Transition To Tanzania (Wagner Report)...

House in Transition
When we arrived at the Chimala Mission, we moved into our house.  It is the Mays house.  We are currently having the ceilings, walls, and floors painted so we had to move everything out of the house so that it could get done.  We moved into the Guest house until our house gets finished.  So, even after being here for two weeks, we are still living out of our suitcases!!

We have received word that our shipping container has arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania off the ship and awaiting all of the final approval of paperwork.  We are hoping to have our container on Monday of next week. We are praying that our house gets finished painted before our furniture arrives. 

Chimala Bible Institute
The Chimala Bible Institute is the Chimala Mission's school of preaching for both English and Swahili speaking students.  Currently, we have about 25 students all together.  I will include some pictures of CBI so that you can see them.

We have been talking about the need for preaching in SW Tanzania.  I told the Bible faculty that a preacher can preach the Gospel using a pulpit and also the pen.  Preaching the Gospel with the pen enables the Gospel preacher to visit many more places at one time than he possibly can.  What is written with the pen can be read and re-read many times to teach the congregation and area preachers.  After discussing with Garry Hill, CBI Dean, we are going to start the "CBI Bible Digest."  This publication, written in Swahili, will help encourage the local preachers in the preaching effort and also help to fill the need for sound Swahili material.

Preaching the Gospel
We visited several congregations this week. We visited Chosi A congregation on Wednesday where Chad preached. We also visited the Itamboleo church of Christ this morning where Chad also preached.

Support Level
We are still in need of support for our family.  We came over to Chimala on faith that the LORD would provide. We pray that the LORD will work through you and your congregation to help us in our work.

Chad Wagner and family

To see the full report with pictures, please click here.

Posted on June 24, 2012 .