Great Trip To Asunción, Paraguay...

After leaving Guatemala on Tuesday, Donnie Bates and I traveled to Asunción, Paraguay. Our purpose in this trip to South America was to visit with the missionary team and men of the Sacramento Avenue congregation about the possibilities of working together to train men to preach the gospel.

Paraguay is a country of about seven million people with only two congregations of the Lord’s church. Both of these congregations are meeting in Asunción. There is an obvious need for men to preach the gospel throughout this country. In addition, this capital city has a very strategic geographical location with the countries of Bolivia and Argentina, which could lend to possible students in the future. 

The missionary team consists of four couples, Troy and Andrea Spradlin, Josh and Cara Blackmer, Perry and Alba Hardin, and Brittnae Dye who is married to Ale Yegros. The team has done an exceptional job of working with the Sacramento Avenue Church of Christ in developing leadership and allowing these leaders to make the necessary decisions for the work.

Our meeting with the men of the congregation, mission’s team, and some of the prospective students, went very well. Donnie and I wanted to emphasize the responsibilities and expectations of establishing a school in Paraguay. We wanted to stress the importance this being Sacramento Avenue’s school. The role of sponsoring / supporting congregations and the Bear Valley Bible Institute is simply to partner with this congregation in their desire to prepare men to fulfill the Great Commission in preaching the gospel.

After considering the positive and negative sides to the responsibilities of a preacher training program in Asunción, we also considered the opportunities such a program would bring to the country. We also addressed several questions regarding housing for the students, future enrollment, teachers, support, and administrative responsibilities.

We were very encouraged by the leadership of the congregation. These men will be discussing further a decision for the establishment of a school for training preachers. If they favorably decide to have a school, then we will take the necessary steps to set everything in place and get the first class of students enrolled. Lord willing, if everything develops accordingly, the mission team would like to see classes begin around March of 2013, allowing time to complete the plans.

We are excited to see the leadership maturity and the serious approach to assuming the responsibilities in taking ownership to such a great and needed work. We will be reporting more as we have further details. Please be praying for the brethren in Asunción as they consider how to expand their efforts for the kingdom in Paraguay.

Now on to the other reports...

Coordinator Updates
Reports from the coordinators are now located on the website, under Staff Reports. The address is /extension-schools/

Read Donnie Bates’ report about his recent trip to Central and South America by clicking here.

Extension Reports 

Congregations Grow And Division Prevented: The church in Cameroon continues to grow and the work of Elangwe to prevent division in one congregation.

Graduation And God Gives The Increase: Another class completest their studies in Uganda. Also, the church grows as souls are added to the kingdom.

The Christians’ Birthright: Messages from national preachers can touch the heart in many ways. This is the case in Arusha, Tanzania. 

Final Thoughts
Plans for the work continue to grow as we are privileged to work with so many wonderful people around the world. God has blessed us richly. God’s people are so wonderful and our united efforts for the kingdom are seeing fruit.

Thank you for your generosity in helping with the endeavor of training men to preach the gospel. It is exciting to see students being taught in their own language, within their own country, going out to preach the gospel to their own people. I know you share the joy that comes from God giving the increase to the work. 

May all glory and honor be given to our great and awesome God!!

God bless

Posted on March 25, 2012 .