Graduation And God Gives The Increase...

I am sorry to have not sent this report for some weeks. We have been having problems and some Sundays we visited where there were was no internet. Our graduation went well. Students are all now back in their villages. 

John Macho, who has been working with Genguluho Church of Christ, stayed with them for two weeks. During these weeks three people have been baptized. Five people were to be baptized but due to the long distance to the water only three were baptized. They had requested me to take them with my  Toyota Surf, but it is still not working. This vehicle has become so old that it cannot  run one week without going to the garage. In the state it is in, if I sell it I can only get $1400 dollars. A reconditioned one today would cost $11,000 dollars. 

Other news from our graduates comes from brother Daniel Oloo. After graduation, he was home for one week and now he is helping with some churches in central Kenya in a place called Nyahururu. He is holding seminars with those churches and last week one person was baptized. 

On Wednesday Margaret and I went to Arusha, Tanzania to attend brother Paul Ndwani's burial. He left his wife and children who still were depending on him. Let us pray for them. 

Today we worshiped at the Nandwa church of Christ and we learned about "Hope". We are very happy that the Lord has answered our prayers here in Nandwa. There was a brother whose marriage was almost breaking, but today we were informed that things are going on well. 

The churches from Congo are reporting that they are growing. They only need some people to go and visit them. I have been caught up with some problems these two weeks after the graduation. I plan to go to Congo on April 2nd, 2012. We will be interviewing our prospects on April 12th, 2012. Hope to read from you. 

Francis Wechesa

Posted on March 25, 2012 .