54 Baptisms & 5 New Congregations...

Doyle Kee Lectures at CBS
Twenty-nine men, including 15 students, were present for an Evangelism Class. Doyle Kee, a missionary in Geneva, Switzerland is the resource person. The class started on Monday the 17th of June and will end on Thursday the 21st. The class is being attended by CBS students, former students, preachers from the denominational churches in Kpalime and some members of the Nyiveme Church of Christ, as well as, instructors of CBS.

Mission Team baptizes 54 and plants Five new congregations in one week.
A group of men from US, Ghana and Togo converged at Bagbe in Togo to start a week long Church planting exercise. The towns targeted along the route from Kpalime to Lome included: Keve, Baja, Akepe,Noepe and Sanguera. I joined Cephas in Kpalime and we traveled to Bagbe to assist with the house to house evangelism. After a week, 54 souls were baptized and five new congregations planted.

Former CBS students to work with four new congregations
Moments after the campaign ended on Sunday, CBS received a letter requesting that we recommend three of our former students to be appointed as preachers to serve in three of the newly established congregations which are: Baja, Noepe and Akepe. I was also informed by a congregation in Lome that they have engaged the services of Kossi Gidigidi (a recent graduate) to work with the Sanguera Church of Christ near Lome. I am glad of all these developments because CBS students are being used in the service of the Lord.

CBS to close for the long vacation
Students will be completing their final exam next week and close at the end of the month. They will resume on the 3rd of September. Most of them will use the period to farm in order to leave enough food with the family when they return to school.

Nyiveme Church of Christ- Kpalime
The congregation continues to experience numerical growth. The attendance last Sunday was 52 (fifty-two), including children. I had the opportunity to continue my lesson on “overcoming unforgiveness” during the Bible class and Cephas preached the sermon.

The growth being experienced is creating a serious challenge. Very soon the congregation will not be able to occupy the living room where worship is conducted. We need help to purchase 50 plastic chairs at a cost of $350.00

As soon as we secure funding, we shall purchase the chairs and immediately start worshiping here. This classroom can take 70 worshippers. Our vision is to become the largest congregation of the Lord’s Church in Togo by 2015. You can help us to make this vision a reality. We need 50 brethren giving us $7.00 each.

I want to thank the Gabriel Oaks Church of Christ for its financial support. We attribute our success to your commitment and dedication to the work in Kpalime. God bless you!

Report by Willie Gley

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Posted on June 24, 2012 .