Congregations Grow And Division Prevented...

Dearest in Christ,

I bring greetings to you from my family, and the members of the Wotutu congregation. I do hope this report meets you all in good health and a sound faith.

As I mail this report to you, I am just making my way back to Wotutu after two days mission work in one of congregations we established last year which was having serious problems.

Andongateh Cliffort obeyed the gospel after studying with us in the Wotutu congregation for a while. Keep him in your prayers. He lives in mile four very close to Wotutu.

All the students of CBIW are doing well as I have received calls from them that their campaign went on successfully. They will all return to school on Friday, March 30th before 6 pm to prepare themselves  for the next quarter that commence on April 2nd 2012.

The gospel is for all. I went inside the forest after leaving miles away where the motor bike stopped me. I am moving to Atongeh village where in Atongeh we established our very first congregation when we started CBIW last year march. There was a serious problem there and no one to handle because there is no preacher there. By His grace peace is restored and division, that was already taking place, is okay now. Keep this young congregation in your prayers.

There is a young congregation that tried to erect a worship place, but it is not easy with them financially. Keep them in your prayers now that I have rekindled their focus for God again.

In the village, I move from house to house sharing the gospel. The people are so receptive. I am in the chief’s palace sharing the gospel with members of the royal family who are still mourning their dead father after 8 months.

The Lord opened the heart of sister Charlotte in Atongeh village. She stood beside the river to make a confession to follow Jesus and Jesus alone. Some members of the congregation stood by her to be witnesses to her baptism.

Charlotte was buried in water for the forgiveness of her sin and she will live in newness of life. Please remember her great zeal and keep her in your prayers so that through her many will come to know the truth in her family. She got baptized this morning before our worship time.

The Atongeh congregation had many backslide before the problems that erupted in the church about marriage and leadership. I am convinced that by His grace everything will come back to normal. I pray that a student will go there after graduation to handle the affairs of the church and provoke more growth. Keep them in your prayers. I saw zeal but they need a leader to guide their ways.

1) The Batoke mission is still pending. Please keep it in your prayers that as we resume we shall have the ability to go and establish the Lord’s church there.

2) My plans to travel to Africans Claiming Africa for Christ conference in Zambia is still on. Please pray and see how you can be of help to me financially.

We lift up our hearts to God for His great care over us and the work we are doing. We thank you sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers, deep concern and support in this work. God will not pass you by when He comes to reward His servants.

Do your best to share this report with others whom the Lord may want to use to accomplish something in His kingdom. God bless you. Next week, by His grace, we shall share with you CBIW students campaign news.

Elangwe and Family
By His grace director CBIW

Posted on March 25, 2012 .