20 Souls Added In Cameroon...

Dearest in Christ,

We bring seasonal greetings from your brothers and sisters in Cameroon. God bless you as you read our report this day. The week was a wonderful one as the Lord was working in many ways to accomplished His purpose here on earth.

One lady, pictured on the right, who was an elder in the Presbyterian church, saw the truth and told the husband I will not wait any longer to embrace the truth. The husband also accepted. Wow husband and wife obeyed the gospel same day. Keep them in your prayers to grow to maturity.

All the students of CBIW finished their campaign well without any problem. We shall share their reports next week when they will return on campus. Keep them in your prayers as they stay with their families for a one week vacation.

As I write this mail to you, minister David Ballard, our visiting lecturer and evangelist, is checking in now at the Douala international airport heading back home. Keep him in your prayers. His extra one week, after lectures in class, to many villages was great as I will share some details with you.

Brother David Ballard and I worked under rain, because it is rainy season now in Cameroon, set to go from house to house preaching and teaching the truth. It was great.

We reasoned with a denominational pastor and his entire family from the truth which he has perverted for years. He admitted teaching false doctrines all these years, but promised to study more before making a decision. Keep him in your prayers.

Brother Ballard and I talked to some prospects in the Kwa-kwa congregation after worship service. Two of them obeyed the gospel at the end of our discussion. The minister of that congregation is conducted confession to the candidates while brother Ballard was waiting in the river to conduct the baptism.

One of my girls, Cheercy, accepted the gospel here in Wotutu alongside 7 others. That is why I am convinced to say the trip was a great one for brother Ballard, teaching in the school to prepare men to preach and also showing the students an example to do evangelism as our motto says EVANGELISM IS OUR MISSION AND OUR MISSION IS EVANGELISM. A total of 20 souls have been added to 13 different congregations of the church here during this one week of intense evangelism with brother Ballard. Keep him in your prayers as he will fly out of Cameroon.

Another moment of joy in Mondoni village, a congregation we established in February, as brother Remy’s wife obeyed the gospel. Keep this family in your prayers so that growth will continue in that family.

1) We shall go to Muyuka congregation as they call us to come over and help them in July. Keep that work in your prayers.

2) We shall go to Mbanga village to establish a new congregation in July as we have the means. As we were driving pass this village we saw two little boys selling along the road. Because they saw church of Christ on our car they came closer and said we are members of this church but we are here for vacation and we don’t worship because the church is not in this village. Please, we shall make sure by our own ability to see that these young men and others in that village will hear the truth and God will help them obey it. Keep it in your prayers.

We thank God for using you to be part of this team to win souls for Christ. Continue, because God will not pass you by when He comes to reward His servants. God bless you as you share this report to others.

Elangwe and family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on June 24, 2012 .