Friday The 13th?

Dear Co-Workers:

LONG TIME NO HEAR FROM. Due to Jimmy traveling, it has been two weeks since our last report. In fact, there is so much to report that part will have to wait until next week. As is normally the case, we are enjoying a beautiful, warm Lord's Day and enjoying our five guests. Neil Richey, his father (Paul Richey) son, (Peyton Richey), his friend (Lance Leavens) and Lindsey Whitehead arrived Friday night and joined us for supper on Saturday. Heather cooked a delicious meal of fried chicken (with Tony's Spice), mashed potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls, and brownies.

HOW SHALL THEY HEAR...without a preacher? Paul taught the combined classes this morning concerning "Examples of Conversion" and Neil preached on Colossians. The church in Tanzania is very fortunate to be the recipients of such good, sound teaching from visitors. Among the 98 in attendance were two Tanzanian visitors, Paul and Christina. Last Sunday, a lady who is attending the free English classes at the Kisongo Bible School also accepted the invitation to attend Bible class and worship.

THESE THINGS COMMAND AND TEACH. While Neil is teaching Romans and Galatians in the ACSOP, Paul, Peyton, Lance and Lindsey will be involved in personal evangelism in our neighborhood (Mateves Village, Kisongo). Seems that God is answering our prayers that one day our entire neighborhood will be converted...or at least taught! Speaking of neighbors, Grace invited Abigail to her birthday party last night. Abigail was surprised that she was the only guest (no family or other friends were there). They enjoyed cookies and cokes while there. Abigail continues to study with Grace every Sunday and Lindsey is studying with Nice today.

FRIDAY THE 13th? No, actually it was the 21st but felt like the "13th!" Due to ear pain and Dr. Smelser's recommendation, Jimmy visited our dentist to find out he needs a root canal. Later that day, we wound up in Dr. Smelser's clinic again getting a stitch put in the back of Stuart's head due to a gash from hitting a metal gate. Our co-missionary Stephanie was involved in a minor car accident when the brakes of a Tanesco (Tanzanian Electric Company) truck failed. Thankfully no one was hurt.

HEAD-INJURY CLUB. When 10-year-old Peyton arrived, Stuart and David formed a club of just them three because all of them have either had their head stitched or glued back together (David has had both). ha/ha

SPEAKING OF THE MONDULI CLINIC, many of you are familiar with David Martin (Elly Martin's brother). David is a fine Christian man (late 20's) and is working at the clinic as a doctor's assistant. Next year, he plans to continue his education to become a full-fledged medical doctor, specializing in either surgery or pediatrics. How exciting to see Christian men advancing in their profession, knowing many will be influenced for Christ through them.

THIS PAST WEEK, Trina visited with Mama Pendo (non-Christian sister of Helen who died with cancer but became a Christian before death and sister to Lembris, Isaiah and Elizabeth...all members of the Lord's church), Joyce and children, Mama Steven and Mama Abbas. Trina also met Sylvesta who has been studied with on many occasions. Presently, Anita Hochdorf is studying with his wife Neema. Trina also met a young man (early twenties) named Allen who either studied or at least talked with Chris Akin a few months ago. He will be attending a university to study Agricultural Economics. He promised me he would visit the church.

"IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD"...said Hillary Clinton. While out walking, it is normal to see many groups of children (some very young) who are seemingly "on their own" throughout the day (maybe they return to a house at night). Our first thought is, "Where is their Mother?" If you have actually SEEN "village-owned" (so to speak) you would disagree with Mrs. Clinton. Who would dare look at these precious children (dirty, hungry, sick, without supervision, without shoes and without good manners towards others) and declare that the village is taking such good care of them? God's way...two loving parents teaching and obeying the Scriptures, enforcing rules and setting boundaries... certainly produces happier and healthier children and better citizens.

"GIVE HER THE LIVING CHILD...SHE IS THE MOTHER THEREOF." (I Kings 3:27) Praise God concerning prayers answered for our new sister in Christ, Hilda! Her husband was requiring her to get a job locally and take her young child (one-year-old) to her mother-in-law far away to leave him for one year! She obeyed her husband and took him (all the time her heart breaking). After talking with the mother-in-law who said she would be traveling soon and could not take the child, Hilda's husband agreed to let her return with their son and continue caring for him. Many mothers take it for granted that they get to care for their own children...and may even complain about the work sometimes. Never forget what a blessing and privilege motherhood is!

WOW...Cy Stafford, TZ 2000 director, received the following letter from Gasper, (TZ evangelist at Mosquito River) and, while hard to believe, it certainly is a reason to rejoice! A woman in Mosquito River became a Christian. She was married to a Maasai man who already had one wife. She understood that, in order to be a faithful Christian, she could not stay married to the man. So, she sought to divorce her husband, going through the courts. What a rare situation! Most people do not seek a divorce (especially women divorcing their husbands). Most Maasai women would be ostracized and/or beaten by their tribe. These are Gasper's words (though some omitted and some spelling corrected to clarify). See Cy’s report above for the letter he received.

For the Bible to make a difference in a Tanzanian court case, especially concerning the Maasai tribe who are basically ABOVE the law and are a "law to themselves" in this country, is extremely encouraging! Gasper, the church, and the Bible were respected. The church in Tanzania is making a difference and influencing for good! Gasper was educated at the ACSOP.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. God's Word does not return unto Him void. 

In Christian Love,
The Jimmy Gee family

Posted on September 23, 2012 .