties. 

Evangelism Update
We received good news this past week as two more precious souls were added to the kingdom during follow up work from a recent TIBS supported campaign. The Kpatringa church of Christ reported that Mrs. Elizabeth and Mrs. Magnan put on Christ in baptism. We rejoice with the angels at this most wonderful news. We have also received word that the recently planted church in Cinkasse had an attendance of eight for this past week’s worship service. We continue to pray for this new church in a predominately Muslim area of Togo, and rejoice in their growth.

Planning is under way for the next student campaign which will take place at the end of the current term. There has been much discussion about where to go, and if we should work at planting a new church or assist some of the existing village congregations with personal evangelism. While planting new churches is an exciting and rewarding experience, we have a rule that there must be a plan in place to support and edify the congregation as part of the planting process. To that end we have decided that this campaign will be in the Bimbila area. While there are a number of churches of Christ in the villages surrounding the city of Bimbila, the city itself lacks a congregation. We are currently seeking to identify men who would be willing to work in Bimbila when a congregation is established, while making plans to help strengthen the surrounding congregations during this campaign.    

Closing Thoughts
In closing we continue to thank those who support TIBS with your prayers and financial support. We are still looking for congregations or individuals who would be interested in helping support a student ($100 per month takes care of one student) or an evangelistic campaign (each campaign costs between $750 and $1000).There is much work that can be done with your help! 

In His service,
Tony Johnson

Posted on September 23, 2012 .