Extension Program Grows (17 & 18)

The Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver is excited to now be partnering with two new locations in the Extension Training program. Nothing is more thrilling than to announce the opportunities God has given us to share in the work of training men to preach around the world. 

The first location is in Ibadan, Nigeria. The Southwest School of Evangelism has been involved in training men to preach for several years. Under the direction of Makinde E. Olufemi, this school has provided a one year training program for men who desire to prepare themselves for ministry. Recently, Bear Valley was asked to partner with the work in providing additional training for the instructors and curriculum for a two year residential program. 

Presently, there are 25 men involved in the one year program with the capacity of several more who could be trained. We will have more about the work at the Southwest School of Evangelism in the weeks, months and years ahead. Please be praying for this work and our partnership in training men in Southwest Nigeria to preach the gospel.

The second location is in Monrovia, Liberia. There has been much turmoil with the development of this work. The school was established in 1986 with the help of the Rogersville church of Christ. The first class graduated in 1989. However, the school was shut down because of a Civil War that erupted in Liberia. The school restarted in 1993 and operated until 1995 when it was shut down again because of the intensity of the war. It remained closed until 1998. Classes began again and the school operated until 2008 when the government shut the school down until appropriate academic criteria could be met. A Saturday program started in 2011 with 18 men who wanted to learn more and prepare to preach the gospel.

The elders of the Smythe Road congregation in Monrovia discussed the potential of getting involved with the Bear Valley Bible Institute with Steven Ashcraft. After completing all the necessary arrangements, the partnership has been formed and the school is scheduled to begin in September with 20 students. Under the oversight of the Smythe Road elders, we are excited to be working together to help train men in Liberia. Again, we look forward to sharing how this work develops in the time God gives us into the future.

Beyond the excitement of partnering with two new locations, as you will see from the reports below, it has been an incredible week in the extension program. More than 75 were added to the kingdom and the news just keeps getting better around the world. 

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Extension Reports 

20 Souls Added In Cameroon: After a week in Southwest Cameroon, the evangelistic efforts of David Ballard provide a great example for the students at CBIW.

Implementing Evangelistic Plans: Bill Stinson shares information about new plans for evangelistic development in the work at Chimala.

Transition To Tanzania (Wagner Report): Chad Wagner and his family are adjusting to the transition to Chimala, Tanzania.

Working With Local Congregations: The development of the church in and around Busia, Uganda demonstrates growth in a very positive way.

One Year Celebration In San Cristobal: The first graduates from ITL have planted a congregation in San Cristobal and they recently celebrated one year. 

Jonathan Is Baptized At Linda Vista: One celebration in Guatemala joins another as Jonathan becomes a Christian and part of the congregation at Linda Vista.

54 Baptisms & 5 New Congregations: Awesome is the only way to describe the development of the work in Togo. The title speaks for itself.

Gratitude And Campaign Summary: The work in Arusha, Tanzania expresses gratitude for all the laborers in the kingdom, as well as provide a summary of the Safari for Souls. 

Final Thoughts
Sheryl and I are traveling throughout the state of Arkansas sharing the news about the work with a number of individuals and congregations who have been instrumental in helping us financially with the work at Bear Valley. These wonderful brethren, along with many others throughout the world are responsible for the success of Extension Training. To all of you, thank you. You are the heart and soul of the work. You are a blessing to so many. Lives are being touched and their eternity has been changed because of the partnership we have in working together in “teaching those who are faithful to teach others also.”

God bless

Posted on June 24, 2012 .